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Drowned In Blood - The Warfare Continues cover art

The Warfare Continues

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsAmerican Line Productions
Album rating :  -
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The Warfare Continues Lyrics

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1. Warfare Graves
Combat, attack, battle field...
comrades strangle, decapitated
burned tanks, smashed heads, agony,
iron dust, trembling light, hell assault...
human waste, fallen soldiers, coffins
powder, fire
clips, rage, blood, suffering...
enormous abysses, full with...cadavers

Bloody looks, the fauceses of the earth
swallow the meat full with lead
gnarled the odies, sinister punishments
great suicidal falmes covering everything

Awake and it returns, speaks with them...
say goodbye...
on you, your partness pieces with internal
bullets, resisting to the death

Bent bowels, meat pieces, wrap your martyrdom
crushed they float in the grave
you blled, in a corner, without arms neither
legs hardly with life
you listen, like the blood bubbles
humidity with sent of death.
Fear struck and cold, infected flows,
collapse your lungs everything is darkened

Warfare's Graves
Warfare's Graves
2. Brutal Execution
Traumatized Prom. Your rough childhood
be hurt your body without compassion
it is impossible to stop, you never reasoned
mental deviations, darken your mind

To go out, you take a lethal weapon,
you escape from reality, murderous instinct
while you remember warlike combats
your look contracts, you begin to rave.

Mad and frustrate, you capture a woman
exploiting your libido, you imagine sinful scenes,
you cannot stand it, your look writhes
a light crack...the weapon is loaded

Naked in front of your prey...it sucks your penis
you like the vagina, aming the weapon to their heads...
You scream pleased, you shoot collapsing the brain,
awful hemorrhage, destroyed varnish fly
without lifeless falls to the floor, taken a bath in blood
urinating the cadaver; bloodstained you go away
3. Grind Down... Enemies
Sanguinary encounters, grapeshot and holocaust
gigantic explosive mines, drowned in gunpowder
Extreme infernal power, incendiary bombs.
Sadistic fire storm, rain of the dead.

Executing the enemy with brutal force, lethal strengh
you open up step, running in this violent combat
arms and laceration, detonating grenades
avoiding death, anxiously awaiting victory

Merciles torn, don't stop, go ahead, fights
enemy heads fly. In need of more ammo
Camouflage covered with blackened human flesh
kicks the mortal pieces and annihilates many more.

Grind Down...enemies

The wounds make you rave, even exhausted, the fury runs
in your veins, you revive now
Allied tanks open fire, burning corpses, kill, attack
canyons breaking the enemy camp, destroying all..
military slaugther without pity, is late already...
Under earth, in the wind..dead bodies, flames around at
the end you lift the arm...you obtain the victory
4. Born To Kill
Cut the cartridge no fear
shoots the arm without feeling
hate and madness, sick life.
Thirst for vengeance no remorse.

Take a knife, destroy the bodies, blood splash
cutting with force, organs exposed in the darkness
removes the hide crushing the bones,
defecating the bodies
without tomb neither prayer will go to hell

A sure shot, will detonate
damned soldier, waiting to kill.

Born to kill, aims the arms
presses the fucking trigger
born to kill, remember combats, you go mad more
born to kill, sounds of bullets torment your mind
born to kill, satiate the thirst...

Many shots, more deaths, blood flying
altered thoughts

Heaps of bodies bleeding in the floor

Camouflage your body with rotten blood,
your victims...lift the look...
take the weapon, you shoot.

Fuck the cadavers, eat organs, spilled blood
pest, madness, rot
human meat...crushed, brutal massacre
gore, raving
atrophied mentality
sick, tortuous.
5. Warlike Cannibalism
Combative and Wicked, bloody war machine
destroying enemies with weapons
battle scars cover your body
tattooed on your arms all the massacres

Puddles of blood around you
swallow the flesh,
lacerated and torn
feel the death, extreme cedomposition,
human pieces, lie in the mud.

Furious weapons, destroying all
hate and pain, run through this hell

Ptllars of rotten bodies, shapeless
surround the cloudy horizon
infernal long days, where hunger
and oblivion roam.
The damned desperation transforms you kill
and devour prisioners
you're an infamous criminal
selecting the human flesh that you'll eat.
6. Fire Discipline
Not a step behind of the fire line
advancing, fighting more and more without stopping
Razing, they cannot escape
shooting, with hundred of diabolical bullets

The artillery attacking the enemy, fire,
win or die in the devil's hard battle
The tanks squash the burnt cadavers
opening step to the attack forces, never go back.

Fire discipline...

They run and hide as rats
no support the power
sowing human, bombs and fire
they die now, bloody harvest.
7. Troops Of Chaos
The detonatiosn are heard in the distant desert,
the troops approach, destroying everything,
impossible to repel the attack, the destruction has arrived
destroying everything, executing all.

Arid and rocky esplanade transformed into cemetery,
demolished barricades, tanks squashing weak soldiers
continous the butcher shop, nobody will stop us
I hear the screams and cracking of the burnt bodies.

Contonous, the agony and the terror expands,
possessed by the fury, despaired by the battle,
jump into the abysss or they will die flat as flies,
troops of the chaos, desolating the battle field

The fallen soldiers, full with blood, collapsed bowel
little the pressure we push forth, much is the fear
an arsenal is reseved for the massive annihilation
a poor crucifix won't stop the determinant death.

Troops of chaos, freezing the blood of the alive ones
Troops of chaos, located in strategic places
Troops of chaos, we continue to front
Troops of chaos, killing all...now!
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