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Holy Moses - Strength Power Will Passion cover art

Strength Power Will Passion

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSpeed Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Strength Power Will Passion Lyrics

Submitted by level Zyklus (2011-02-27)
1. Angel Cry (3:41)
Scrambled to buried ideas
Burnt, barred and dead
Resembling melting snow
Torched to a wimp
Mortified to a marble feast
Bleak, molted and cold
Degrading desolate despair
Raised to a creed

When love dies - when love dies

When love dies - the angel cries
We are god - you are god
When love dies - the angel cries
I am god - god is new

Rusted to an iron ruin
Crude, crossed and dark
Croaking crumbling brick
Desolate to a corpse
Sardistic tide of stench
Spoilt, scrubbed and scourd
Impaling immortal decay
Putrefied to a grave
2. End Of Time (3:48)
Fighting for your soul
The heaven is burning
The silent wars of Satan

Nothing we will believe in
The realms will be dying
The deeper pain of Satan

Hating all your words
The melodyne is bleeding
The darker hate of Satan

End of time
It's the end of time

Killing all your dreams
The death is coming
The black sun of Satan

Reigning all your hopes
The slaughter is calling
Satans open grave

Blackening all your thoughts
The illusion is controlling
The cold blood of Satan
3. Symbol Of Spirit (3:41)
Burning the ghost
Killing the peace
It's getting high on you
A symbol of a spiritual way

Eating the soul
Drinking the blood
It slowly rises on you
A symbol of a spiritual day

Nocturnal angels
Running through the space
Violated virgins of the evil incarnate
Waiting for a heaven in hell
These angels cry
When they start to die

Inspire these minds
So easy to control
Control of fate
Fate to defend

Infected rebels
Selling Satan Jesus Christ
Surrounded by
The guardians of morality
Spreading the disease to rise
Prepared to die
When these angels cry
4. Examination (4:15)
Helpless in your soul - killing your hope
Oppressed by masses - in divine resignation
Fields of desolation - to live or die
Deep in your mind - it's not my kind

Now it's time I stare to fight
Kings on earth I cannot find
Born in a dark cold winter night
I prefer the bracing winds of truth

Wrapped up in lies - tormenting my pain
When I hate your face - bearing evil souls
Prayer of defense - pride and power
Cracking the whip - lipstick and terror

Now it's time I stare to fight
Kings on earth I cannot find
Born in a dark cold winter night
I prefer the bracing flames of hell

Now it's time I stare to fight
Kings on earth I cannot find
Born in a dark cold winter night
I prefer the glowing of my soul
5. I Will (3:41)
Twisted misery hadle tragedy
Killing souls for a better day
Hostile foces will break away
At the place where Satan rules

I will - the changes in me
I will - what you never can be
I will - the changes in me
I will - what you never can be
I will - get out of here
Set my black soul free
It's tearing me - it's killing me

Mortal remains evil domain
Winning game goes down to drain
Fragile hopes inside your brain
Across the lake of bloody lies

A single sign of life appears
A serenade of satans order
Stigmata of a spiritual domain
The way to show I am not insane

Set my black soul free

Wasted years of dark insanity
Slaughtering dreams from agony
Tragic melody of lost souls
In the dark age of decay
6. Space Clearing (4:34)
Watching myself I slowly die
When I try to burn my pain
Slowly tearing me apart
Nothing creeps down the path
My fire slowly dies
When the eternal echoes cry
Wisdom of the mortal soul
Behind the open wall

All the space - lost in days
All the space - lost in rage
All the space - lost in days
Everything you want
All the space - lost in rage
Everything you want
(you got it now)
All the space - lost it now
When you never had it
All the space - lost in days
Get it now

It's not like were dead
Follow only your instinct
No one can possess your soul
Kiss of face of life
You will rise from the ashes
The carnal flame will arise
Symbolical and mystical
The clearing of your space
7. Sacred Crystals (3:48)
Welcome to your world
Stagnant energy attracts itself
Accumulates a life in work
Energy stagnates begins
Take a while for you
To get the instinct waiting to clear
You rule this clutter
Symptoms for eternity

