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Impending Doom - Signum of Hate cover art

Signum of Hate

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsPerverted Taste
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Signum of Hate Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-04-13)
1. The Age of Antichrist (5:13)
We're here to retaliate the Resurrection of Christ
Reborn in Blasphemy

Let's crucifie

Into the Garden of the Crucified One
There, where Love dwells
We will fall to rip the Flesh...
...And to drink the Blood of the Holy


Crawl to the Cross - Kiss the Sign of Jesus Christ
Pray & crawl - Are you satisfied
Is that your Life - Faithful Slave
I piss on you - I spit in your Face
Sheep like Race - I spit in your Face

Eat the Guts of Holy Virgin
Suck her Pussy dry
The Whore of God's now dreaming
Of Lust & tormented Skies

Rebirth - That's our Age, Antichrist
Reborn - To retaliate the Resurrection of Christ

I'm Antichrist
2. Armageddon Tales (4:31)
The final Chapter has just begun
Grounds are drowned by all the Blood
Red Streams are running from the Churches
Raped Angels are crying in Pain

The snowy Path leads to the Altar
Infernal Lightnings show the Way

Listen to my Words
Tis is Armageddon
Decay of Human Weakness
Obscuration in their Minds

Era of grotesque Glory
Millenium of the Tyrants Reign
Tales of Frost & Armageddon
Reign under the Sword of Destiny
Omens are just Reality

Endless moments of ultimate Eclipse
Covered your Eyes
The Sun has turned into black
Blacker than Night
Through the Garden of forbidden Delights
See a City of forgotten Minghts
Headless Statues cry it out
So look behind
The slanderous Light
3. Demon-(Mon)archy (4:12)
At the Castle's Side I lie
Demons & Shadows cross my way
My dark Empire strikes back again
Blood signed the Altar - Blood on my Hands

Dark Angel
Dark Angel never sleeps
And he was fallen to be free
To rule with Sword & Fire

In the Labyrinth of the Unseen
I wonder about in my own shadowy Exist
Look behind the human Mask
I am a Beast

Beyond the Eyes of Black
Behind the Mirror of Insanity
Unknown Angers are rising from the Dephts
I feel the Demon inside of me

I'm entangled in this World of Light
I'm a Monument of War between Day & Night
You'll be forgotten before you'll die
Remember - I am immortal - Demons

Demonarchy - The Demons rise in me
Demonarchy - Possession,
Obsession - I praise
4. Land of Burning Coffins (3:20)
A boneless Rising
From the Womb of Hades
A black Rose lies on my Grave
The Reek of Dust & Death
Is surround me
Enjoy me on diabolical Ways

If you want to follow me
There's no Return
Trust & follow me
Burn your Coffins - Burn

Land of burning Coffins
Shadows of wooden Crosses
Land of burning Coffins
Impaled Creatures on my Way
Land of burning Coffins
Visions of Death have disappeared
Land of burning Coffins
In the Shadows of
Wooden Crosses
I awake
5. Hellhammer (4:14)
I've seen Fires on the black Horizon
Storms near the secret Woods
I've seen the Silhouette of a mighty Rider
Before the Sunset of Eternity

Firestorm - Was his Battlehorse
Black - Like a Ravenfeather
The Hooves - Sound like Thunderbolts
The Rider - Was in Search for the Meaning of him

He was the Ancient One
He comes riding through the Darkness
Fire, Fire set me free
Like the Warrior I want to be

The Hourglass has fallen down
Exploded now to thousand Times
The Rider is sitting in the Wisdom's Floats
Uncounted Minutes of Sand are running through his
6. Sumerian Awakening (4:03)
By the Blood of ENKI we were spawned
A cruel Creature, who are you unknown

Bloodred Waves are crushing in your Face
Await the Revenge of a forgotten Race

Fear them

Once there was a Battle in the Universe
The Old Ones were cursed for a couple of
Thousand Years

Disciples prepare their second Coming
The Magic Stone, the Magic Signs, Blood is

Fear them

Let rise the Realm of Dead
And let them smell the Incense
They open wide the Gates
And the mighty Serpent rises


See them fall & rise

We, who we are from the Blood of the Dead
The Spawn of KINGU
Formed by the Hands of MARDUK
Infernal Minds became Flesh

Listen - So be the Pact
So be it
Dead but dreaming
7. The Rebirth (2:20)
8. Domination of Suffering Souls (2:59)
Open the Gates of Hell

By the Moonlight they come crawling
From deeper than Dephts
From Subordinate to Domination

Domination of suffering Souls
Domination of suffering Souls
Domination of suffering Souls
Domination of suffering Souls

Oh Lord of Darkness
Please let me sleep
My Way was far & evil
Show me the Way
To the blessed Insanity
Before the Dawn
9. Forward to Golgotha (4:15)
I'm prisoned by the Belief of my own Desires
My Eyes, full of Sadness, are pierced by the
Thorns of bloodred Roses
...And when Darkness finally surrounds me now

All what remains is Silence

Into the Abyss you see
I'm the Angel of Disease
Oh Father give Hammer & Nails
To punish the Sun of Light

The holy Reek of Putrefaction
I'm the Lord of Mortal Remains
A Song like my Lust for Darkness
My Hymn for those, who are fall

You make my Fire burn
You let me kill my Self
I open wide my Veins

I better close my Eyes
Oh Prince of Fire
Blizzard of Unholyness

Bastard let me do you suffer
Die in painful Death
Onward to Golgotha
Onward to Golgotha
10. Stigma (Signum of Hate) (3:39)
An Act of Darkness
The Art of Sacrifice
Sit down my Son
I'll tell you from the Other Side

Run through the Darkness
Bloodred Kind of Misery
I - Blasphemeous Spirit
On a Sphere of Profanity

Stigma, Stigma - Signum of Hate
Stigma, Stigma - Sign of Disgrace
Stigma, Stigma - Trance & Terror
Stigma, Stigma - Signum of Hate

The EUphony of excruciating Pain
Execution by the Way of Nazarene
My Fate is still alive
I evoke the Scars - So bleed for me

My Journey is a Mission in Blood
The Opposition of a sickly God
I'm the Crown of Thorns deep in your Brain
"Torturemaster" is my second Name
11. Metal to the Metals (3:15)
Discussions by the self called Kings of Press
Eat our Shit, we bang you to the Rest
Let's fight for our Right
Metal will never die

We bring Metal to the Metals
We're the Powersearching Ones
We bring Metal to the Metals
Under the Blade of the Dark Commands
We bring Metal to the Metals
We're the Powersearching Ones
We bring Metal to the Metals

Crush your Enemies

You call us Black or Thrash or Death
Another one, we will bang you to the Rest
We say fuck off to trendy Blasphemy
We walk the Way of true metallic Supremacy
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