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Heol Telwen - An Deiz Ruz cover art

An Deiz Ruz

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresCeltic Metal, Black Metal
LabelsBurning Star Records
Album rating :  -
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An Deiz Ruz Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2016-05-09)
1. An douar eleh m'on ganet (1:20)
2. An Deiz Ruz (6:45)
(Excerpt from “Diougan Gwenc’hlan,” a Breton poem from 5th century)

En an Deiz Ruz me ‘wel an hoch tont eus ar choad,
Hag eñ gwall-gamm, gwallet e droad,
E veg digor ha leun a wad
Hag e reun louedet gant an oad
Hag o soroc’hal war e dro
Gant an naon e voc’higoù.

Me ‘wel ar morvac’h ‘c’h enep-tont
ken e kren an aod gant ar spont;
Hag eñ ken gwenn hag an erc’h kann
‘Zo en e benn kerniel arc’hant.
An dour dindanañ o virviñ
Gant an tan-taran eus e fri;

Ne vern petra a c’oarvezo
Pezh a zo dleet a vezo:
Ret eo d’an holl mervel teir gwezh
Kent evit arzav en diwezh.

Dakc’h mat ‘ta! Dalc’h mat ‘ta! Morvarc’h!
Darc’h war e benn! Darc’h mat ‘ta! Darc’h!

Me ‘wel ar gwad betek e c’hlin,
Me ‘wel ar gwad evel ullenn!
Gwazh ouzh gwazh! Darc’h ‘ta! Gwazh ouzh gwazh!
3. Dahud (5:29)
Facing the sea,
On the top of the old cliff
Bitten by the winds
Remembering the past
When Ker Ys was the greatest city
Of Armoric coast
Waiting for the day when the winds
Of destiny blow again on Brittany
The day when these winds will sweep away Gwenolé’s sons
And their single god,
In a flood of blood and scum

Gwenolé’s sons will have to pay. Paying for their infamy
For the glory of our gods, their corpses will be thrown to waters
Their corpses will be thrown
To the dark waters
Their corpses will be thrown
As our sacrifice

Turning towards the sea
Screening the horizon
Waiting for Dahud’s return
To lead our people
And reconquer our world

“I was born from the sea, at the Dusk of a golden age
When our gods crossed our lands, and when the oaks went up high
I was dead by the sea at the dawn of a dark age
When the lonely god came,
And when our oaks became churches”
4. Ar Korrigan Du (6:48)
Au pied d’un chène, témoin de maints hivers, se dressait l’Armen du
Menhir de jais, luisant dans la clareté d’une aube révolue
Ancien suzerain des terres d’Argoat, il y a longtemps disparu

Fier seigneur de la forêt
Hôte du cercle de pierres dressées
Roi maudit d’un temps jadis
A jamais ensorcelé

Souverain dun peuple oublié
Créature autrefois vénérêe
De la Pierre â jamais prisonnier
C’horred damné

Ennon’me ‘vo, tra ‘vin er bed,
E kastiz reizh eus e dorfed
5. Etre douae Mor (3:03)
6. Epona Part. 1 (4:35)
Beyond the forests and moors of Gaul,
And Till the edge of our world
I’ll ride toward my destiny
And follow the paths of the Sidh

Oh Goddess of Horses
Lead me to the shores of Tir Na Nog

Alone, leaving those blessed lands
My heart is filled with pain
Unknown kingdom, call me at him
My last journey begun…

Oh Goddess of Horses
Lead me to the shores of Tir Na Nog

Pale shade galloping towards the horizon
White steed surrounded by an aura of gold

My eyes drown in the tears of my loneliness
None shall witness when Ankou will take me

Ride, Goddess, Ride
Lead me to the shores of Tir Na Nog

In my ride Epona lives
Towards etherate lands, She guides my wandering
Arrived on the golden sands, last boundaries
Immortal Islands call me to leave

Beyond the realm of the ancient Celts
Across the sea in the domain of Gods
I’ll proudly join back my strong Ancestors
Without fear guides by the horses
7. Epona Part. 2 (4:46)
8. Enez Glaz (6:01)
On the top of the sacred mountain
I hear Lial Fail screaming
She seeks her new king to reign on Ireland

Princes and lords, bards and warriors
Gathering on the hills of Tara
To give allegiance to their new suzerain

Lial Fail was kept silent
Leaving an orphan people
A prey for the war of clans, crownless

Blood has flown on the land of Ir
The grass was tinted of red
Under first light of dawn
The raven takes its take-off
The king elected by Morrigan
Hero of the battlefields
Take the road of Tara
Caledfwech has the hand
The stone of destiny
Has chosen his new king
To forge the fate of the island
In fire and steel
On the top of the sacred mountain
I hear Lial Fail screaming
She has found her new king to reign on Ireland
“Enez Glaz, Oileain Tir Ceilteach”

On the top of the scared mountain
I hear Lial Fail screaming
She has found its new king to reign on Ireland…

“Enez Glaz, Oileain Tir Ceilteach”
9. Kan ar Kern (6:24)
Oh so many battles
Have unfolded before us
In the sun, in the mist,
In the moors standing
We live through times and times
And witness all of all kind
From the mountains or the sea
History is engraved in our skin
Gods have risen from our ranks
And blood has sanctified us Stones
A ship landing, and a battle to come,
We’ll be blessed by sounds of rage

Time slow down, History come
With hammer, burin and poetry,
None to discuss, but rise their swords
Those from the Land, those from the Sea
“Allez camarades, tirez sur les rames!
Nous allons brûler leurs terres
Et violer leurs femmes,
Allez mes frêres, tirez sur les rames!
Détruire leurs sanctuaires
Et prendre leurs âmes”
10. Son ar Everezh (4:04)
11. Heol Telwen (6:35)
The last gleams of life are fading in the dusk
And in the cold of Samhain night, immortal souls come back…
Overhanging the fires and praised by ancients’ wisdom
The first moon of new year will rise for us tonight…

Loar! May the dark days of the past year
Be forgotten forever
And may the gleams of the first moon
Bless our clan and our land!

Loar! May the paths of the Sidh
Lead our fathers to the glade
And may the deceased souls rejoin us, before their last journey
Death’s returned tonight, under the vast arch of the sacred Nemeton of Oak
Till the dawn, they will feast
Around fires of the most sacred night,
The Winter Solstice.

All around the pyre celebrate the new year
Praising the moon, praising the night.
12. Ynis Witrinn (2:03)
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