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Dystopia - Dystopia cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSludge Metal, Crust Punk
LabelsLife Is Abuse
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Dystopia Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2014-11-12)
1. Now and Forever (7:45)
Take a long look at the past
To unlock a greater future
Sift through the wreckage of failures
In the hope to make things better
Like more efficient ways to kill
In the name of human progress
How to control and crush the will
So that no one dares to question

So what of the past?
And this so called better future?
If past and future don't exist?
Then where does that leave us?

Lost in a quagmire of lies
Built upon the lies of before
Echoing endless through time
These legends of false perception

Identities lie...
Built on ego and habit
Beliefs kill
Why are these institutions sacred?

So what of the past?
And there's hope for a better future?
If past and future don't exist?
Where the fuck does that leave us?

To bathe in the excrement of old
And bask in the "glory" of what is to be
I hang my head in sorrow
Because the now is too disgusting to see

The past does not exist
(Only the now remains)
The future is a myth
(Only the now remains)
The past does not exist
(Only the now remains)
The future is a myth
(Only the now remains)

Genocide was someone's now
A tool to make things better
Once a madman's torture
A vision that has ended
Atrocities are mimicked
Carried forth to this day
Only names and faces have been changed
But it turns out just the same
2. Control All Delete (1:54)
Save me from my humanity
Save me from my human self
I will submit to the computer god
And give myself away to you

Double click for friendship
Double click for love
Salvation is under my palm
Click here for serenity
Double click for security
Bliss was here all along

Blessed with this new gift
Bestowed unto me
Everything I want, within my grasp
Nothing but myself is sacred to me

Click here for power
Click here for sex
Email to make sure I keep all my friends
Double click my comfort
Double click my all
Cyberlord, you heard my call

Giving a window for them to look through
Sacrifice privacy all that you do
How you live and what you think
Delete your freedom, click by fucking click

Click here
Click here for all life to fall
Click here
Click here for the enslavement and death of us all
Delete environment, delete the mind
Humans will kill themselves, given the time
Cries of "what happened?"
Or did you forget?
Your fingerprints are human, and you are a piece of shit
3. Leaning With Intent to Fall (5:33)
Another friend found dead in the street
A painful death of self-defeat
The reaper killed by the seeds that were sown
Another mother destined to be alone

See the world through sunken eyes
Infected soul, infected brain
Feel your flesh turn stone cold
And endless downward spiral of misery and pain is what remains

You used to do that shit for fun

A steady march of slow death
With no intention of turning back
Feel the pleasure, you taste the pain
Getting high just to get sick again

You don't seem to be having much fun

Wake up,
Wake up from this lucid dream
Nightmares of what the future brings

See your spirit fly with the angels
Fall from the heavens
Fall through your fingers

You say you're hurting?
I'm hurting too
Am I to love you?
I hate the things you do

You say it's over, you say you're sober
You're fucking clean,
And then you fucking OD?

So you chose to take your life away?
Suicide is an easier way

See the world through sunken eyes
We tried to change the path you were on
Feel your flesh turn stone cold
A night alone, a spoon, a needle in the arm, and now you're gone

Can you climb out of this hole that you've dug?
I wish I could help you but I can't

Through my eyes is misery
In your eyes, that's all I see

See your shadow
Fall from the heavens
Fall through your fingers
Fade into nothing
4. The Growing Minority (1:49)
5. Illusion of Love (Carcinogen cover) (3:01)
Love your god
God loves all
So called "love", so confused
So called love, starts all wars...racism...genocide

Jesus, fuck your love
Based on a book with no interpretation
Liar, user, faker
Use this tool to rape and fuck this nation
America, where's your love?
Show your love with the deaths of many?
Country founded on the bloodshed
Keep the masses fighting over money

Fuck you
You're a lie and I won't be part of it
Trust you
I will not bow
I've seen too much to ever fucking love you
Faith built on others pain
Christian: another way of spelling genocide
Conquest: the name of god
Nation: controlled by the moral right
Based on all that is wrong

Love for country, love for system
So called "love" is so confused
So called love murdered millions, justified
The death of your son

And you'll never be happy
Fuck your love

Jesus, fuck your love
And the USA
Nailed to your cross
It should've been a dollar sign

We can't be part of you
Hate all that you do
No love I can see
For god or country
6. Number One Hypocrite (4:24)
This has been built for you and me
A higher calling, annihilation machine
Using fear to keep you in control
"Everyone else is the terrorist"
That's what you've been sold

And do you buy it?
Yes you fucking do
You buy everything in site
You eat whatever they're feeding you
You buy a piece of poisoned happiness
And suckle system's boob
Your freedom's nothing more than a lie
And America is killing you

Seems like we aid in every war
And we're friends with who we abhor
Always at the expense of the poor
If it were the rich, there would be no more war

Rape and conquest
Feeds your kids
Gets you "things"
Things you equate with freedom
If you want an SUV, we'll have to kill some children

And you don't fucking care
As long as you are not impaired
Giving money to the system
To enlist the poor and kill them

It's the American way
And you're a fucking slave
And the simple fact is this:
You are the fucking terrorist

And I am trained like you
Dumbed down through church and school
In the end it's just my luck
I'm a product of where my parents fucked

I'm American because my parents fucked (in America)
7. My Meds Aren't Working... (4:00)
My body still clings to life
Only my spirit is gone inside
I pray for death every night
But i keep waking up alive

I cut myself for infliction
And I still spit at my reflection
I hate everything I am
I have my friends to thank for that

So I keep taking my meds
And I do what my doctor says
I hate myself more everyday
I guess I'll always be this way

I've learned that love is dead
And that people just get fucked instead
And all the while making friends
Just to fuck them in the end

Everyone I touch infects me
Cancer in flesh, there is death all around
Everyone I touch, I infect them
Black and dead is my heart

I pace and I tear at my skin and my hair
Burn myself for some relief
From a sick fucking joke of a life
The punchline is when I die
And come back as me for eternity
Just to fuck up everyday?
And fail the ones that I love by being alive

I don't know who I am anymore
A parasite in human disguise?
Searching for a piece of shit with all of you fucking maggots and flies
Everyday I feel that I just can't do anything right
I'm sorry if you know my name
I'll probably fuckup your life
8. Untitled (4:24)
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