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Goatwhore - A Haunting Curse cover art

A Haunting Curse

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsMetal Blade Records
Album rating :  83 / 100
Votes :  2
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A Haunting Curse Lyrics

Submitted by level DaveÅkerfeldt (2011-10-14)
1. Wear These Scars of Testimony (3:56)
Innocence inscribed in this crudeness of rites
Wounds worn by the heretics of light
Creation of hell-bound life
Thrill of this inversion
Majesty of leviathan
Ambitious within hell
Faultered with endless worship of neglect
Renounce this life in pain
Transform this intense self-allegiance with marks of descent
Seen through eyes of blasphemy
This soul will become one with the blade
This wake in testimonial acceptance of life's end
I am the doorway that opens unto the path of darkness
Drowning skin with ancient beliefs of selfless deceit
The hour of death is at hand
The sixth lock is opened
Engage this justice with streams of lifeless reject
This internal embrace within the confines of blood
Winds of stench upon this plain of the righteous
Whispering into the ears of deaf perversions
These chains of the undivine held by the right hand of the devil
To achieve this revelation of the self mutilated
The day that calls for mercy is denied with scorn of hate
Voices fall within the ghost of all memory
Engulf this lost soul in downfall of personal faith
Attained in violence
Prodigy of the four will be unleashed
Through arteries of agony's reign
Malevolence is endured within cycles of written resurrection
These wounds vomit the vital fluid that will raise the curse of blasphemy
The air filled lungs of this offering are inhaled by carrion
Extraction in bleeding this loss
A scar that remains nameless is forged
Nocturnal in binding with this descent
Exchanging of fluid with hate
These channels of life now fade
Dead young from Judea will rise
Invoking this crudeness
This mark of Lucifer
Grasp of achieving
This comfort of entrance to hell
Seething blade savior
In this kiss of failure
Sinking below
Restraint of dark walls so I am confined
2. Bloodletting Upon the Cloven Hoof (3:29)
As blood stains soil underneath the rejects of the light
Everything that stands shall burn in fear of the dark lord
In this rage of storm I hear the pouring drops of blood
Entrance to these shadows of the devil
Towers of light fall into this endless abyss
As monoliths of black arise
This fear now bleeds the storm, like flames engulfed in darkness
Passing days of despair restless in these hours of suffering
These sharps claws of death yearn for this warm crimson touch
Swarms rage as demon hordes rip forth from my chest
Warm red streams explode beneath my hands
Moments closer to death to be swallowed into black
Embrace this deception for birthright in self-pain
Reborn as a shadow in the black inside the fires of hell
The bloodlettings of suicide flood onto the cold dark inside the mind
Drowning in the soft flames of hell within this the scent of decay
A voice of fire from within the sleep of shadow
This place of weeping for the children of the light
I am absorbed in the drowning of fire inside the catacombs of hell
Enslaved by the scythe of Azrael with hallowed souls
The thirteen now await the black serpents, bringer of death
These children of the light lie silent in the dark
This sea of blood for joining in spirit descent
Shroud of ruin within this scourge of bloodshed
Rage in tainted blood that blinds all of the light
Entrance to this embrace inside deception
Elegies of lament for the thirteen children of the dark
Lying still, Satan opens the dark
I embrace deceit, whispers unto the dark
Voices fall silent as ghosts of their screams
Throbbing pulse of this becoming as the blade cuts through flesh
Echoing this haunting curse of cloven whispers
I am the depths of hell
I call out from the blood
Up from the darkness
I call out from hell
I am dead in this world
A flood of death in blood
Commanding this death that light has bled
Abyss is open within me
I purge this sea of blood
Symbolized in agony through this praise of the blade
Awakening the Impure as we drink their blood in the name of the dark
Where I am drowned by the blood of hell
3. Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult (3:30)
Engraved in damnation
Beneath the shadow of submergence
We await this call to Armageddon
To arise in legions of war
Burn the holy words and carve my blasphemy into angel bone
