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Elenium - For Giving - for Getting cover art

For Giving - for Getting

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresProgressive Metal, Melodic Death Metal
LabelsRage of Achilles
Album rating :  -
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For Giving - for Getting Lyrics

Submitted by level DevilDoll (2011-04-14)
1. Up The Long Ladder (3:16)
[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

Familiar suits are usually the ones,
Who ask the most
For what ever the reason being
They still wait on their post
Lost is the cause
And the means of doing
Gained some information
To cause awful noise
Somebody has to wake up the neighbours

For all we care
There's still a bunch of miles to go
For all we care
There's still a bunch of miles to know

Grown to give names in the same games
We others too play
It's a shame they had to stay
And wait, oh wait, they were slain
Admit it and be on an easy street
Take more, eager lazy feet
Someone will pick you up
2. Eye For A Lie (3:40)
[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

Hold me, for I'm the one
Hold me, cause I'm just one
Satisfy my urges
And need my company
Keep me on my toes
Never let me too close
Sometimes you
Feel the threat I pose

Did you see the fire?
But it's raining today
3. Impostor (3:12)
[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

Life - you've been doing it again
And now I'm a few steps behind

Curious isn't it
How I hang on to you
And for what reason?
For what indeed
I really like to hang on

Hey life - I lost another one
The train moves on
And I'm just catching my breath
(A shellfish moving in lead)

And life - I apologize for making this so hard
For myself, I really like to hang on

I wish I could understand
I'm doing all I can - I'm giving a hand
I wish I could understand - I'm doing all I can
For myself, I'm getting there soon
4. Nameless Faceless (4:15)
[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

I'm not sure
If there's really two
I'm not pure
I want to know you

There's only pain and joy
5. Moments (6:37)
[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

Dead man walking
Dead man on his way
Dead man talking
And breathing in the day

Sometimes a gun in his mouth
Sometimes happy with a doubt
Never slowing down
But not so sure

It's always todays turn to shine
It's always todays turn to be

I'm gonna be wondering
There so long, so strong
Realize what is wrong
And the time is moving
The clock is ticking, ticking, ticking
So I'll be guessing, undressing
The moment I'll soon be caressing

Dead man walking
Dead man on his way
Never slowing down
Still breathing in the day
6. Subcreator (4:46)
[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

You said you would be - you said you would love
You claimed the house - you claimed the soul

That mortal coil can't be nothing
You promised - are you there, anywhere?

To fill the void outside
And share it with me

Kill for me - you'll do it for free
Put out the flame that fades inside you

I will be there - I will be love
Let's share the home - come to bury the shame

You don't need it anymore
You'll have my kind of love
Let's share your soul

I was the child - you were the way
And the path - you led me astray
Promised kingdom to come
Like fools gold it glittered
You're still the one for some
But reality ate me

Used in my name
The king in my fate

Kill for free - you'll do it for me
Put out the flame - it dies inside of you

I will be there - I will be love
Let's share your soul

Look at your world now - look at the mass now
It's coming apart, but they're still praying
Look at your world now

You don't need it anymore
You'll have my kind of love
Don't dare to ask for more
7. Under The Mug (4:15)
[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

Been looking for something
Been here before
Had to search the light
Never found the darkness
Been here before

Tried to listen
For the sake of hearing
To catch a glimpse
To see it disappear

Been back, been gone
Been the one and only
For far too long

I can laugh and live
And prepare to die
I can swallow my love
And for once spit it out
8. For Me (4:59)
[Lyrics: J. & T. Raisanen]
[Music by Elenium]

We're gonna share it all - and all is made for us
Anyone not fast enough falls - consequence or cause?
Now is the time - for us to reign
I promise and comfort - but we`re not holding hands

Make the modern life
Worth it all
Cause I'm the stabber - opportunity grabber
Just pour it in

It's a matter of bullets between you and me
We've come this close -blindfolded
We claim we're free

How high and fast are you ready to go
Or will you be the last - the least in line
And the leech in our spine

Ludicrous to witness the smile
A pile of rubbish wiped out of time
In the line is the objective
Most subjective of all
9. To Aim And Miss (5:57)
[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

Today is my right to feel and live
All the moments to the bone
I never saw it coming, but it happened
Not to me

I am in unity with the feeling
Sunshine definitely now forseen
Now that I'm used to living
Steady chaos

I am in constant motion
Here, there, at the same time everywhere
You'll have all I can offer
And more

you said you'd take me to safety
You urged and I believed
You said you'd take me to safety
And I believed when you said
You'd take me
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