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Impact - Take the Pain cover art



Take the Pain

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal
LabelsAvanzada Metalica
Album rating :  86.9 / 100
Votes :  11
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Take the Pain Lyrics

Submitted by level Duncan TB-6 (2011-07-13)       Last modified by level Duncan TB-6 (2011-07-14)
1. In the flesh (5:38)
Ripping and tearing you
limb from limb
You're screaming in pain
But therer's no escape from him

His mind is tormented
But Sharpened as his blade
This time you too should panic
For your life is forsaken

Loving all this torture
As the bullwhip cracks
His laughter is chilling
While giving you the axe

Master of Death
He doesn't know defeat
When your heart has skipped
A beat his job is now complete

When you'r on the street
And your blood is fresh
Terror you will meet
Coz heis in the flesh

Repeat verse and chorus

Solos: NK / DA

Making soup from babies brains
Nothing live remains
Love this torture living death
This is tour last breath

Repeat verse and chorus

In the flesh!
2. Take the pain (4:22)
Solo: NK
Torture to be beaten
To an inch of your life
Price for your crimes
In a brutal death which
Comes at the end of a knife

Insane the things
That they do to be cruel
It takes all the will of a mortal man
To slay this innosent fool

The things you can't win
You will lose
The morbid extened
Of your sadistic crimes
Brings the type of death
That you choose

Raped and murdered die in shame
Fight back the screams
And the salted tears
Cuz you must take the pain!

Slowly the needles
That puncture your head
Feeling the needle
Piercing your skin
Regretting the last words you said

Flaming the ember
That's forced through your eye
Felling the heat
As it's branding your brain
Your body at last starts to die

Repeat chorus / Solo - DA

Heart rate screaming
It comes to an end
Staving your lungs of the life
Giving air finally
Your will starts to bend
Laughter knowing
You've beaten the best
Contentment grows
As your brain goes numb
You die as you pass the test
3. Kill on kommand (2:41)
Eternally begotten
To moral time decay
Eventual destruction
Why life ends this way
God above creator
Of all we do or say
He looks down upon us
And says who dies today

Kill on Kommand
Death by tour father's hand
Kill on Kommand
No torment left to give

Better pay the piper
Cuz there's nothing for free
Misery and emptiness and death
Will come to thee
Time to screw your courage
Cuz it's time to take a stand

Pays the toll which takes your soul
He's killing on kommand

Spectacular disaster live your life to die
Living life unknowing you're living a lie
Too late for you to go on
When your number is drawn
Time to meet your maker
You will be dead befor the dawn

Solos: DA - NK / Repeat Chorus

Got you in his crosshairs
Sighted back of head
Gently squeeze the trigger
You can fuck it - you're dead
Covered with caresses
With a hammer to the head
Left an empty carcass
And a hole that's flowing red
Repeat chorus
4. When the evil takes its course (4:52)
There's no choice of life or death
The evil's been set free
Curse and haunt the human life
Torture endlessly

Hear the sound of the undead
See the flames light the sky
Smell the rotting flesh decay
Touch your soul and say good-bye

No more evil as was once known
No surmounting force
No more feeble escape attempts
The World's been overthrown
No place left to run to
No place left that's known

Solos: NK - DA - NK - DA

Ice cold
Another servant of creation
Not caring less about
The things that make us die

Slow death, invisible starvation
Poison chemicals that will eat you from inside

No more simple lives at all
When the evil takes it's course

Pentagram is rising
Stars Have been aligned
Gates of hell are poened
To admonish the human kind

Piles of human bodies
Are staked to fees the flame
Hatred, malice, torture
The world will fall insane

Flesh burn
Too much world deprivation
Keep your life force burning
Or you too will fell the flame

Slow death to suicidal nation
Slow at first it drawns up
Then it starts to pick up speed

Repeat Verses 1 & 2

Chorus 1

5. It's the end of the world (7:22)
I don't care about your problems
Leave me the fuck alone
Our leaders set the world on fire
I hear the nation's moan
Corruption breaking on the streets
I just cannot comprehend
This firely mess is bringing
Our world to a bitter end

It's the end of the world
Believe what you'r seeing
It's the end of the world
No more chance of fleeing
It's the end of the world
Don't believe the lying
It's the end of the world
Realizing you're dying

Forget about your dreams
Hear the people's screams
Life is not what it seems
Hear the people's screams

People running everywhere
They've got no place to go

They're searching for a place to hide
To avoid the final blow
Running won't do any good
the gas seeks ouy and finds
Seeping up into your head
And poisoning your mind

Repeat chorus / Solos: DA - NK

You realize the time has come
Now your death is close at hand
The ultimate destruction
It's ripping up this land
Attempts are made at bringing peace
You can't say we haven't tried
The earth you have grown to love
It's over finally up and died

Repeat chorus

It's the (end) of your (World)
Too (late) you (find)
Your (world) you (loose)
Now its time to DIE DIE DIE
DIE DIE !!!!!
6. To your death (4:18)
Plague the prophecy
The tales been told for years
Now the time has come
For the dead to rise
To where we profit by others fears
Hail the legacy to those
With immortal life
The beginning of the end
Is when we fail to see
The difference between wrong or right

