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Ilemauzar - The Ascension cover art

The Ascension

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsSepsis Records
Album rating :  -
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The Ascension Lyrics

Submitted by level Rousseau (2017-02-25)
1. Into the Shadow Realm (Adrian Von Ziegler) (1:20)
2. The Dissolute Asumption (3:30)
Blinded be, entering the sermons of deaf
Embracing my august as the path leads me left
There be thorns in my eyes and sulphur in my throat
Wings be clipped, standing in the posture of the goat

Earthly descend I longed for thee
Asperse the scripture probity
Behold the tansmogrification
Bleeding the blackened litanies

Darkness consume my eyes yet I still see crystal clear
Visions black exultant and clearer than before
My fall is but my rise, my hell my paradise
Abjure the being, thy earthly self and thus forevermore

Denizens to my newborn realm my foes made to ally
Assumes the legion, night divine, my chalice sips of wine
Obscure the soul, Vama Marg, as the night transcends my day
The beast, the unlord, their path unto my way
3. Ode to Apostasy (3:10)
False prophet, unseen faith
Slave to faith, prayers of the weak
Prophetic verses, mere human writings
Scriptures of lies, prayers unanswered

Desecration of the star and crescent
Triumph bestow unto the opposers' descend

The apostates reign
The true freedom fighters
Ancient wisdow restored
As the real truth unfolds

Desecration of the star and crescent
Triumph bestow unto the opposers' descend

Flase prophet, unseen faith
Slave to faith, prayers of the weak
Prophetic verses, mere human writings
Enter this faith, foreskin forsake
4. Temporis Obscuri (4:05)
Risen from the darkened void thou shall be
Annihilation of God's creation we foresee
Angels fell and heaven shall burn
The light be scorned, a new world is born

Black hearts of the misanthrope
Empowered force of thy unlord's reign
Brought forth the apocalypse
Fear permeates our world

Army of darkness unite
God of the sick shall die
Now is our time to flourish
Lift your swords with might

Embrace the Luciferion Light
Children of deceit
Embrace the Luciferion Light
Eternal darkness it shall be

Children of the underworld
Embrace the unlord's descend
Blinded faith worship no more
Behold the horn king
5. Nectar of Insanity (0:54)
6. Relinquishing the Faith (4:05)
Slay! The prophet of lies
Indoctrinating the human minds
Path! The path routes left
To apostasy, from the tyranny of Ilah

Deceitful doctrine of the past eons
Mere human written fable
Blind follower as you shall be
Forever living in the void of self denial

Relinquish! Forsake your faith
Realized the truth behind the holy propaganda
Rage! Embrace with grace
And set your tainted mind free

Delusive scriptures, the treachery of men
Are this the teachings of the hallowed one?
Circumcision, imposition
What's the significance behind this imbecility?

Conquer your fear and join me through the Vamachara
Where the path of endless earthly pleasures shall deem you free once again

Walk with me into the dark, away from the fading light
And His kingdom shall fall, into the fathomless pit, into the void of nothingness!

I am the destroyer of life
I am the conqueror of light
I am the harbinger of death
You shall heed my call

You are in slumber
You shall be awaken
You shall be deemed worthy
You shall be my horde

7. Doctrine 68th (2:58)
Hear my call oh great king Belial
On the chariots of fire, how graceful you descend
80 legions of spirit you shall lead
Casting fear upon the world

All hail Belial
68th demon of Hell
All hail Belial
Purest of darkness, purest hate

Sacrificial blood on the altar
Truth bestow upon the sinless blood
8. The Ascension of Bloodcurse (3:57)
Fall from grace the arch angel
Asunder wings, scarred body of pain
Torment in Hell, bastard son of Lucifer
Loathe for heaven, eternal hate to mortals

"Detest, hate and pain
I deny the existence of God"

Legions of Hell march to war
Heaven fall, Hell arise
Legions of Hell march to war
Sound the horn, ascend the throne

Heaven burn in the flames of Hell
Angels slayed and burnt to ashes
Raising Hell in the land of mortals
Men impaled and women raped

"Triumph prevailed my reign
Slaved your faith to me."

Black cloud shrouded the sky, embrace the serpent's light
Come to me, disciples all satanized
Embrace hatred and swear allegiance to me
The new born king, I am Bloodcurse!

The ascension of Bloodcurse

Legions of Hell march to war
Heaven fall, Hell arise
Legions of Hell march to war
Sound the horn, ascend the throne
9. Reclamation (7:28)
Legions march towards the Heaven's gate, across bridges made from angels dead
Sword on the son of God, light falls unto my merciless horde
Wisdom bestow upon Belial's grace, victorious thus thee
Temporis Obscuri, darkness reign eternally

Enthrone the fallen one
Dethrone the proclaimed son

Seven deadly sins permeate the world, on the path of left you shall heed my way and commandments you serve
Ravished hymns of the holy spirit on the blasphemous night of doctrine so rigid
Necrophilia, do without the conscience of guilt, engulfed in the empire he built
Invert crucifixion, his body hangs, lacerating wounds on the once almighty celestial descent

Enthroned the fallen one
Dethroned the proclaimed... son.

Oh... the sight of misery entices me for another chalice of blood
I sipped the blood red wine dripped from the lacerated feeble God
Books of lies ablaze in the circle of fire cast by the new crowned king

The final blow strikes down like a beast upon a harmless prey
With my trophy held up high towards the sky i scorned at the once deceitful faith
Bow before your king of kings held in my hand whom you once obey!
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