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Havok - Burn cover art




TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal
LabelsCandlelight Records
Album rating :  78.5 / 100
Votes :  4
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Burn Lyrics

Submitted by level P.Anselmo (2013-06-27)       Last modified by level Eagles (2017-02-07)
1. Wreckquim (1:35)
2. The Root of Evil (5:33)
Before Christ in a time of fear
Ideas and faith reinforce with a spear
With the crescent ruling
Flesh by flesh
Non-believers perished
Now you can see
It's ideology
Creed is gone
It's their permanent reality

Solo - Chavez

Lie to the people
Those who speak see no evil
Loss of power is not an option
Surrender your spirits to us
Thirsty to reign
Everything to lose, but nothing to gain
It's ultimate supremacy
Control is maintained

Whipping, torture, killing, rotting
I have seen the abuse
Whipping, torture, killing, rotting

Time to act
As I hear their screams
I've lost touch with reality
Killing is my specialty
Dark and hollow, I feel no sorrow
For the victims at my blade
I feel nothing as I piece their brains

Solo - Chavez

Lie to the people
Those who speak see no evil
Loss of power is not an option
Surrender your spirits to us
Thirsty to reign
Everything to lose, but nothing to gain
It's ultimate supremacy
Control is maintained


Solo - Sanchez
3. The Path to Nowhere (3:41)
Running short of breath,
Dwelling on my weaknesses
Turning inward to myself,
To find the strength that used to be
Looking back, it used to be,
All my problems, don't care for me
Pursuing, believing, no truth in sight, anxiety
Cannot count on others to live my life for me
Your games make me lose all dependency
It's the same old shit... just a different day
4. Morbid Symmetry (4:55)
What is done behind closed doors
Never seems to be what the audience adores
In the public eye but living a double life
What you thought was not a reason why

Fame and misfortune and it's all coming at its price
Misery is on the rise
You can disagree
But I guarantee
Morbid symmetry

Solo - Sanchez

Can't see straight, loosing focus
Ruining himself but doesn't even notice
Oblivious to the world around him keeping friends at bay
Self-contained death machine


Solo - Chavez

Fueled by fascination
Hook, line, and sinker
Bitter and resentful, taking them down deeper
Half-crazed now rocking back and forth
Difficult to rebuild your house in the middle of a storm

5. Identity Theft (4:42)
They can't find their way
They look up to me
For authenticity
They get no approval
From the pioneers
All the disappointment
Bringing them to tears

Identity theft!
Who are you?
Identity theft!
Find something new
You think you're different
To try to fit in

Same pointless game
Bringing them to shame
I don't try to lead
Others just like to follow
Set the standards high
So their lives will occupy
The time it takes to get
Get even close to it

Identity theft!
Who are you?
Identity theft!
Find something new
You think you're different
To try to fit in
6. The Disease (4:26)
Struggling for your life
Nature the enemy
Disaster takes its coarse
Destroying everything

There's only one way out
To make it out alive
Once you're in this state
No one will survive

Kill, plague, infect

Solo - Chavez

Searching for your path
You've stumbled upon the dead
Frantic, searching for your peace
Finding you're who's bled

Infected with the disease
The carrier of death
Stuck in a world of emptiness
Value your last breath


Put you body into a coma
Failure in your chest
Leave you weak and paralyzed
Headed for sudden death

Solo - Chavez
7. Scabs of Trust (4:46)
A drowning man will always try to bring you down with him
In a sea of treachery you surely cannot swim
Not a leg to stand on, he's got deception inside of him
Picking at the scabs of trust: it will never heal

You are trapped in your web of lies
Can't break fee
Eternal despise

Cut your own throat and bleed on me watch the others run
There's no saving a man that sets himself up to be burned
No turning back now, you are already gone
Let us watch your body, as it crumbles into dust


Solo - Sanchez
Solo - Chavez

I'm so sorry for laughing at you when I saw you hit the ground
Always knew I's be the one on top, looking down
There are so many things you just could not wrap your mind around
Take a look at yourself...you'd see who's the fool

8. Ivory Tower (3:48)
Stuck in an ivory tower
They think paper equals power
No use to mankind
It's the blind leading the blind

How can they learn so much?
But know nothing at all
Without a book for a crutch
Falling into withdrawal

Delusion fo importance
Clouds up their feeble minds
Ignorance and intelligence
Split by a fine line

Removed from the real world
When they speak I want to hurl
Academic condemnation
Fit only for obliteration

Solo - Sanchez
Solo - Chavez

How could it come to this?
How could it be so vile?

Fighting democracy
Doing it with a smile
9. To Hell (4:10)
Keep your distance from my life
You want to talk to me? You're gonna meet my fist
Mess with me I'll mess you up
You've never seen a temper quite like this
Stay away from me right now
I got a pistol cocked and I'm pissed
Pull the trigger, yes I will
Seeing you die would be total bliss

Why am I smiling? You wonder why
Cause it's time to kiss your ass goodbye
Said it once, I'll say it twice
Tonight's the night you're gonna die!
Look in my eyes and you will see
Tonight's your final destiny
You won't wake up again oh no!
Final shot - to hell you go!

Threaten my safety I'll threaten yours
All I see now is an open door
Opening up to your thoughts of pain
Fear is driving me insane!

Getting to the boiling point
One day soon you shall be joined
By the dark lord in his home
Very soon it will be your own!
10. Category of the Dead (5:35)
A stolen lie betrayed the race
Murder in the worst case
Royalties are lowlifes now
Apocalyptic genocide
Screaming "I don't want to die"
You told yourself it was a lie
How can all of this be real?
Aborted lives: human veal

Genocidal nature gonna tear you a new one
Can't flee now, you're about to die
Multicultural holocaust
What you had now is lost
Forcing yourself into oppression

The start of a new era
Foreigner brings the terror
Masking the intentions of a puritanical plot
War with open arms
And open minds that fear
Freedom of religion
What is the final cost?


Unreal is reality
Pain is now the only truth
Reign of terror pacifies
Revolution in its roots
Systematic killing fields
A bullet seals the word
To hold in the secret
Of a cemetery morgue
Inflammatory, mortuary, cemetery stone
Category of the dead (Too broad for words)

Mediocrity at its best
Humanity laid to rest
End of all things to come
Darker are the seeds of doom
Never has an end like this
been peophesized to this extent
Game is over
We have all lost


Solo - Chavez

11. Melting the Mountain (2:42)
Melting the mountain
The sseds of creation
Washing away all the impurities
Calling it vengeance
But we don't deserve this
Our saving grace is that we are free
Melt me
Melting the mountain
Attack with a reason
Reasons that cannot be reasonably seen
Plotting against us
With raging persistence
Treason committed with no penalty
Melt me, melt me
I can see it in your face
I can see it in your eyes
I can watch you turning your back
I can read through your lies
"what's that?
You're gonna try and hurt us?
Well, go ahead, i dare you"
12. Afterburner (3:25)
Ready to rage like you're trapped in a cage
Living for the shred until you're dead
Amps all turned up to eleven
Bang your head it's metal heaven

(Go) Entering a world of speed
Can't get a hold of me
'Cause the metal sets me free

Feet are falling backward
Smashing in the teeth
Get into the pit
Make a violent scene
For those who don't know
Tell 'em where to go
Throw them in the afterburner

Rumbling your gut
Like a machine gun to your ears
Louder, louder
As the crowd begins to cheer

When the hell did
Karate in the pit
Make people think
Think they're the shit?



Smashing your face
Tearing the place
Down to the ground

Breaking your bones
Those who don't know
Tell 'em where to go

Solo - Sanchez
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