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Holy Death - The Knight, Death and the Devil cover art

The Knight, Death and the Devil

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsFallen Angel, Luciforus Art
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The Knight, Death and the Devil Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-07-13)
1. Whispers of the Soul (4:03)
Moonlight creeps on the trees
Avalanche of feelings fall on me
Embraced in blackness I wait
To pass the gates of hell
To die and to raise from the dead
Awoke from the dream of life
Beside of His throne
I desire to stand with pride

Be my guard
Lead me to the gate
Lead me through the life
When heart of darkness bits
When silence reigns supreme
Lead me as Your son
To the land where sun is dead
To the land where night forever lasts

Words drift through the space
Words of admiration
Longing to be heard
Words of adoration
Flow to reach the gates
Flow to touch the throne

Be my guard
Unveil the mystery of Your divinity
Reveal me the dark secrets
Which leads to eternity

Poetry of Evil
Stream of dark thoughts
Which fondly caress the silence
Song without words
Whispers of the soul
Which worship Lucifer Lord
2. Thunder of Revenge (3:57)
Steel as a thunder
Crushes enemies’ heads
Angels burn,
Fall dead from the sky

Neverending procession
Of murdered in the name of the cross
Fights by the side of the fallen angel
Avenge their harm

Pain for pain
Death for death
Massacre of false prophets
The time of revenge has come

Rivers flow with blood
The beginning of the end
Demons speak my name
I am one of them
Bound by the law of blood

Thunders be our swords
No escape from our revenge
No cross will protect you
No church will be your shelter

The liar’s armor is broken
Under the hard steel of truth
Iron fist
Crushes the bone of the infidel

Hypocritical souls burn
In the fire of the returning order
Old Gods came back from hell
Bringing Lucifer to the highest throne
3. The Battlefield Act I and II (6:33)
Evening, heaps of corpses
Pile up to the horizon
Cloudy sky rains with the blood of the victims
The fallen angel sits on the battlefield
His steel stained with blood of the blasphemers
Triumphant, yet his face reveals sadness
Rememberance of a great battle comes again

The gate of paradise has collapsed
Darkness is going upwards
The sea is burning
Fire touches the sky

Hell shall rise and never fall
Tremble the walls of false temples
Wake sleeping Lucifer, by the hellish powers
He shall rise in blackness, mighty as once
Enlighten the darkness which he comes out of
His bright wings eclipse all that
Once glimmered with light
They shall blind those who believe in the cross

A slaughter took place here
Thousands of corpses lie among the steel
The wounded crawl in pain
Waiting for death like for salvation
Those who believe in Jahve tried
To stop the forces of hell
Now they are drowning in blood
Blood, upon which an endless kingdom shall rise

Billions of people burning every day
The is cold as lead
Heaven and hell became one
Since the ocean has devoured worlds
Chaos is dwelling in waters of flood
Billions of tentacles twine in the darkness
Waiting to swallow the sun

Hell shall rise and never fall...
4. Riding the Hellstorms (3:04)
The storms of hell I ride
On the wings of night I fly
Armor shines with moonlight
Thunders cut like blades
Hordes of hell behind me

I attack with infernal rage
The walls of heaven collapse
Hail of cut off heads
Beasts feast on corpses
No one will survive

And fear embraced the Earth
Suns flown with blood
Chaos reigned
Rain of thunderbolts
Welcome the days of Death
And raised Hell on Earth

Rivers of blood flow
Carrying enemies dead
Grab your sword, head for war
Prevail! For the glory of hell
Crush the enemy, no mercy

The time has come
When darkness covered the moon
And the lightning bolts
Enlightened the sky
Greeting the day of doom
5. Holy Death (3:53)
You wielded cross in one hand
And sword in the other
With a praise to God
You slaughtered the innocent
Their holy death is now turning against you
Innocent blood can not be washed off
You will never wash off your guilt
The worms shall eat you from the inside,
The dead shall tear your soul
Your remains will lie in the bottoms of hell
Death shall be the beginning, agony has no end

Elder gods will punish the blasphemers
They were first, so they deserve respect
The time passes unnoticeably
Only leaving scars on the face

The body dies to release immortal spirit
What is life than constant dying?
For some it is liberation
For the others, eternal agony of wandering soul
6. Fallen Angel (5:19)
Dark day shook the foundations of Earth
Bloody shade covered the tormented souls
Blood entwined all the crossed blades
Where black angel crushed his foes

The cold wind assails dead wings
The moon turned grey in the shade of battle
Burned forests of tales long forgotten
Remain – a statue of heaven’s defeat

