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Even Vast - Hear Me Out cover art

Hear Me Out

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresGothic Metal
LabelsBlack Lotus Records
Album rating :  -
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Hear Me Out Lyrics

Submitted by level DaveÅkerfeldt (2011-05-28)
1. Never Hear Me (5:41)
You can't control this
-a neverending pain-
You never cared too mach
About me man
You cannot stand this
-but I'm shaking off my chains-
You don't like to see this
New light in my eyes
No veils on my face
No fears in my mind
And now I'm used to lokking you
Fixedly in the eyes
And I swear to myself
You'll never hear me say:

"I feel so lonely tonight
And I wish that I could die
Too much cold is this place
And I think I won't survive
I feel badly hurt tonight
Cannot really stand this pain
Too many tears are in my eyes
I need love to make them wiped"

But I say you are foolish
If you do think that I can be
Such a stupid
And you cannot forget this
'Cause I'm taking my first steps
To a new life
You consumed my emotions
Treading on them as if
Nothing were the matter
I can't tell you how long I've suffered
But it helped me
In getting stronger
Now I swear there's something
You will never hear me say
Swear something you will never hear me!
2. Once Again (6:51)
Im trying to forgive myself
For every slip I made
But everything reminds me them
Trying to forget the past
To put the things apart
Why don't you try to realize
I'm dying deep inside again
This time will be the last one
But you don't understand me
Now I'm trying to find my way
And realize I have to try again

Tonight I'm changing
Feeling like never felt before
I am healing myself from every wound
I am getting hidden from shadozs no more

I've tasted the fear
On my knees I've stayed for years
And now I'm learning how to get free
Learning how to be
What you will never be
Now that you see
Who I am it's yours that fear
'Cause now I'm learning how to get free
Leaning how to be
What you will never be.
3. The One You Wish (6:06)
I don't want to forgive you
For all you have done
I don't want to believe you
Your time has come
I don't know if you care but
I won't be there
When you will get my response
With all of my rage, yeah!

I don't want to be the one you wish
I don't know why you still persist
In your stupid lies and nasty things
Don't know what to do with your apologies

It's time to wake up and open your mind
To a different way in living your life
Maybe you will realize that
I won't be longer the object of your lies

You know I am so tired
No longer I1ll resist
Just listening to your lies
Without really getting sick
You know my rage is growing
You know my hate is deep
I am so cold inside
And you're not the one I wish.
4. Foolish Game (5:53)
I feel down again
But you don't understand
'Cause you don't know
Who I am
You kill me
Before I can explain
How I feel inside
Against me
You turn
Indifferent to my pain
Indifferent to my tears
You kill me
You take my life away
You push me down
Against me
You turn
Indifferent to my pain
Indifferent to my tears

I don't know how to feel now
My mind is changing
I don't want to believe that
You kill
My feelings for nothing
I don't believe you will hurt me
'Cause I'm growing and changing
Anyway I won't let you
What I save from your foolish game

Nohing stays the same and nothing
will come back
But I don't forget you have hurt me
There's nothing left to fight for
No one to comply
With your wishes and with your absurdity.
5. Memories (4:20)
When I've closed my eyes
Not to see your face
And I've stopped to trust in you
Then I've plugged my ears
Not to hear your words
And I've guessed right you too
Had to face it out
With all of your force
But you couldn't know the truth
Yes I didn't open my heart to you
'Cause my heart is broken too

I won't be there
When memories will come back to you
And I won't be there
'Cause memories will come back for you.
6. Energy (4:24)
Touch me with your hands now
Let me feel these things
I never felt before
Look me in the eyes now
Let me see these things
I never saw before
Walk with me forever
Yeah, walk with me forever
I don't want more
Touch me with your hands now
Oh let me feel these things
I never felt before

Find the reason to believe in me
Find the nerve to tell me what you feel
I just wanna be the friend you need

You take me on
And I think
You will always be my

Energy and extasy, my energy

I need you to take me on
And I think
You will always be my

I never will forget your love
A strange emotion on my own
It comes from everything, you know
That's what you're giving me

I need you to
Take me on
And now I think you
Will always be
My secret dream 'cause
You badly won my soul
And now I think
You will always be my
Ebergy, and extasy.
7. Believe Me (5:40)
I believe in myself
I believe in my skills
All I have to do is to change my life
Living it in a better way
I can begin to dream again
Cleaning out my past from my mind

Wanna be somebody, yeah
Not living in the shade
Beginning to smile again, yeah
Now everything is alright
Everything in my life
Seems to be so fine
And if you don't believe me, baby
I don't care

I don't forget the eyes
Of a man who cried
For your stupid lies

I couldn't save my mind
I never had that chance
Here's nothing I can change
I have to try again.
8. RU (7:31)
I can feel you
With my hands I touch you
Oh my ru
Can't you feel me?
In your water can't you see
Like I do?
When I found you
For the first time I thought:

- You are my Ru -
Don't you know
That I left it all for you
My Ru
I can feel you
With my hands I touch you
Oh my Ru
'Cause you are my Ru

Now I feel
I have to flow away
In you
And I feel
I have to follow you
My Ru
Yes I feel
I need to flow away in you.
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