A faith buried in fire where a cold tomb lies
This desire in murdering the slaves of Christ
Sound the horn to winter's plague
Storm of one hundred years to be forged by tidal waves
Flesh bound by the rites of demon lords
Diversity in divine
Submerged in a countless death of winter
Encryption of the damned
A haunting curse to celebrate this chaos
Whispers in rites of blood
Metal and flesh are joined for spell
Bathed in flames of the serpent
Invoked on this day of hell
Rising legion raised for war
Confines of chains in heaven's fall
The dead climb sky preparing this invasion
This inferno of souls rise from the cold lake of hell
An embrace of suffering in transcendence
In birth of the knowledge of evil
The black heart, in honor of the fallen
Conquer all that deny
My screams fill the timeless skies
A torture harsh and beautiful
Skinless souls placed as markers in possessive praise of hell's firstborn
Obedience in conjuration of swallowed souls
Trapped in eternal sleep below this surface
Courting death at the hands of fools, lost in silence
Awaken in spoken words of the evoking art
Burn all remorse upon your cold pale flesh
Give to me your blood like a sacrament
Enigmatic force of deception
This order of the formless
Born from black decree
Pestilence, in the form of storms
To drown the armies of the holy
4. My Eyes are the Spears of Chaos (2:37)
Transfused in these rites of my veins
Design of drowning the first born son of man
Hands of cold and empty condemning in bastard choice
These teeth of heresy speak of promised ruin
Bow before my vengeance
I am masked for death in rage of this worship of disease
In red skies my words are weapons of hell
Conjuration through this death of falling skies
Hatred swarms this lethal rage
This vision repulsed within guidance
Vulgar temptation in hands of two
These scars are worm as praise
Soft breast of virgin's touch
Deceit in the birth of lust
Adultery of the serpent has brought forth the birth of rape
Arise in anointed skin of chaos
Seething the priceless warmth of the butchering of god
Sickness returns in this baptized pool
Unholy rise in spear of lies
This blood pours from the rib of man
Empty oceans of drowned souls filter into the veins of god
Corrupt this bloodline to taint the righteous birth
Commence the worship of the sick
For this black sky shall vomit forth the dark
Arise from carcass of god
Chaos breaths in deathlike silence
Vision of war in desire
Eyes swallow all that deny
5. In the Narrow Confines of Defilement (4:52)
Devourment of ghost
Sacrifice in homage to reject this mercy
Cruelty to consume the vitality beneath the flesh
Legacy of the funeral
Allow this body of the soulless to be raised as great gate
Channeling the chambers of blood to bring his rebirth
Shaping this myth within a lunatic's mind
No forgiveness attained
Alive within this altar of flesh
Forever to be this restraint in promised pain
Veins are emptied and embalmed with the appetite of betrayal
Speechless lips are removed to invoke the words of the dead
Infestation of belief that promised broken lies
These ties with the unholy came true before these eyes
Take these hands of betrayal and succumb to the defiance of death
Lying in the arms of the sick, kissing this seduction of spilling blood
The reality in promised faith now lies imprisoned in dark shrines
Breathing out these streams of blood, this horror grows inside
These fears await the butcher's knife
On wings of steel a soul will rise
Methods of enslaving of the absolute
For the degrading of eternity
Blessed in the grasp of desecrated rites
This fearless journey to resurrect
Upon countless years we've died
Etched scars in the skin of the attained
The lifeless reborn once again
Addiction in this infernal flame
Surface this unclean soul as mouths of the underworld speak through wounds
The regeneration of silenced pureness is strangled by intestines
In halls of the confined this silence dies
By avenging screams seeds of life cease
Amnesty in the corrupt
This black consumes the mind
The paleness of the eyes
This sight is content in submergence
Emerged from stripped flesh
Arise from the shell of god
Flood waters of the baptized engulfing life to give birth to the cold of hell
Self indulgence in the creation of perverse fear
Hands now made tools of surgery
Sinister ways of salvation
Dissection of this savior
Released from the calling of sighs
Succumb to this arrogance in these words that dominate
Blood runs beneath these eyes
Entrance to the skull we find sickness of life