Die - die - meet the war machine
Feel the blinding in your eyes
Blinding from within
Die - die - meet the vibrant energy
Feel the running of your blood
Running from within
Die - die - meet the sacred space
Feel the moving in your soul
Moving from within

Welcome to my world
Involve yourself within my flow
Experience a life to work
Look into a vibrant energy
Take a look through
The space in even deeper levels
Feel this clutter
Effecting your empty life
8. Lost Inside (3:44)
Catching your blood
To sell out your brain
For a tragic house of shame
A worthless game
Living on a dead end land
A violent perfection
Betraying life itself
You sold your soul before
The killing of hope
Was opening up the door of killing fate

Lost inside
All those lies - lies in your eyes
All those lies - I can hear your killing cries
Lost inside
All those lies - lies in your cries
All those lies - I can feel your bloody eyes

How does it feel - to die in your sleep?
How does it feel - to die in fear?

Killing your hope
To rob out your fate
For a nightmare of life
A timeless falling
Screaming at a dead end road
A mortal slaughter
Sacrificing life itself
You wrapped it up in lies before
The claws of evil
Cashing you up like a cheap fucking whore
9. Death Bells II (3:44)
I will beat you down

I will beat you down
Deadly dynamics
I will beat you down
Deadly precision

Propaganda death massacre
Learns to play
Corpses screaming
Through the night
In a blood lake grave
Orchestral dark horrors
Learns to dance
Death bells ringing
Through the abyss, rest in pain

Prepared for your mortal coil of agony
Campaigns killing through the earth, born to die
Celebration masterplan the latest kind of art
Death bells ringing through the abyss, rest in peace

Darkness falls by playing with their minds
Products fighting through the mud a total war
Soldiers of victory in a battle of rain
Death bells ringing through the abyss, rest in pain
10. Rebirthing (2:35)
Welcome to a world of lies
A life of killing hope
Spattered by the soils of fate
Welcome to a world of hate
Depression in your soul
The beast of time
Kicked in your face
Locked in your will
Locked in your empty shell

Rebirthing - darken the skies
Forever burn - energy to cry
Robirthing - journey to rise
Anguish behind - the answer is ripe

Welcome to a world of pain
A life of dark buried thoughts
When it turns against yourself
Welcome to a world of hope
Bitterness against your enemy
The breath of time
Kicked from within
Energy in your mind
Vulture in your soul
11. Seasons In The Twilight (3:57)
When we learn a spiritual dance
All things are dead in our brains
Splattered red in our sky of dreams
The blood is dripping in your soul

When twilights blanket falls
All times are ending here on earth
Replaced by the others empty existence
The light you see is not the end

Ease your pain and fold your hands
Be your silent prayer for yourself
Raise your life and trust your words
And lead the hell for yourself
Kiss your eyes - in your mirror
Procure your Satan for yourself

When your name is dying in the sun
All hopes are dust in the blowing wind
Blackened void under your judgement chain
The echoes you hear are mortal pain
12. Say Goodbye (24:36)
Destruction fills my screaming soul
I will learn to hope
Memories killing through the brain
Born to die
Corrosion in the shades of death
The acid rain of pain
Morbid dreams fighting through the dark
Rest in peace

It's time to say for you goodbye
It's time for you to say goodbye
It's time to say goodbye

Darkness fills the endless sky
Silence reigns in your brain
Fragments mixing through your soul
Taking you down
Celebration masterpiece
The latest death on earth
Say goodbye, shouting through the hell
Rest in pain

Violent emotion fills your eyes
Daylight waits to die
Human madness on the edge of time
Power like a gun
Satisfaction bathes in blood
Raised in a nursery
Carnal forge the membrane
Of your dreams
Rest in hell
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