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Grand Alchemist - Intervening Coma-Celebration cover art

Intervening Coma-Celebration

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
LabelsSound Riot
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Intervening Coma-Celebration Lyrics

Submitted by level DaveÅkerfeldt (2011-11-16)
1. Faced (Intro) (2:51)
2. A Nailed Visual Effect (4:31)
Sucking all the negative atmosphere
and floating together like water
I can stay right here and see
the light saps it's strength

I'll always be there
and resting in chaos

Bleeding for the energy that's apppear
when the pain reaches my mind
Would you smile to me?

I'll always be there, and regarding
the beautiful reflection
in my depression

Time, generated as a fundamentally
and dramatic confusion and desperation
don't point your finger
which you can't define!!!

I'll always be there
Everlasting and resting in chaos
In a mourning and peaceful day

To touch the profusion of death
and at the same moment swim
in a haze of compressing truth
is a striking example of a new contrast

I'll always be there
Everlasting and resting in chaos
3. Down Again (4:21)
Follow the farewell
Like I did once before down the main fall
And under this blinking candle
I saw their so-called life

The pretender and his belief
To disappear is my relief

Follow the farewell
Like I did once before down the main fall
I am leaving without you
And fade the moments of affection

From the visions of reality
and down to insanity
I confine my mind
to the depth of fantasy

Sorrow breeds and injects the pain.
Demands to the state of mind

One's sorrow to confirm this cold affection
I am leaving without you today
Disharmony flows under my shallow skin
Fuck them all and let me fly down again
4. Incurable Longing (3:51)
I consider my extremely and deep desperation
As a beneficent mode of expression
No answers just a incurable
and intense longing
There is no way out
I am forever trapped in this vacuum

Breeding through a flaunting vagina
And feel the sombre emblems of darkness
There is no way out
But don't hold on to me
And don't consider me as your friend

I am forever trapped in this vacuum
But at least I burn
In the implacable fire

Abuse me
Accompanying inscriptions of
what may come into existence,
when all terminations fuse together
Take a bite and feel it too

Incurable longing
A passion feeding mental chaos
5. Approach (Open the Shell) (3:11)
I open the shell tonight,
A grand spiritually ceremony

I feel the adrenalin pumping
like a metaphor of a goodbye
When I stand against
this mode of expression

I feel the adrenalin pumping
like a metaphor of a goodbye
When I stand against
this mode of expression
And I feel the pressure of
this final touch of the surface
I stop the compression
of my dynamic field

I open the shell tonight
and I'm not coming back.

I stop the compression
of my dynamic field,
like a grand spiritually ceremony
in my life.
6. Intervening Coma-Celebration (3:24)
I turn my face and
look under the surface
Reflected and sluiced
as a sensemachine

My eyes become grey

Falling and falling while
My subconscious feeds
my intelligence
Intervening coma celebration

Close down the vast doors
I am a prisoner
in the kinkiest taboo

The effect of
my sombre meditation
pulls me down
to the interface
of all delusions
7. Sensemachine (4:07)
Swallow the interglacial serenity
My recreation for life

Down so long
Grown so strong
In a devotional illusion,
I ride the storm again
Down so long
Grown so wrong

Brazen and contented I burn

I don't see the river
Though hear the complaining
What is the price and
what is the winning of shame?

There is a fire between us!

Feel it, touch it
I don't identify this place
A Black strap-on,
Instrumental breathing
wearing leather
A Black strap-on
Instrumental breathing

To pretend this tender
and shell this fear,
Will you touch me
with your hands of dirt,
and donate some grace
so I can grace desert?
Will you fill me?
8. Psyche & a Flower to the New Lifetime (4:32)
Dignity has no face
I am, fallen from grace

Time is my tragedy or victory
All deserted in pride
In existence cloud my delight
My somber emblem and the agony field

"As depression pierces my heart,
my end is here
I climb the mountain high,
because shear-drop calls there"

I feel no fucking guilt
Look at the temple I have built
Prudence falls, but I was never here

Last breath upon the ledge
Goodbye and fuck you
I did never regard the edge
I fly away without wings...
9. Minds Delusion Sleeps for Creation (4:29)
Rows conspire of becoming,
odour of a dead man.
A hole in my memory
firmling changing the heir

I am still falling down
Swimming towards the deathlike-sea

Take a deep breath and I am still frozen
I was told to be among my sanity
Reality will fade my illusions of the grey
Take my hand and I will be gone, alone

I am still falling down
Swimming in acting agony

Take a deep breath
and feel the piercing pain
Awoken by the sun
and crawling through the ground
The blindness of my compassion
has grown lame
I can't take part in your sorrow
and deserving pain

Reality will fade
my illusions of the grey
Take my hand and I will be gone, alone
I may speak my way into my opened mind
Hello you freak I am crossing the line!

I am buried in the ground
as a self-confessing down
Buried with the tools of
my value burning misery
My horizon is darkened to your eyes,
I grow the mourn rose
I fuck the damn dignity of lies
and I undo life...
10. Solemn and Sophisticated (4:09)
Drink up boy, have fun
Disregarding if you run
Incoming temptation
The art of creation

Solemn and sophisticated
My soul flies away before I die
Solemn and sophisticated
Have found my diabolical eye

Solemn and sophisticated
Illusive work to deny
Solemn and sophisticated
Have opened my real eye

I don't know the taste of your heart
If you can't do it yourself,
just walk away from me

"I took the life from your friend last night
And then fell in love with you
Just call me a fool
(would you stand on your feet?)
It is not always the right thing
to be good?"
A Fusion of illusions and facing truth

Considering the air is sealing
Considering that I breed in mud
The intensive pulse of knowing
That tonight is the night.....
11. Under My Shallow Skin (4:07)
Times are changing, confusion to define
Haunting scars and tokens through my line
We did never actually meet
and now it's too late
I am cold and can no longer entertain
those who don't care

Dreams to conserve the virtual reality
I reach for the level above the (puny) naivety
I saw them like a bunch of slaves
In the depth they are all fakes

In chains my body is bound
I am and you can't change the fact that,
She I love is not she I care for...

I am waiting and waiting and dreaming
But I can't imagine what the dwell is for
Consecrate to the outstanding misery
I fuck the black flaunting leather whore

The touch of this knife makes me wonder....
The say life is so cruel
I guess they're just afraid
to open their minds
and see what's inside?
12. Snap Up the Raw of Existence (3:36)
Consistent sense
Spinning serenity
A sombre fortune
My soul is foreign to my body...

Snap up the time
Snap up the raw of existence
I reach for the depth
A grip down to the agony field

Until my treasury opens
I cannot see
What's deep inside of me
I'm bound to the secrets of the alchemy

Snap up the time
Snap up the raw of existence
To know I'm alive
To know I'll feel death tomorrow

Pride flows around today
Like a denial of what I saw yesterday
Though I will not change my direction....
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