Now march to the sounds of funeral cries
6. Forever Consumed Oblivion (3:46)
Imperfection inherent
This disorder in creation of life
Within this endless reign
Vision of lost words rise
Black god to raise hate in veins of the apocalypse
Holocaust of this testament in perceived idea of doom
The left hand of darkness shall bring this final redemption
Conspiracy in the offerings shall ring in horns of requiem
The principle power of deception in tainting the idol's blood
Held in this testimony for the opening of revelation
Unleash the revenge
Bound in the inverted rites
Raise the great wargate in promise of the fallen ones
Adorned in rank through dark incantations, marching forth
Disfigure in abstract reason
Embrace the blind god
Suspension of this balance will break and fall
Be the sword of evil in dissecting of this praise of mercy
Monumental torture within the halls of the cleansed
Perverse in this exploration of a medium absorbed in fear
This lifeless blasphemy will assume the form of wrath
An arousing repulsion to this spirited resistance
This desolate becoming
In attaining this oblivion
This force of hell
Great heavens will burn
Bastard in praise with tainted thought
Creation in death
Bound in nails
Great crown of razors
This truth bathed in lies
Fascination of the compelling terror that lies within dark hearts
Warning of the coming horsemen
These revelations will bring sacrifice
Chained under the earth
The judgment of rebirth
Arise from flame and blood
Revolt of descent
Rebellion in swarms
Dying forgiveness for unanswered prayers
7. A Haunting Curse... (4:26)
Consume the resolve of wrath
In essence we will soar on great flame in the fall of the holy
Scratched out marks in blood
These grainy images in the chambers of perception
Inside the emptiness of this black vision
Agony within masturbations of the devil
The chatter of white noise is calling
Enter the loathing of tortured souls
With fear came thunder
Where the soil is red as blood
A voice of fire screams from the abyss
This book of the witch's hammer to provoke this raven deluge
Broken steps of the ladder in reversal of attainment
As locusts swarm from madness
Necromantic recollection of existence
Forty legions are cleansed in the imprecation of ancient tongues
Transmissions from the empire of evil spirits
Entity of dark faith to succumb to the murders of unlikely prayer
Great harbinger seduced from foreseen malediction
Outside perception of unleashed evil
Curious in the restraints of the blackness in hope
Raise the prodigy to ensnare with hateful thought
Future of slaved angels encased in ribcage tombs
Crawling in devout worship of starless contempt
Great one engulfed in forever dream
Releasing all the sorrows of mankind
Merciless in sleep of this ashen existence from soundness of death
Proclaim the attraction of this sinister treason
Conformed by the five Satans outside these chambers of reason
Defile the consciousness beneath this frame of pristine balance
Troubled ceremony in hopes to speak through the underworld
Teachings of horror induced in the overbearing of an ideal
Bloodless execution in the attributes of divinity
Within the hour of death spirits gather in dormant curse
Unrest in the expulsion of possessed as eyes are closed
Blackout this existence
In possession of the soul
Enter this nightmare
8. Silenced Marked by the Breaking of Bone (4:05)
Solitude of this elevation brought into the levels of hell
Corpse of these great demons comes earth and sky
Lecherous in these accounts of wisdom
Bearing weight of masters shall bear curse
Endurance in perdition without sufferance
Contradiction in swallowed ruin of the defying
These reflections observed in fault of past with sin
Inscribed in the intersection of these inferior deities
Renounce the arcane lore of this disregard
Closing these seals in reverence to the storm god
Subliminal sorcery to emanate this force of chaos
Observe the destruction of the superstitious
Contest to the snakes of Algol
Abhor the stone filled sight
Eclipsing evil spirit of smokeless fire
Implosive to the soul collide in vain
Fiend of the esoteric to immerse in vortex
Vessels of transmutation for the ancient ones
Destructive forces within genesis of evil
Hurled into polar constrain unified in this immune anguish
This frozen atrophied sun has its namesake on this oblivion
Diabolic in eternity
Abominate this prophecy
Dishonor the snakes with eyes of a marble gaze
Kept alive in the embrace of fear beneath this silence
