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Disinter - As We Burn cover art

As We Burn

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsMorbid Records
Album rating :  -
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As We Burn Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-06-06)
1. Go Away And Rot!!! (2:18)
I am dead; my world is black and white
I am cold; numb to pain I cannot fight
Everything is lost to me
Looking down I watch the soil bleed

Just go away and ROT, go away and ROT

I infect the light around me
Belching forth hate conceived by love
Swallowing pain, devouring parasite
I have died so you could live on

Go away and ROT, go away and ROT!!!!!!
2. As We Burn (1:38)
Infernos womb is where we breathe
Inhale the ash of our disease
Searing winds of tragedy
Behold the flame is destiny

Scorching the sky, burning the land
Killing the world, spreading death

In lakes of fire hatred breeds
Fueled by volcanic rage
A molten pool of blood and pain
Ignite the blood within these veins

Scorching the sky, burning the land
Killing the world, spreading death

Roaring waves of raging flame, come crushing down death remains
Wave after wave

3. Black Seas of Infinity (5:38)
Behold the calling, a whisper in the dark
Brings dreams of unimaginable madness
Chaos strains at the gates of darkness
The aether rolls these black seas of infinity.

I hear the calling of the ones from the stars
For in the dreaming minds of men these voices haunt
Across the aeons from the blackest of times
Falling from distant vistas when the stars are right

From within the earth and under the sea
They send forth visions of worlds bent in imagery
Nocturnal influences, nightmares of poetry
I feel a madness that somehow sets me free

Shadowing forth the prophecy of their return

Nocturnal imagery reeks of decay a cyclopean necropolis of enigmatic design
Sky flung monoliths, ancient hieroglyphs
And the incessant calling of cthulhu fhtagn

Black seas of infinity, the dark brings divinity

They have lived through infinities of chaos
Now dead but dreaming the great ones sleep
No longer alive yet they never truly died
They lie awake and speak from their tombs

“I have come to give the light that is darkness
I give the embrace of emptiness and the freedom of madness”

That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange eons even death may die
4. Born To Darkness (4:01)
Longing for death
My release from the pain of living.
Offered the choice of a new existence
One my creator never had.
Drained of my mortal essence
And given the life of death.
And the angels look
Upon me with disgust
As I say goodbye to the living.
Now my blood runs cold as ice,
A virile undead killer
Reaping the land of life.

Born to darkness
Birthed into death
Reborn into chaos
I walk the earth undead.

Newfound hungers
And immortal fascination
From which there is no return.
Dark gifts beyond imagination,
My sight is veiled by this
Crimson hallucination.

Born to darkness
Birthed in death
Reborn into chaos
I walk the earth undead.
5. Murals of Horror (2:47)
I have invoked into myself
hidden despair and the eternal
embrace of emptiness

sadistic, horrific
murals of horror
encase the walls of my mind
conscious entrapping
contradictions of hatred
are open and underlined

psychotic delusions
and euphoric discontent
empties my mind
absorbing my will
dawn of morbid dreams
I am the seal
in a liquid pool
of black I lay
born again into darkest of days

shattered subconcious
reaching to kill
as the darkness swells within
burning depression
expression overloading
is leaving me dead inside

life has cut deep
I've injested the bleeding
deprived of flesh
and in loss of a soul
twisted perversion
burning my eyes
charred remnants of a life
I with hold

This is arcane

I am the warmth in the darkness
in the cold dead of night
from my breath comes a fire
that cuts through me like a knife

Murals of horror
this is arcane
6. Dig Me No Grave (6:46)
When I die celebrate my release into oblivion

When I die, dig me no grave.
Take hold my corpse and set me aflame.
I am just a mortal vessel composed of flesh and bone.
Death sets my energies free to forever roam.

No longer trapped within this plane.

No longer subdued by the boundaries of life,
Freed from the confines of mortality,
Now I shall witness the dawn of time.
Unliving worlds of a new reality

When I die.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I hold my head up high and begin to laugh.
Total metal raging with my fists in the air,
Drawn to your power dreaming throughout this darkened lair.

I have watched the skies turn red
And I hold,
The power to evade even death
Standing lone,
To watch the dawn of the burning moon
And my love
Belongs to the eternal night of the universe.

I am free!

Raise my altar high, reaching toward the sky.
Burn my corpse to ash for my spirit never dies.
I am free!
When I die!
7. A Curse of Pain And Hate (Burn With Me) (3:52)
My will invades your dreams
I wish you to feel this pain
I’ll trap you where you cannot scream
For my desire will drive you insane
Sanities destruction, is what I see
I’ll make you feel, how I bleed
A bleak emptiness will consume
All the days till life has past
For the rest of your dim life
You live this sick dream

Burn with me in this fucking nightmare

Rise up from the pits
Scourge of the dark
Strength and honor HAIL

Our force together
Make this come to pass
Curse of destruction prevail

By the power of my hatred
By the heart felt pain
So mote it be

Putrid waste of life
All of my hatred
And vengeance is upon you
Serpents writhe off my tongue
And spit this venomous curse
Of hatred; concentrated

Flowing from me
And stabbing right into you

Burn with me in this fucking nightmare
8. Inferno - As We Burn (Reprise) (4:56)
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