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Divine Souls - The Bitter Selfcaged Man cover art

The Bitter Selfcaged Man

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal
LabelsScarlet Records
Album rating :  -
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The Bitter Selfcaged Man Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2015-02-26)
1. When Life Slips Away (3:39)
I see no reason to live this life
It´s seems to be lost and bleak
A pale reflection is all thats left
Of the shine I once had
I´ve lost it all but my pain
And it never leaves me be
Ever since the cradle to the grave
I will live this life in hell

How could you be so cold, how could it be so wrong
How could you say those words, when you despised it all

Those empty words you said to me, those empty words I cannot bear
Our given time were such a waste, in solitude I fade away

I´m not the one with those empty words
I´m sick of all your lies
I trusted you but you betrayed
You stole my pride with your love
Pushed aside down the soil
I cant struggle no more
I guess I´ll never understand why
You hurt me with your lies

I see those faces turning away, I see those faces fading out so cold
I feel there is no forgivness, I feel there is failiure everywhere
Time wont heal my torment, time wont make my life complete
Trust will only bring me pain, my life rapes me over and over again
I say farewell, I say goodbye I leave this world behind
Like a flower I will wither until the end of time
Even though my soul is free I cant forget my dismal fate
When all is said and all is done, Pain shall be written in my soul
2. Grief (3:25)
I gave you my heart but you took my soul
And you just threw it away
I have lost my pride i´m an empty shell
Covered with scars and open wounds

I were never yours to cherish or love
I cannot still forget your emptiness
The pain in my heart wich you did cause
It will never go away how much i try
I cannot escape this pain

This was the final fatal blow of indifference
Wich were buried beneath the foundation of lies
All that we had were simply shattered
This is just like the remnants of a tale gone black

There´s no turning back no soothing of pain
The fever that rages overturnes control
Now when my world comes tumbling down
I stumble blindly towards the end
3. Simply Shattered (4:12)
Inside of me there´s only hatred and sin
A demonic being that is feeding on me

Piece by piece, torned apart, i´m devoured by non divine
Day by day, an endless torture, that makes me weak it make me bleed
Raped by faith, deprived by god, everything comes bearing down
I lost it all, the pain wont end, i´m drowning in this bitter hell

I feel so numb by this tainted life
I´m a silhuoette invisible
Like an autumn leaf I will wither away
I declare this my silent end

The plague evolve until life has ceased
I succumb and my spirit dissolve
4. Silhouette (4:12)
It´s another day and another sorrow
A life in pain the pain is mine

Like an endless torture
That´s tearing me apart
Rip my soul to shreds
Just reap what I have sown

I´m the bitter selfcaged man
With demons clinging unto me
I have lost my sympathy
This burden dies with me

As time goes by it´s raping my mind
I got suicide thoughts I want to end it now
5. Divided (3:43)
Dont think I´m bothered if you are sad
If you are drowning it´s me who pull you down
You say you´re sorry but I dont care
You´re all alone without my sympathy

Well I´m sick and tired of all your complains
You´re not the only one with a tortured soul
Who wants to hear the story of your life
One more word and I´ll ease your pain

Behind the mask my bitter face
All emotions seems to be numb
You are heading for the fall
My desire is your misery

I cant forgive how much I try
I cant forget even if I want

The shame, the guilt - let go of the burden
I swallow my pride I erase my thoughts
Please spare me from your lies I scorn your deceit
From cradle to grave Now reconcile
6. Bleed (3:18)
With a crown of thorns, I´m impaled to the cross Forsaken and disowned, i´m blinded by my fear
One last crusade a final burden
I carried the cross to the hill
To face my bitter end

The masses are gathered, To watch me as I slip away
With spikes through my hands, This is my fate to be
One final breath before redemption
My soul demised from its womb
As my body was drained from blood

From the wounds in my hollow soul
I will bleed until I am dead
Then I transform into another shape and fly away
Pardon me if I rape an angel on my way
My soulless body has been erased and deleted

I say farewell, I say goodbye I leave this world behind
Like a flower I will wither until the end of time
Even though my soul is free I cant forget my dismal fate
When all is said and all is done, Pain shall be written in my soul
7. Bitter Selfcaged Man (3:37)
I´m so afraid
But I´m prepared for the worst
I keep crying myself to sleep
Forever gone, all I loved is lost

Im sinking deeper and deeper down
Take my hand before I fall into the void of nothingness
I´m sinking deeper and deeper down
As I descend towards the bottom, a downfall of bitterness

Allthough it´s said, it´s said that life is so fragile
But I know it´s best, the way it all have turned out
You cant help me from falling, I´m falling towards the end
It´s like they say, misery loves company

After my demise
I adore the tranquil silence
My visions are lost
It aint nothing left but memories
8. Empty Words (4:15)
I cannot be what you want
I will not preserve your image
Whatever pain you may bring
I cant feel your curse

Cause all the little pieces of me
Will turn the truth from your lies
I wont crave forgiveness
You keep tearing me blind

Of all the selfishness
You could be the image of me
From failure of detonation
I´m caged forever trapped

I will never be free, I cant control my mind
I hear your screams so alive
Tears of regret stings my eyes, I just want to be
One single heartbeat away from you
And your lies

Infectiuos bleeding
You´re turning me insane
This I cannot comprehend
My hatred grows

Cause all the little pieces of me
Will turn the truth from your lies
I wont crave forgiveness
you keep tearing me blind

I will speak no more of my feelings
Cause they seem to disappear
From failiure to termination
In my mind, my all, gone
9. Last Season in Sin (4:08)
I feel it all, the hurting and the anguish but it is time for me to move on
Still it hurts, deep within my mind It´s buried within my soul and my all

Will it break the silence, will it open my heart
Will it turn my face towards the sun
To feel the passion, to feel the joy
And lay my fears to die

I have become my darkest shadow and I fear I will shed my blood for you
Time will pass but pain is neverending I´ll spill my crimson gift for you

Will this end if I take my life today this hollow scar wont fade
I cannot love, not myself or you I only see you all as dead

I hear my voice, screaming your name
I´m ready to fall, into the black
Now i´ll die
10. Elysian Emerald (3:52)
In this fallen kingdome, there´s a sacred path
A secret trail only known by the gods
Here lies the wisdom to eternal life

Within the shrine the powers are sealed
This is the threshold to my dreams
As I opened the chest to immortality

Within the shrine I found the answers to infinite dreams
In my hand I hold the key to the wisdome of the gods

I have awakend the treasure within from it´s eternal slumber
An ancient gift from aeons ago the elysian emerald now is mine

I inherit the force of life and death
The secret is reveald for me
This was a legacy from the gods
Let my kingdome come
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