Elements in this reform of malevolent indifference
Conspiracy of eternal compassion crushed by misguided souls
Delusion in form lies the vile truth in secrecy of hell
Perversions of mercy to bare mark of the necrophile
Anthem in this desecration for the infection in grace
Pandemonium will reach neglect of the forgiveness of man's soul
Intercession, these cursed hands will have no cause for god
Hallowed effigy, everlasting in truth of the slayer of Christ's whore
9. Diabolical Submergence of Rebirth (3:22)
This holy swine in slaughter, profane in consecration
Potent words of the nocturne cause the fall of faith
Whore of sin to be washed away
Watery grave for the birth of plague
Burial of ideal with war and blood
Worms from graves shall be born by flood
Spoken words of the final war at hand
Mouth of plague inhaling demise of peace
Procession in cold blood
Cursed hands of condemned
Desolate waking loss of breath casting this mold of man's death
Bound to this eternity of shame
Embrace the blood, black witch god
Mouth of plague exhaling wrath
Scathing grace, unclean leach god
Before the age when man was blind
This urge of life was repressed by the light
Now evil has made its claim
With blood of virgin's grace
Lustful taste in venom of this flame
Feed my rage in rapture of pain
Awakening slumber of the beast
Worship in blood this great plague as tears are turned to stone
Left kneeling to this inversion of grace
Consume this word of deceit
Cold of sky to be the hand of cursed decay within a silenced tomb
Feverish mold to be cast beneath the layers of rotting earth
The blood fills chambers of the lungs
Stifling these last prayers
Suffocate in embrace of tainted life
Cold lips of spoken witchery
Outer shell removed from the flesh
The true offering revealed
Legacy in this game of thorns
Transition of birthing a sick king
Forgiveness embraced as this noose is placed around my neck
Salvation in failure condemns this soul to eternal black
Venom seeps into the garden of god tainting this birth of grace
Now lost to hell's hate these wrists shall welcome this escape
Bastard in waking this scourge of storm from god
Hellion to immerse in flood formed from the righteous
Forging this worship to arise
In this awakening of the emergence of the vile
Vengeful cries
Arise from hate
10. ...Of Ashen Slumber (0:56)
Escape the lethal teeth of faith
This snarling mouth that bleeds words of this darkness
A binding obsession for the last grasp of air
Procession in plagued blood below this horizon
Embrace this stain of un-divine
Torture of sickness in consumed
Helpless in offering of this confession
Kiss of this lifeless transfer
Escape these rites of the sky
These torn wings of the defied
Force this silent murder of spoken praise
Beneath the regions of cold and flame
Birthed from cold blood
Symbolism of tainted thought in blood filled eyes
Sinister laugh of disfigured ideals, these hands were bound by nails
My lips are glazed with words of rebirth in praise of death
I grasp for air in the submergence of my own sin
Clinical silence for the seed of disease
Prelude to self divine assassination
Breathless in ruin by the force of havoc
Crawl with thorns adorned in punishment
Hallucinogenic transfer in the precursor to hell
The dark god and his desire whisper in transcendence
Worship in slave tongue, cold breath of the flame
These scorns of reincarnating the black void
Rust covered blades of this atonement
The modeling of pain for torturers
Hell's architecture of the human mind
These hands were once drowned in blood
Redeem this desecration
Soaring on wings of despise, divine image burns my eyes
Sinister hands of restructure, feverish mold cast in flame
Bodies descend in sky of death, cruelty of disease shall swallow breath
Trial beneath great lake of ice, forsaken lives of sin in sacrifice
I give into the embrace of agony
I am sinless within my own sin
Accommodate this pain to preserve myself
I must bleed my own infection of the light
These burning wings of failure for this helpless prayer savior
This breath of sulfur before death in altered divinity of wrath
Legion in mirror like creation, carrier of the great plague
I kneel for this final redemption, failing in countless sick prayers
The hand of war raised from the blood of the fallen angels
This skinned god of empty souls birthing disorder
An altar of suicide in this timeless torment
Current of life lost swallows me, inhaling my breath
11. I Avenge Myself (4:16)
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