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Hate - Tremendum cover art




TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
LabelsNapalm Records
Album rating :  -
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Tremendum Lyrics

Submitted by level Eagles (2017-07-10)
1. Asuric Being (5:46)
Asuric spirit of twilight
Luminous stellar disgrace
With mind as weapon
The ultimate death conclusion

Devourer of life and light
The essence of Saturn
Thrives in obsession and filth
The night is great and glowing
Bringing torrents of death and despair

Hailing thy grotesque fate

Light the flame on every level of existence
Feasting on Atma
Sprouting from the seed of hate

Depression and triumph
Boundless void - it is fed to grow
In the temple of twilight
All is devoted to nought

As long as darkness breeds

Stars of fire
Revealed in destruction
Would we mourn or remember
You down the road to the core?

Embrace extinction
Feasting on the self
In the temple of twilight
All is devoted to nought!

Light a flame
That infests in the spirit
In conflagration
It burns it all down
Blood harvest forsaken life

Everyone becomes dust
Everything turns to nought!
Everyone becomes dust
2. Indestructible Pillar (4:21)
A fountain of glory in bloodshed
Spurting through the ages of doom
Entropic mighty devourer of divine
Converging it all back to dust

Sacred Phoenix in the temple of sin
In unity with stardust
Approaching the twilight of the flesh
Empowering a stellar design
Vos Estis Lux

Ignite evil-lution of the spirit
Let our war clense the world
We are born of apocalyptic scorn
Perfectly obscured from thy stare

Omega the spring of creation
Its power shines with brilliance
The usher in the new age of man
A harvest of the flesh and soul

Indestructible pillar
Colossal strength
Amidst the carnage it revives
The essence of man
Smite religious terror
Flogging the saints
Destroy the holy gangrene
Make in perish in glory of all sins

Unholy essence, devil's blood
Kyrie Ignis Divine Eleison
Atrocious crimes in light of theodicy
Uranium plague that comprehends
Consuming splendid human parasites

Never let the fire extinguished
In the realm of unequalled design
A king in the ocean of hate
Adorned with dimensions of sin
Stronghold of sin
3. Svarog's Mountain (5:05)
Graveless soul
Arise from mountain Svar
The Seprent's nest where lava resides
It melts… feel the tremor

The galaxy pregnant with force at its heart warping time and space
Gravitational grip in the black hole swelling the power of stars
Betrayed by god of light

Restless miasma awakened from slumber
As I die I shall release all the wrath of melting sun
Cause the fruit of Bethlehem child is venomous

Uranium breath
There is nothing to fill this void to appease the almighty beast
From stardust it came to ignite all the poisons of the earth...
Of its wastelands

Reclaim the world that's lost!
Remembrence of a spirit invincible
Of a sacred might
It opens horizon a bit more
For Arcona shining on the firmament

The melt of fire and frost
It's where it all came from
Delirium, monstrous impurity, temptation
Uranium breath


Reclaim the world that's lost
Remembrence of a spirit invincible
Of a sacred might
It opens horizon a bit more
For Arcona shining on the firmament
On the firmament
On the firmament
4. Numinosum (5:39)
5. Fidelis ad Mortem (4:55)
Misa de requiem!
Ye born in the chambers of death
Running through the plains of oblivion
Been here to slay or be slain
And respect the things that I scorn
Control the flow

Turning the temples into graves
Surrendered to the hunger of Great Void
The dying sun is all ours
It's apocalypse on the run

Fidelis ad mortem
Watching them born on their knees
Smothered by spiral repetition
Either death or nothing in the realms of despair
Never-ending highway of war

Undeniable acceptance of programmed fate
Non sanctuary! It won't be redeemed
You feed the flames of Tremendum
And be buried with your doubts in graves
Revelation emerges in death
Welcome endless day
Saviours of mankind eaten by schorching abyss
Again and again
6. Into Burning Gehenna (4:24)
Trapped in eternal recurrence
On this road to perdition where all things belong to dust
I raise the flame

Praise the fire! Life-devouring god on ruins of the world
I praise the blaze! Watch the bleeding sun's rebirth

Es muss sein!

