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Frostmoon Eclipse - Another Face of Hell cover art

Another Face of Hell

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Another Face of Hell Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas
1. I Hate the Future (6:10)
[Music: Claudio, Lyrics: Gionata 2004]

Channelling the essence of pain
Going deeper through the abyss of desolation...
Everyone can come back from where I'm going to
Everyone can understand what is lurking down there
An age of misfortune
We left everything we had in this sad world behind

No love, no hate, no misunderstandings
The revelation has begun

I am the voice of the damned
An endless night I've become
Why should I think to the future?
Fate forgot me years and years ago.

No love, no hate, no misunderstandings
The revelation has begun

Don't give me answers I won't hear
Give me nothing at all
Time is something you should fear
It keeps an eye wide open on everything

Time shall tell the truth, time shall reveal the wrath
Irreverence, confusion and disgusting creeds
Wounds are getting larger and bleeding
Hate is growing out stronger day by day

Why should I think to the future?
Fate forgot me years and years ago.

Just one thing I'm sure of
Once I was different
Once everything was different
Now hate is devouring me deep inside
2. Violating the Obvious (5:17)
[Music: Claudio, Lyrics: Gionata 2004/2005]

I tried to feel myself safe
In this world full of hope
But I just feel cold

I tried to be someone else
And being raped by consciousness
It was greyness inside

I just remember, some need to an end
Some hunger and will to die

Incessant and magnificent
The beats of death are upon us
A macabre rhythm in black
A miserable loneliness

Skeletons are playing skulls
Drums made of human skins
Coldness and anger
Are smelling death aside
Triumphant melodies of torture
Rumbling endless nightmares
The entrance of heaven
Breathing the light of day

Breathing the light of day

No words to say, no sounds to play
Their beat is sweet and lovely

Lonely as twilight's brightness
Light is lighting these empty skulls

Breathing the light of day
3. Disinterest (5:20)
[Music: Claudio, Lyrics: Gionata 2006]

Everything starts from the end
The bleeding symphony of chaos
A crack through the heart and the soul
There is no way out of here

This is just another face of hell
A place where answers become questions
The inversion of light and dark upon us
Reality modified its own existence
You won't recognise the places you once loved

This is just another face of hell
A place where strength is beaten down by fear
A sinister corner that sight can't touch
This is the face of the hell you fear
The dark memories of your nightmares

You can't escape from yourself
Your closed eyes will never be enough

I will eat your disinterest

The dark never sleeps, the dark will never stop
Praying your God won't be enough
4. Cold (1:34)
5. Elusion of Sorcery (4:45)
[Music: Claudio, Lyrics: Gionata 2006]

Transcending into foreigners
A black scorpion full of poison
Shy water just wants to meet strong flames
Have you ever seen the night when the sun is high in the sky?

Illusion of a vision compromised
Elusion of a life that once was
The circumstances of a violent rapture
Dust to dust and flesh to rust
Have you ever seen the night when the sun is high in the sky?

Elusion of sorcery
Burning human dysentery
When water falls
Fire burns eternally

To see the truth compromised with lies
To condemn ourselves to this world of misery

A limb of fury instead of me
The joyous feeling of hatred
Making pulse deeper down the veins
Decrepitude has condemned to revitalise
Your curses are called emotions
Have you ever seen the night when the sun is high in the sky?
6. Fury of the Elements (4:29)
[Music: Claudio, Lyrics: Gionata 2006]

I was one with the stars
I was one with the earth
I'm cutting my flesh with mirrors
Cause I see blood reflecting twice on me

Scratching the flesh until bones come out
Dripping the blood colouring the ground
When rage becomes self destruction
This corner it's the best place I could die in

I am the abyss
A malignant erupted scar
That reminds the body a sad story

Every morning much more painful and cold
A bleak sign on your face
The severe chosen destiny of thoughts

I bleed from inside to the outside
Bleed just hunger and a will to change
I can't survive my mistakes
I'm holding on my vengeance blazing through

The world you knew is dancing with the abyss
7. Purveyors of Chaos (4:03)
[Music: Claudio, Lyrics: Gionata 2006]

A dish best served cold
I still have the smell of blood on my hands
God gave him life and I took it for myself
With the longest pain and turmoil

I didn't want to end him like this
I had more painful plans
Vengeance is the uncompromised essence
Of the creatures like me

He was looking at me, scared
He just wanted to understand, why
He wanted to live and let live, once
I took it all, just for me
8. Black Rain (2:00)
9. Let Me Die Alone (4:56)
[Music: Claudio, Lyrics: Gionata 2006]

A nature that calls on her arms
The vision of never-ending landscapes
The majesty of emptiness in your eyes
You are the right one that wither every day

As the wheels are drifting by
As the ravens cross the sky
I'll die in your eyes, every time more
Or maybe not...

If I could only make things twice
Repair the fool thickness of the past
Once you told me that I was born free
But I was never born
10. Drowning Within the Eclipse (6:30)
[Music: Claudio, Lyrics: Gionata 2006]

Intoxicated by the positive view of life
My body has already started to rust
I feel old and my will went by
I'm drowning within the eclipse

The instinct to decay
I'm drowning within the eclipse
I'm tired of being here and breath the air
I'm drowning within the eclipse
The longest and coldest journey has just begun
I'm drowning within the eclipse
The end of the story is now
I'm drowning within the eclipse

I thought I was in the morning but I still see the night on me
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