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Gospel of the Horns - Realm of the Damned cover art

Realm of the Damned

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsInvictus Productions
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Realm of the Damned Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-02-22)
1. Intro / Aggression for Blood (3:29)
2. Trial by Power (2:22)
HATE - Forever our motive
Feelings driven by rage
KILL - Is our intention
Steel caps marching from Hades

Trial by Power
Trial by Power

WARFARE - Pain and destruction
Rape, pillage and butcher
CARNAGE - Is our true motive
Tightening our grip on this world


CHAOS - A whirlwind barbaric
Devour the world to its core
SIN - We are sinners
Sinners WILL conquer this world

[Chorus x2]

Solo: Hexx/Masochist

STRIKE - Delivered with full force
No mercy, an eye for an eye
CONQUER - The path of triumph
A scorching wrath from hell!!!
3. Death Sentence (6:01)
Contorted, face of deceit, bound and forsaken...
Fearful tales from a soul
Tempted in slumber
A puppet, dancing to tunes
Nightmares, bring them to wake
A dagger ready to bare, inflict the fear, a trembling sensation
Like moths to a flame, instant delusion, the memory escapes
But the verdict draws near

Hear the cry

The winter storm, gleams of ice,
It shatters the mind of man
Bound by the hands of fate never to forgive,
Never to relinquish

Hear the cry

Nothing remains

Solo: Masochist

Dark visions still haunting
Spirits soon appear
Watching and waiting
Terror draws near

Solo: Masochist

Futile pleas for mercy are drowned in the seas of vengeance,
Protected by reality no more!
Bow down to your master!!!!!!
4. Retribution (3:33)
Dark powers... to weave a common goal
Hard as steel, hard as the ground you stand!
What was rotten and now corrupt
Shall be stripped... torn asunder!
A bloodied ravaged cloth
The remnants of betrayal

A mixture of innocence and wickedness
A piercing glare
A tale of another time

The torments of sleep, a battle of one's will
Who fails who? The Achilles shield
With or without the hammer of damnation
Bearers of life or death
Onwards reap destruction
Onwards, come on!
Onwards reap destruction
Onwards.... OBLITERATION!!!!!
5. Blood and Iron (5:22)
Fearless age, what's to gain, no after thought
Choice is yours... don't repent
Tainted lies, tethered cloak, what's to become
I say this... the choice is yours!
We the bearers, the axis of our time

Life's voracious
Life's a curse
Life's a test of one's strength
Life's voracious
Life's a curse
Take the oath, pledge till death!

Rip the curse from the womb
Destined at birth

Resting fire, raven's throng
Path oh so clear
A path I so belong
Lightning rips, shadows move
Hail the endless sky
Our endless song

Alright motherfuckers, march or DIE!

Insidious, malicious
Draw your sword in troubled times
Honour, pride
Believe from within
An age from beyond..

[Repeat first/second verses and chorus]
6. Realm of the Damned (3:45)
Sons of valor, consume your fate
I am your blade, condensed in rage
My forthright... bloodied fist
Spellbound salute my realm

Solo: Masochist

I'll strike with hate, enrage the curse
I'll toast a praise... blood for blood

[Chorus 1:]
My hallowed turf is bathed in sweat,
Tears and shallow graves
Once mighty here, they came to maim
Reverence the highest claim

[Chorus 2:]
Enter the realm
The realm of the damned
Enter the realm
The realm of the damned

[Repeat chorus 2]

[Repeat chorus 1]

[Repeat chorus 2]

The realm of the damned
7. 1915 (4:09)
Face the west at sunset,
Hear the bugle's call
The spirit of the ANZAC code
Will live on in us all
At the dawn of each new day
Turn and face the east
Hail for those who died
Remember the deceased

No room to raise their rifles
Clamouring over sun stench corpses
In dark conditions they fought hard
With sword and fist

Prepare to charge
Fix bayonets
Clear your thoughts
No bullets
This is hand to hand combat
All hail... the legends of Lone Pine

The fighting raged relentlessly
Before the week was done
6000 more lay dead out in the sun
Blood spilt in the ridges
In the gullies in the trench
Stretcher man moved the wounded back...
Out of the stench

They fought hard with sword and bloodied fist [x4]
8. Resiliance (3:41)
The awareness, the drive of the mind
Possessed and self driven
A silence benign

Ride the winds of fate...
A burning deliverance
It's never too late

The hands of the maker
The hands of the true
What pleasures I feel, a thunderous image of doom
Ripped to pieces
An image sold through time
It's a fight it's a fight
But we are the first ones in line

[Repeat chorus x3]

Come on... taste blood

Solo: Hexx/Masochist

9. Strength Through Fear (3:54)
Lost in your mind nothing in sight
Preparing to enter your grave
Torn between the goddess of fate
The objectives which you had laid

Body and mind at ease
Men and women cry
This is the fate of one man's choice
To conquer or be slayed
Choose your death

Looking down on the empire's ruin
To the land of no turning back
The howling wind carries the voice of pain
Shattering the midnight sky


Strength through fear
The reaper's blade
Strength through fear...
The martyr's call, a hero's grave
Strength through fear
The reaper's blade
Strength through fear
The martyr's call, a hero's grave

Persecuted since his death
Lie on fucking lie
His portrait hangs in the gates of honour
An aura so widely admired


10. Outro (1:53)
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