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Divine Rapture - The Burning Passion cover art

The Burning Passion

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsListenable Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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The Burning Passion Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-06-07)
1. The Kindling
2. Your Time Has Come
No need, for me, to justify, or make you bleed.
One day, you'll feel, the pain inside and you'll know.
You'll know what is real.

No way will I obey,
Your time will come!
Or let another tear down my day.
Your time will come!
Take control and be no pawn,
Your time will come!
Cause in the end, all this shall be gone!
Your time will come!
Experience = no innocence.
Your time will come!

Nothing more real than me.
Through life you'll see.
No fantasy it's plain to see.
Through time you'll be.
That in the end, What shall be shall be!
You'll be just like Me!
Humans devise, pain and lies.
Leave it to this world, to bring you down!

I've felt the pain.
Your time will come!
I've made you gain.
Your time will come!
The time will come when you will feel the same!
3. Severed
How many times must we cry,
for keeping our hearts open?
How many times must we die,
another innocence fallen?
How many times must we cry
and search for consolation?
How many times must we die,
to strengthen our conviction!

What about trust?
What about lies?
What about the pain in our eyes?!
What about forever?
What about Never!
What about this heart that was severed!

How many times must we cry
and question why we try?
How many times must we die?!
To realize what's inside!
4. My Demon, Your Dove
Your love, fantast, illusion, lie!
Kiss that dream goodbye!
Expose the truth at heart,
it was a wordly facade from the start.
Innocent dreams at youth,
I'll never have, behold the truth.

A wish I'll hold with scorn.
My heart shall burn lovelorn.
your love, my demon, your dove.

Show me the depth of your caring
and I'll show you your selfish despairing.
My pain bleeds like rain,
True love abides inside,
A cause for which I will Die!

Turn your hurt into hate,
independence reinstate.
Why would I want your lie
and burn in your love when only I cry?

I shall remain alone
with noone to call my own.
I shall remain strong
and banish the lies, be gone!

Detestation of creation, rebellion arise,
despising human nature,
seek love beyond the eyes!

Time heals nothing!
It only reveals the truth.
That you are everything,
5. The Deifying, The Sorrow, The Awakening
6. Funeral Mist
Struggling with hope, burning within.
Everything seems negative.
Nowhere to hide, you give no thought.
I can't live that way!
A**lyze everything, question everything.
You choose not to question.
Pretend the emptiness isn't there.

It never goes away,
Never goes away!
Face the truth and face the pain,
No matter what this truth may be.
The truth I truly need,
even if this truth is pain!
The funeral mist evokes.
My jealousy of their passing away

May you lord forgive me for my diminished
hope of your existence
Will your heaven really be better
than nothingness?

One more day gone
one closer to truth.
Closer to death!
Be grateful for your gifts,
so called gift of life,

I thank you for your comfort,
your balance, yet for what
I hope some day this pain will go away
You can keep your infernal eternal life!
7. Affliction Of Faith
Lord...Heavenly God?
What is your reason for life
torture our minds, scar our hearts,
what could justify this? Have faith.
Faith in what? A heaven, that I don't want?

Enrapture me, grant me the truth,
Bestow the gift I seek,
And still I breathe another fear,
for my dispassion remains,
To return to whence we came.

Creation, a mistake that only brings pain.
Affliction, this world in which we endure.
Answers, only death shall open the door.

Lord... No you count me among the damned
because I reflect on the Uncreation of your plan?
8. Black Moon Harvest
A blank stare, in dark of night.
Without a care, no change in sight
your heart of stone
the essence of your flock
I stand alone
I am not of your stock.

My life is a waste? I embrace it!
We will reach our kingdom
Silence comes in the night harvest
to take the restless and in silence is God!
I am no one and I am not
You are someone and you will rot!

Observe these people
This world, for those who love
a black moon above!

We are the minority,
the labeled weak,
we gather empathy inside,
we will not live as you, We sacrifice and pain
In the name of truth beyond
Your apathy will crush you.

There is strength in our weakness
Discontent for life.
This is not our home!
9. Spirit Storm Serenade
Along the path, the waters gleam
horizon's warm rebellion.
I shed no tear, I force no smile
I roll with the floom and the calm.

I shut not my eyes,
stop not my breath to roll, exist, be gone.
Rolling fast, the past is past. The calm in cooling motion.

Gliding free past forlorn branches.
Feeling the weeper's wet sprinkle
Again's begun to roll and move on
To roll, to glide, till dawn.
Gliding the winds of despair.
You will be one with the air.

To roll with weeping clouds,
to glide with twilight breeze.
Guided by whom?
Guided by what?
No longer a thought,
Just awareness..
10. No Future, No Past
Existence, conscious, power, creation!
Take a breath of consciousness,
This is your reality,
from birth through pain to wisdom.
Intuitive mentality,
What you were is over.

Give no thought to what will come,
You have a heart, so use it!
Be yourself and let it be done.
No future, no past.

Is this your heaven? Is this your hell?
Is this your hour?
Make it what you will.
No future, no past.
You have power,
You have strength,
you are here,
so move out for the kill, kill. kill.

Creation, questions, answers,
convictions, reflections. (Reality is in you)
Kill, kill, kill, all fetters in your mind.
Feel, feel, feel, reality is now!
11. The Smothering
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