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Fog - Through the Eyes of Night... Winged they Come cover art



Through the Eyes of Night... Winged they Come

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsDark Horizon
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Through the Eyes of Night... Winged they Come Lyrics

Submitted by level DaveÅkerfeldt (2011-05-29)
1. Intro (0:40)
2. In Magnificent Glory (7:26)
Hidden away, enthralled silenced sleep
Dreaming, lying dormant chaos

Hear the thunderous hooves from below,
Of one thousand hooves from below,
Rising up through the darkness
Waking to fulfill true destiny
To destroy all that is holy

Smashin the sky
Splitting wide the starvault
Forward into battle
To conquer the flesh

Shedding this mortal skin
To set free our dark plague
To slay the ones who oppose

Surrounded by violence fury and death
We shall stand as the darkness prevails
Crushing the essence of purity
Iron and steel are forged of the blood

Completed the transformation
Doorways to unforseen dark dimensions
Unlocked to unleash cloven hordes

Take heed what shall come to pass
It has been forseen
Through ancient writs of prophecy
Winged legions rise in blasphemy
It has been forseen

Burning star of satans might
The open eye of portal of flight
Time and space colide
It has been forseen

Flaming winds of lunar frost
Scorch the earth as we destroy
Casting darkness upon this world
It has been forseen

We shall rule in darkness
Killing to feed the burning desire
Triumphant frozen kingdom
It has been forseen

Hordes of darkness united by hatred
Awakened from our timeless sleep
Released from centuries of torment
Seeking revenge

Legions of sacrilege
Enter thy kingdom og worldly flesh
To destro all that is holy

Legions of sacrilege
Enter thy kingdom of worldly flesh
To destroy all that is holy

Magnificent in our glory
Demonic fog flourishes the face of the earth
Chaos torment pain

The mortal flesh of this world
Lies scattered, burnt and destroyed

Magnificent in our glory
Riding on fury and venegance
And shall fall trampled under cloven hooves
3. By This Axe We Rule (6:28)
Arctic cove which breeds our hidden lair
Across the sea of thousand swords
Wolven clan prepare for war
Wanderers of thy outer darkness
Set sail

All shall fall unto me
By this axe I rule
Frostbitten fury
As we cross the winter sea

Conquest on every shore
No armor fends our steel
Swords and axes bloodstained red
Legions of iron and steel
4. The Leech Within (7:33)
I can sense the changes occuring in me
Ever so slowly running it's course
I can feel it's venom
Burning within my blood

Crawling through my veins
Consuming my soul
I can feel it

Crawling through my veins
Consuming my soul
And I know with the seasons change
So shall I

As the memories of my life fade away
With each pasng moment
I am losing my mortality
My being my mind
Overcome by unquenchable thirst
And so it shall be

Granted the gift of immortality
With the passing of a single touch

The leech now assumes control
I can fell it
I am the one with darkness

Inflitrating my body
Binding us together forever
Blending us together forever
Blending who I am
With the parasite inside

Emotions die as the thirst grows stronger
Driven now by the instinct to kill
To satisfy the hunger

Passed through generations
Since the beginning of time
The lurker in the shadows
Waiting to strike

Unholy bonds of evil
Meshed with human flesh
Impure creation of the night set free

I can sense the changes occuring in me
Ever so slowly running it's course
I can feel it's venom
Burning within my blood

Not of this world
From dimensions unseen
A greater power
Of ancient knowledge and wisdom

The leech from a far has planted it's seed
I have been chosen

The first taste of crimson
Begins the craving
The hunger insatiable

Now overwhelming to the point
Of this mortals insanity
We are one
We are one

Tenthousand years have passed
In What seems to be an infinate instant
Bound and chained in shallow grave
Waiting for this moment to be reborn

The first taste of crimson
Begins the carving
The hunger insatiable

Now set free unholy resurrection
Satanis powers granted unto me
Extracting secrets
Known only to the dead
To sharpen the skills on necromancy

Killing to sustain infinate life
Blood is the power eternal
5. Whispered Myths (Of Ancient Times) (4:51)
Deep in selcusion
Away from the light
Amidst the beasts
Of this forest of darkness

Forgotten slumber
Enthroned in stone
Remembered not
Lost in time

In eternal slumber
Forbidden agony
Enchanted echo of time long ago
Existing still

Whispered myths
The whaling of this forest breeze
Lost souls of long ago
Never to return

The sun extinguished
Never to rise again
The sleepers will awaken
6. Through The Eyes Of Night Winged They Come (8:29)
Long are the shores of this sunless sea
Infinite darkness lurking

Astral path of infinity
Carved into the essence of time

Gaze upon their featureless horror
Prowling the gates of infinity

From beyond the throne of satan
Through the eyes of night winged the come

Stars align the infinite void
Drawing the tides of the coming eclipse
Hordes from the heart of this lunar winter
Agless, formless, and without face

Surrounded by darkness
Burning the nightsky
Throug the eyes of the night
They take flight

Celestial ancients
Imperical majesty
From beyond the throne of satan
They shall rule inherit the earth

The earth
Inherit the earth
The earth

Through the eyes of the night
Winged they come
Devournig the earth
And eternity
7. In The Sorrow Of A Crimson Sea (6:57)
Since time of old
It has been written
It shall come of darkness
The end of humanity is drawing near

Mere mortal flesh
Shall not stand the test of time
Upon mankind a horrible fury is unleashed

Wings of scale shall carry the messenger
The sickelss of the ancient shall swing
Flooding the earth
Drowning all existence
In the sorrow of a crimson sea

All life shall end
When ancient blood spills upon the earth
While quenching the thirst
Of thy elder blade

Unholy serpent rides above the clouds
Severing the heads of all marked by the beast
Master of the seven spells
Cast forth from hell
And the innocent are slain

Surfacing up from the great depths below
Reaching out consuming all
Horned beast of blackend hate
No longer harbored

Dark demons of apocalyptic deliverance
Rising from this crimson sea of darkness
Baptizing in flames
Lost souls of mankind

Crusading only to conquer
Onward we sail
quest never ending
We superior race of men
I raise my chalice ad toast to thee

Set forth unholy quest
We fee the earth the blood of our enemies
Searching all lands delivering death
Enslavement of those blessed to surivive

fall to worship thy steel

Sword and axes bloodstained red
No armor fends our steel
Crushing all with an iron fist
Onward we sail forevermore
8. The Storm Unholy (7:24)
Dark and endless stare of sister moon
Looking down from upon her throne
Ablaze in full and majestic bloom
Burning cold

Weeping tears of blood wrath and vengeance
Seething destructive embrace of fury
Elders od silent knowledge awaken
Lusting for war craving destruction

Unholy hordes will rise to destroy
Within the bitterness of freezing winds
Sister moon her halo ablaze
Looks upon the frozen wasteland

Winterspirits breath drives the snows of the storm
The darkness spreads her wings

Greezing flames
Scorch and consume
Marching armies
Of cold demonic hate

Mirrored image
Frozen celestial gaze
Astral constellation
Of darkness and doom

Unlocked are the gates of time and space
Sister moon rides upon her warthrone

Warm serene embrace of death
Calm the eye of the storm
Swirling vortex of infinate souls
Tormented forever now set free

The storm unholy

Dark and endless stare of sister moon
Looking down from upon her throne
Ablaze in full and majestic bloom
Burning cold

The storm unholy
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