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Forgotten Sunrise - Willand cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDoom Metal, Industrial Metal
LabelsMy Kingdom Music
Album rating :  -
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Willand Lyrics

Submitted by level 록스타 (2017-07-26)
1. I (03:28)
2. Ropelove (05:00)
Fast changes
Different faces
Flashback of the dying time
Try to look for a place where
You can hide your sins & crimes

I decided how to kill you
I decided why to make you wanna die
Through the mind to hang you high
How can I know
Are you dead or just so cold ?

Good bye - Enough for me
Feel - the pain is real
Cry out - Pain, sweet pain
Drive me insane

The green & red
It all turns black for you
The hard-bleeding blood
Fills your sacred wounds

A half-hour of the unreal seven
Dark powers from the other side
Stairs to nowhere
Straight to heaven
The reality you`ll never find
3. Lo-Fi PPL In The Fade-Out World (05:11)
I have to see the light with my skin
Coz I cannot open my eyes
The world is too dirty
I prefer to be blind

It`s the same – A night and a day
The sun will never shine
To heal the people`s pain
To feel the shame every time

Lo-Fi people in the fade-out world
This progressive freakshow has no return

My ears can`t hear what you hear
I deserve nothing to listen to
There`s no sound in my world
Only mute melodies of truth
4. Nextep Suicide (04:41)
Gratefully sad, but still believing
The hard times never die
Haunting high in the grand dad`s temple
Spreading the plague in the devil`s sign

Sailing, drowning
Sailing again
In between the right and wrong
Along the life your run is standing

You`re not that strong
For any understanding
The way you have to take
Is too long

Wake up the darkness
May I feel the things you felt?
Hold down your madness
Don`t you remember the day I melt?

We lock your soul
Deep into your body
So, it`s far behind
It`s harder to find

Long live! – Deep depression
Next step – Suicide

You`re not that strong
For any understanding
The way you have to take
Is too long

Make up the sadness
The way I see the times that failed
Hold down your madness
Why did you catch me when I fell?
5. Dead Le Gends A Mong The Living (04:55)
Through the darkness
I come to catch your soul
For hide into the deepest hole

Back to the devil
Return to the roots
Beyond good and evil
Without self-made rules

You - Did it once
You - Did it twice
You - Did it on your own choice

You - Got one
You - Got two
You - Got three...
...drops to live eternally

It`s getting harder
Day by day
Please, let me suck
Your pain away

Why should I wait?
Keep the power - Concentrate!
Don`t waste the time
The fate shouts loudly - Dominate!

I`m a little sadness
Surrounded by delight
I`m a little light
Drowned into the darkest night
6. Prophylactic EUthanAsia (05:38)
Beware of the organs' final mode
Include the forms that never blow
Blastfuck the feelings into mind
To break the rules of mankind

See my dreams
There`s something for anyone
As much as we
Deserve to be
Closed bullet in my open mind

Just a little motherfucker in my body
Keeps me down & calls me honey
Radiation overdose leaves me lying on the ground
(Underneath the underground)
Push me out and let me go

Prophylactic euthanasia
For the people I hate
Flesh off and bones to burn
To create another state

See my dreams
There`s something real for anyone
As much as we
Deserve to be
Closed bullet in my open mind

See my dreams
There`s nothing left to see
As much as we
Deserved to be
Open bullet in my closed mind
Dead meat anyway
7. Christ Your Name (06:37)
The hate I feel
Will change your fate
These lies you mean
We´ll desecrate

The rubber heaven
The plastic hell
Nobody wants
Your handmade god you sell

The mind should crush
Your wicked race
The world would be
A better place

The flame is growing
You´ll burn in shame
I blame you - sucker
For Christ your name
8. Manyone (04:47)
9. Very De:p Shortgut (05:07)
Erasing all the memories
Cutting out the past
Seeing only the future
I can`t escape so fast

A reason to live
That`s all I got
Nothing to give
Refresh to forget

Cut me
Paste me
Save me from
What I am

Delete my file
Shut down the system
Restart my life that failed

Push the knob
Pull the trigger
Stop this world
With your middle finger
10. Hero-In-Gre:npiece (05:02)
The funeral parade is now
I´m forgetting my mind

Cry - I laugh my cry

Snowman is dying - please forgive him
Blown-up bears are dancing - don`t hurt ´em

White - but why?
Light - at least never!

Yellow cemetery moved to the moon again
A wind is whispering to me
That he is closed by fantasy
Clean my soul

Sometimes candles burn without fire
If you can only believe in it
Get stoned and fly a little higher
To kiss with Mary Jane
And Love So Dark desires
11. The Ownle: Noise (05:47)
Is a treeless forest a forest ?
Does a handicapped brain not fade ?
Can`t percive if life is a sketch
Or truly so timelessly crazed

If you go, go all the way to the end
Creep over yourself, like a coward descend

Striving carefully for nothing
Bored in silence as the only noise
I yawn low, I yearn slow
I believe and I think and regret
What ? – Doesn`t make any difference

Stop, leave it, unfinished path
This meaningless perfect lifespan
Leave scared as the one who knows less
Return less than incomplete, featureless
12. 0 (15:28)
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