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Funeral Oration - Sursum Luna cover art

Sursum Luna

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
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Sursum Luna Lyrics

Submitted by level 21 록스타
1. Beltane's Night (7:47)
Down the meanders of myself
to be mirrored in my soul
I have seen the ancients
I am ready to receive and possess the knowledge
order born of chaos to end in chaos destined to raise new order
this is the eternal strain that balances the cosmic forces
the eternal strain that makes human beings vibrate
I know and dream in absolute secretness
and finally born my inner flame of extreme devoutness
I need to run along my way

my life complies with the Moonsky - Diana-Ishtar Nana-Lilith
the great goddess triumphant bestower of joys
with her meantalions and grace

She's my goddess
the goddess of the ancient age
the overthrow of opression the pride of the looser
my life complies with the corpse of the sun
Lucifer the morning Star the first opposition the birth of life
I've reached my inner peace the life I always sought
a long calvary into the imagination
mirrored in reality

the journey has now begun into the parallel dimension
2. Pregnant Whore (3:45)
I drink the last drop of your blood
I licked your breasts lacerated by my bites
I kissed your palpitant vulva
I wide your mouth with my hands
my tongue on your body sharp like a razor blade

My atheism turns into cruel iconoclasty
my turgid glandis caress Our Lady's face
if only she could groan with me - from that cold recess

Pregnant wh*re: the fruid of your womb I'll devour

Oh - I'd f**k you in a church
in order to be close to God
Christ, motionless upon his cross
will be present at our embrace

Pregnant wh*re: the fruit of your womb I'll devour
his heart and your - mother
I'll offer to the Lord - Virgin Mary!

We'll moisten the altar with sperm and blood
angels will be there to watch
smell of incense inebriates our bodies
the echo of our cries resound in the gloomy chapel

Pregnant wh*re: name of all saints
I invoke for our glory - oh mother - in front of your Lord
Pregnant wh*re: if Christ was alive on that cross
he fled away with horror and disgust
or came to take delight himself
inside you - pregnant wh*re
3. Intermezzo I (0:55)
4. Me A Morte Libera Domine (5:07)
Domine - me a Morte libera
pro sanctum ex tuis plagis profusum sanguinem
per mundi custodum deum voluptatem

Domine - me a Morte libera
deus me omnibus leva vexationibus
hoc cruciatum corporem ex torrente igne serva

Domine me a morte libera - laus tibi et tuae sanctae sedi

Deus me aegritudine leva
meam praccationem accipe
Agnus Dei animum meum ex dolore serva
tua manu mihi lacrimas deterge
5. Intermezzo II (1:09)
6. The Age Of Apotheosis (4:15)
Before the beginning of time
nothing was written yet
the desiples of darkness
chose the rival in the god of black arts

angels started falling
every word was a law printed on the endless iced desert
everything is still locked into the right hand

the forces that created and ruled the universe
are the origin and everything now
the fall of heaven will torment the prayers
then he will rise on his throne over everyone

lead by the strength and the power
of the sacred thelema's breed
he will be back on Golgotha
and will be crucified again

surmounting everything and everyone
he will burn into the depth
the malevolent angels
sacrified by chaimed lies
in the name of nothing and none

he will split the sky red of blood
drying the sea of falsness
pacifying the wind of pain
extinguishing the flames of the vulgar age
his strength be the obsession
the torment of the body
the souls and the mind of the deceiver

that year the rival strong and cruel
will do the atrocious sacrifice
the atrocious vengeance of the snake out of the depths

in the heaven wide open will be our salvation
the power and the reign of the master - Satan
will the god of falsness be expelled
the accuser of our brothers

good and evil life and death
will come to him and only him
everything will be back ours
7. Intermezzo III (0:47)
8. Sursum Luna (Funesta Trilogia) (9:26)
Act I
"Vexilla reis Prodeunt Inferni"
(Dante Alighieri, Inferno canto XXXIV v 1)

Sollicite atri c**t equites
soli in luscas vestes eos cernere possunt equi
magnam stellam et auream in pectore intextam
et longum secundum laterem pendentem gladium gerunt equites

nulla vox per longum atque operosum iter nulla suspiria nulla laboris signa
mortis ultionisque odorem secum ferens in numerum cursu non remittit
a tergo - longi amictus et pulvis et extinctio
ante cos- terribilis et obscure appropinquat silva sursum luna !
aridis frondibus tecti, strepentibus
et veteribus fuscis innixi cupressis
circum tenuem ignem quiestant equites
in nitidos truncos lunae candidum permanat lumen
quod Inannac nocturnum basiat regnum
mirum ardet tus in vetusti arboris radicibus
et ebriam facit frigidain acrem et acutam
Paucum horarum iam Roinam ab atroce ultione dividet
per magnum strigarum deum - priscum bicornem
vitam noctuabundi quites summe cum gaudie canite
ad Pani deo capro reddendum risum - mundi lucem !

Act II
(Fredegonda - 6th Cent. a.c.)

Maleficis oculis femina principes necans - venefica
ei ipse regius comes, cum sua acie Durfindana dedere coactus
cius conspectu territi lentius equi currunt

sicut necabat ita illam necesse ferminam necar !
Sic infernorum equites
quamquam a Pullac furiae magicis viribus saucii latigatique
cam deprehendere valucrunt
cam, cum inversam ligavissent in magni ignis radicibus cremaverunt
niger capillus promissus ardebat ardebant flammis incensi oculi.

"Cultrum quem sub veste abditum habebat in corde deligit
prolapsaque in vulnus moribunda cecidit" (T.Livius)

Ignis sacer - Patriae amoris imago lar familiaris
pro hoc pulchra sanguinem proludit Lucretia (Lucretia 6th cent.b.c.)

Lucretia antiquae Urbis maiestas
ex iniuria cripere suam memoriam calumnieac relinquere potebat
9. Intermezzo IV (1:11)
10. Stigmata (3:26)
11. Intermezzo V (1:25)
12. Pagan Joy (7:34)
13. Finale (0:51)
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