To your death
To your death you will learn
Yo secure me to your death
You betrayed
You betrayed all the trust I gave you
To your grave

You will die, You will die for your sins
You suffer you must die

Slave for eternity must be the price you pay
Never to escape frome your sinful past
You will not walk away
Flames burn perpetually

For those with no moral wiews
The feeble attempt to save their futile lives
Have just begun to pay your wordly dues

Death! The end is near
As the sands of time run low
Too littile too late, the remittance all
Take the plunge yo the depths below

The edge of eternity
Is just beyond your grasp
You stumble and fail
And the chance is lost
As you breathe
Your first acrid gasp
7. Legacy of violence (3:42)
The last year is over but it started again
Enter the new year start it with sin
Five lives ended efore the first day is done
Whoever kills more in the next year has won

The next days killing
Was death with a gun
Tomorrow will be another
Before the crime spree is done
Legacy of violence
Another dies, another kills
Legacy of violence
Another cries when blood is spilled
Legacy of violence
Another dies, another kills

To be next years angel of death
Legacy of violence
Another cries when blood is spilled
You will fall under it's spell
Two weeks are over
And there's fourtenn more dead
Brother kills brother
By a blow to the head

The legacy of violence
Is on a perpetual rise
The legacy is over till the next victim dies

165 was the score
For the last
In with the new
Out with the past

Father kills his son, he is buried alive
Convicted by a jury
To be senteced to life
Paying the price
Is just a lap on the wrist
Telling all to kill
until they get the gist
mass murder and killing
The methods of the trade
It all is very worth it
When life and death are weighed
The police keel the faith
Says all is in control
They had better make sure
When human life is the toll
Society on the streets
Killing who they choose
They better up the ante
for those who kill to pay the dues
Clear out all prisons
And put a bullet in their head
Holding all views just helps
The legacy to spread
8. Knowledge is king (4:06)
Out of the darkness
He comes
To take your precious life
Shadow to shadow
He stalks
For whomever pays the price
paid to kill
To extricate the thoughts
Whitin your head
Make you just a useless victim

And Shatters the head
Think of the damage
Your knowledge whould bring
But it is too late
For you know
The knowledge is king!
The time is drawing very close
As I watch you settle into bed
As I think of

Worth your weight in dead
The price is right you kill
From the victim's body
Blood will spill
Eye for an eye the victim cries
Pisses his pants
Beore the bastard dies
The hollow thud
Of the red hot lead
Enters base of the skull

How a single bullet
Would crush
Your pretty head
I'm sorry as hell
I really am
To take your life away
I realizer
How breaking your neck
Could ruin your perfect day
9. P.O.W. (3:43)
Shot down on sight
Taken alive
The hell begins
Pay for your sins
You don't stand a chance
You won't survive

Your body is numb
And getting cold
You fell the fear
The end is near
The terror starts to unfold

Beaten senseless
Object of pain
I'll feed you crud
Bathe you in blood Relentless
Driving you insane

The smell of death
Invades the air
You can't outrun
Shots from my gun
Try to escape
If you dare

The war may end
But I live on
Look towards the sky
And hope to die
You've played
The part of the pawn

Your mind is scarred Forever more
Never again free
You'll always be
My prisoner of war
10. Plaque of death (4:14)
Bleeding and suffering
Trying to save
Your last breath
Punish Resisters
The final outcome
Is death

Violent killing
Survivors are few
Next to none
Slying all comers
No remorse
Until the war is won

The end of time is coming soon
It's not for me, just for you
A battle axe right to the head
Will leave you and your family dead

If you oppose you will be slain
And left to die in acrid rain
Surrender now must give up
You choose to run
Ad you'll be fucked

Trampled by horses
There's no chance
To get away
Darkness has fallen
Death comes
To your town today

Plunder and pillage
The women are left
To be raped
Savage addiction
There is no chance
To escape

Bodies are burning
Piled high to reach the sky
Screaming in pain
While others watch
Another die

Hope is futile Life has expired for you all
Plague of death
Unto my reign you shall fall
11. Erosion of will (3:18)
My darkest hour has finally arrived
This hellish life I've failed, survived
Empty rooms close in on me
Walls that beat fly aimlessly

Death and destruction
Once controlled my thoughts
In this body rots a mind unbalanced
Not much to live for
In my death I'll even the score

My darkest hour has finally arrived
This hellish life I've failed, survived
Death and destruction
Once controlle my thoughts

I'm wasted - my body rots
Terminate the life I once lived
Sever my life I once lived
Execute the final order
Lobotomizer my brain disorder

Replicate my wasted life form
Bend and shape, try to conform
Bleeding, crying, screaming, dying
To end it all you must stop trying

Pure dictation of all creation
Kill the world - mass suffocation
Muilate, Your mind was raped
Do not try - You can not secape
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