On this arduous way to burning gehenna
Every fall is a step into the wild holiness
The temple of the blackest flame
Standing in the sea of blood
A rite that has no end, a pyre that always burns

Embrace the flame
Praise the fire! Life-devouring god on ruins of the world
I praise the blaze! Watch the glorious time returns

Praise the fire! The tree of Sephiroth burns

Praise the blaze! A funeral void remains

Ours is the glorious nightfall
Through aeons it burns under silent stars
No force in the world can take the torch from us
Lucifer's blessing
Embrace the entire brightness
Witness the coal-black stardust design
Revelation of death that lives in every flesh
A witness to the fall of the blind

Es muss sein!
In the blazing eyes of righteous anger
Walk the road to perdition where all men belong to dust
Embrace the flame

Praise the fire! Life-destroying god on ruins of faith

Now praise the blaze! Watch the bleeding sun's rebirth
7. Sea of Rubble (4:25)
A lifeless cold stare
In the night of funeral pyres
Thy blood has fed the soil
What a bloody shame
That you all became carcass
In those piteous nights
The bane of our existence
It grows in the wells of extinguished life

My hate is cold
In the night of funeral pyres
Choking on the black haze

I march this road
Yet it never seems to end
Through the sea of rubble
Streets I struggle to name
Faces I struggle to recall
They have all perished in inferno

The burning stake
Under the ardent sky
It's all that remains

There's a glory in the midst of carnage
And a glory that shines upon the tears of those who survived
I bled all I could and I won't bleed no more

They will always burn
They will always burn
They will always burn till the sun shines no more
They will always burn till the sun shines no more
They will always burn till the sun shines no more

The burning stake
Under the ardent
8. Ghostforce (3:57)
Tortured, drained and betrayed
Tonight I'm descending from deepest Sheol
Father, set me free from this grave
Dig me up to the floors above
I swear allegiance to the night

Vengeance! Great revival Vengeance
Slay your prophets in this cold neurotic night

Ghostforce! Soul constrictor
Ghostforce! The living temple
Love your martyrs
Those whom you have tortured to death

Hellbound! Breaking the chains
Ghostofrce! Crusader!
Worship none or be destroyed
Blood must be spilled

Father! Let me rage into this world
Let minds be my battlefields
Let me rage this war

Inquisition revived
Breed in me great nothingness
Incarantion of vices
Let merciless hatred reign

Ravenous blood to conquer the world
Ravenous blood
9. Walk Through Fire (6:21)
Athanatos Salva Me!

I walk through fire where the ardent sky has no limit
Revival of the sword, triumphant revenge
Genesis! Odium Invictus!
Through raging chaos
A stardust incarnate

Dawn of blades! Everlasting and sacred
Fire descends bringing Gnosis to these lands
Misticum! Through our will
Through our sheer defiance
Majestic and blessed!
A new order's conceived in explosions and blasts

Cras es noster! Omega reigns supreme!
A prophet of extinction igniting the fires
Swearing allegiance to one burning will
Making a road for the spirit

Listen to the messenger
Trust my Nemesis to seal extinction
Reclaim! The day of reckoning is nigh!

Cras es noster! Omega reigns supreme!
A prophet of extinction igniting the fires
Standing on the threshold of a terrible fate
Making a road for the spirit

Tonight we stand up to judge the old world
In the silence of a shameful white flag, it shrinks away
Tyrants, regimes will all come down to dust
Mediocrities will perish
I condemn everything you stand for
Liberation from dirt
Liberation from you
Eulogists of gods! Go fuck yourself with your voodoo!
The sun of death burns you down to nought!

Ta noc jest ogromna i świetlista
W strugach wieczności
Zorza, która nigdy nie gaśnie
Spieniony potop płomieni
Wasz świat się rozpada
Przemawia ogień
I śmierć przemawia
Jej majestat przedwieczny
U fundamentów świata
Widnokrąg jasny i zimny
Z mej krwi...
Przez me oczy patrzący
Głodnych kruków krążą stada
Kopcie groby, kopcie groby...
10. Hearts of Steel (4:56)
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