Eternal struggle of good and evil
Always brings destruction and death
There are no victors, nor beaten ones
Ominous silence embraces the battlefield

The mountain peaks glitter in bloody sun
The fangs of ridge drown in sorrowful mist
Mute witness of total destruction
Forever guard the bodies of the dead

May all the millennia be damned
Corrupted by hateful breath of warriors
The silver dawn will never rise again
May eternal darkness extinguish the last star
7. Power From Hell (Glory of Lucifer) (4:38)
Born of fire
Dressed in wind
Bringing pure light
Free, over the stars
He is every breath of me
Divine inspiration, meaning of life
His glare heralds wisdom
I am ready to receive him
My soul thirsts for his power

He lightens the dark of my life
Makes me not to fear death
He is the beginning and the end,
My guardian spirit
When I am called
I won’t hesitate to
Sacrifice my existence
Set the spirit free
To gladly pay homage

He is my father, brother, friend
Hail the might of magic
I serve hell through black arts
Strength of my spells
Knows no boundaries

The open gates of hell
To enlight me with
The power of Lucifer
My soul belongs to him

Sacrifice, blood and victims
Power from hell
Glory out of darkness
Power from hell
Light from the darkness
8. Standing Under the Cross (4:36)
Who are you?
You declare yourself Son of God
Of the one who desires to be
The beginning and the end
Thus you will be first among bastards

You die?
What challenge it is
When you will return
In dreams of thousands
And the thorn in your crown
Stained with blood of dissenter
Shall rise you to the highest of thrones?

You shall redeem
Old crimes, for the new ones to come
Pyres reaching the sky with fire
Faith in eternal life
Shall take the temporal
And our Peter? Fat with conceit
Drivels, fighting for the line of souls

What challenge for God is to die?
What glory for God is
To rise from the dead?
What change is for God to humiliate?
Just to stifle the world later?
Oh, what glory is this?

If I helped you with your pain
Grabbed the axe and cut down the cross
Would you curse me or reward me?
For saving your life,
Or depriving your glory?
Who is the liar God without martyrs?
9. Lucyfer (3:03)
10. Call From the Grave (Bathory cover) (4:54)
God of Heaven
Hear my cries of anguish, I'm in pain
I've suffered a thousand deaths but I live on in vain

Death would greet with eternal sleep
My soul would come to peace
My life had ceased
The time was come
Can no-one hear my plea

Lowered down in the moistened ground
Into the dark and cold
My heartbeat the only sound
Pain tears my limbs and soul

I scream for mercy
Hear my cries
Oh, Lord don't abandon me
I'm so tired
Grant me the eternal sleep

I tear at the lid I'm suffering
In a cold and nameless grave
If Hell is what awaits me
I feel no fright

Buried and forgotten
In a cold and nameless grave
If there's a God in heaven
Hear my call from the grave......
11. Beat of Flame (Hellias cover) (2:11)
Beat of Flame
Beat of flame

Silent , quiet, coldest night
The fire light crossed the dark
Don't wait for a day which wake up you
You'll see the death, you will hear your cry
Beat of flame
You fell down under the cross
The twinge of soul called to God
You'll feel a wind, flame will be cold
Is this the end ? Another time you die !!!
Beat of flame . Die !! The beat of flame vortex
Beat of flame . The bore god's play.In our life another death
12. Princess of the Dawn (Accept cover) (6:12)
There's rain on the mountain
A white frost on the moors
It's an epoch of eternity
Waters touch the holy shore

It's a land of mystery
The world of unseen eyes
You can feel the shadow of a princess
She waits for you inside

The guardians of God play the pawns
Beg for mercy - hail the queen
Princess of the Dawn

In the war of the dragons
Young blood ran it's course
They fell to his blade
The knight Iron Horse

A forgotten priest
Disappearing in the haze
A chamber of vestal virgins
Twilight is her slave

The Wizard of Oz moved the pawns
Life for satan - dust to dust
Princess of the Dawn

On the day of the testament
The seventh moon was raging fire
Heaven cried for the sacrifice
The midnight sun was rising higher

The Beauty and the Beast
Lies in her royal crypt
Her kiss is bitter sweet
Death upon her lips

The Holy Grail held the pawns
Kings and bishops bow to grace
Princess of the Dawn

The guardians of God play the pawns
Beg for mercy - hail the queen
Princess of the Dawn

A new day dawns for heaven and earth
A first sunbeam is killing the night
Once upon a time for ever more
The gloom with the spirit of that Lady in White

Princess - Princess - Princess of the Dawn
Princess - Princess - Princess of the Dawn
Princess - Princess - Princess of the Dawn
Princess - Princess - Princess of the Dawn
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