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Emmure - Goodbye to the Gallows cover art



Goodbye to the Gallows

TypeStudio Full-length
LabelsVictory Records
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Goodbye to the Gallows Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2012-04-21)
1. A Ticket For The Paralyzer (0:50)
2. 10 Signs You Should Leave (3:19)
You know it's all a game.
That we play back and forth.
I leave. You chase.
And were back to square one.
We were not mean to be.
And I tried my best to work it through.
I asked my friends "what should I do?"
Their only advice was leaving you.
But I'm glad I did.
Or at least that's what I tell myself.
I swear to God I never would of known
Your face or your name.
If everyday is a constant reminder you're a:
Whore, liar, ghost, harlet.
And it's sad to say, that
I still cry to the Bayside CD everyday.
Don't you know that those songs are about you?
Check tracks 8 and 9.
Then call me back.
You ask me "when is it over?"
Over? This isn't over till I say it's over.
Back to Square one.
Come On
3. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong (3:17)
I hope this is a passing phase.
There is no future where I stand here with you.
This is the end.
No longer will you hear my voice.
So long, goodbye.
And don't you think for a second...
You'll see my face again.
I killed hope, but you buried it.
This is a promise, I will not let you back in my life.
This is a promise I keep to myself.
Only time will tell, how long you'll keep your legs closed.
I give that bitch another week, before she's on her knees again with one of my friends.
And I tried my best to fogive and forget you.
Won't you be my bride? (Another day)?
4. Rusted Over Wet Dreams (3:09)
No words could ever describe the feeling.
The feeling of holding onto your ghost.
But if there's just one more thing I could ask you.
Just one more request.
Please don't ever forget me.

No, don't you ever forget.
Everyday it's getting harder just to turn the page.
I keep replaying and reciting those mistakes you made.
And I'm trying to take my own advice.
That things will change.
But who am I kidding?
I'm so afraid.
That things will change.

I want you to know how it feels.
To be in love with the ghost that bears your name.
Know that my love was not in vein.
And I'm trying to take my own advice.
That things will change.
But who am I kidding?
I'm so afraid.
That things will change.

But if there's one regret we can share.
What shall we name him?
5. You Got a Henna Tattoo That Said Forever (3:24)
Take me somewhere familiar.
So I can find myself again.
It hurts more than you know.
And I'll ask you, Why?.
Why would you lie to me.
What was the point?
Was your intention to waste my time?
Thought I was digging deep.
Thought I was breaking the bank.
But girls like you are just a dime a dozen.
Just a dime a dozen.
Movie quotes and lyrics still connecting us like constellations.
I wonder if I could ever seperate myself from this.
And it'll be awhile, 'til I can breathe again.
Slip me into something warm.
My eyes still scream childhood
6. Travis Bickle (2:06)
7. Sleeping Princess In Devil's Castle (3:36)
And I hope every morning you wake up, it hurts more and doesn't stop.
And I hope everynight you rest you lay and pray for death.
You made a better trophy in my dreams.
And now you are my nightmare.
I wonder, Where did I go wrong?
And you were all that's left of what it meant to live.
Don't worry, this will only hurt for a second.
Sleep soundly.
Just where did I go wrong?
And hoping for changes, we've wasted this, and what for?
One more day of this weight.
One more day of this dissolved presence
8. The Key To Keeping the Show Fresh Is... I'm Dead (2:45)
And make you remember everything.
No, you were never a friend to me.
Just a part in all my movies.
Stabbing you dead in every scene.
And I'm not gonna stop until you realize.
How you made me feel.
And I swear it's all your fault.
At least that's what I remember.
And I see right through you.
Jealousy pouring out your eyes.
So I ask for the great applause.
For this poor Capricorn.
I hope you enjoy living in my shadow.
When you signed the dotted line.
Did you think that things would change?
I can't help but laugh and now we know that things will never change.
It's all about business now
9. It's Not Just A Party, It's A Funeral (3:05)
They will find my corspe on the shower floor.
And with my bleeding wrists, will be a note that explains all of this.
(Dear friends and family, I hope that you can understand.)
I could not handle the fear and regret.
Knowing I ruined my only chance.
A lesson in carelessness.
Let my grave stand as proof.
You've only got one chance.
So take advantage.
I will burn in hell for my selfishness.
But you'll se me reach for angel wings.
I know the backlash, call me a coward all you want.
I know the truth is that I AM FREE!
I am free..
10. When Everything Goes Wrong, Take the Easy Way Out (4:02)
(When all is said and done, please just let me out)
I will kill myself.
If it means nothing else will keep me from sleeping tonight.
Leave me alone.
You did enough to ruin me.
My broken soul can't take another day.
I beg for you to leave.
God if You're waiting for me, won't you please open the gates?
God if You can hear me, OPEN THE GATES
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