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Dionysus - Excalibur cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
Album rating :  88.5 / 100
Votes :  6
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Excalibur Lyrics

Submitted by level Rousseau (2015-03-03)
1. Excalibur (The Peace Of Mind) (5:12)
We don't need to borrow trouble says one saint
Our lives are already painful enough
from our attachments while there are attachments
The mind is painful and not in peace
(We) always find the way to peace of mind

Thru the freedom from (attachments to) life and pain
On earth where is it?
One says, "Empty your mind".
Another says, "The shape of God in the whole creation"
Yet another says, "Go the road of love thru self-sacrifice"
Those who attained peace of mind in history call us
Some people go that road thru penance, abstinence, and self-control

That road is long
That road is rough
That road is we must go too far

He turns his back to the world and goes to the mountain,
to the cave, to the temple.
He only pursues self-perfection.
Others go the way of faith in God thru religion
They serve God and find peace of mind
2. Charnel Castle (Instrumental) (5:00)
3. Although You Leave Me (4:37)
To see you like this brings back memories of sleepless nights
I've tried to understand your mind but all that leave us, even your love
We spent a lot of time oh~ close to each other
Each other in the morning's sunshine we opened our eyes softly

I remember taking a walk in a secluded park
Glad! glad! glad! When we were caught by silver rain
A warm sensation coming from the vivid grass
lowered fog made us feel like singing all songs woh~
Always we used to spend our days but now it's raining again

Can't you turn the clock back anymore
I'll always be there waiting for you
Although you leave me don't forget this
you'll always be there in my heart
4. Lost Souls (3:45)
오래 전 시간 너와의 공간 밤이 오면 네 희미한 미소
오~ 언제나 내게 의미를 주고 아직도 너를 기억해
한 줄의 시로 삶을 느끼고 괴로운 마음 서로 달래며
오~ 세상의 모든 악을 지고 그렇게 떠난 영혼이여

차가운 세상 사랑 지니고 허공에 흐리어진 네 마지막 글
허무하게 지워진 네 모습 이제는 잊지 않아 네 영혼을
5. Last Dialy (Instrumental) (3:55)
6. Lessons Of Poeni War (4:52)
Ordinarily times, Italy try to advance into the mediterranean and
Carthage try to monopolize the market that place
They start a long war.
It should be particular case both Rome and Carthage's fighting
such long and severe war
They did they had friendship
At last Rome's victory

Hanibal, (he) would be a Rome's enemy
Hanibal, (he) brought win of second war
Hanibal, (he) would be a Rome's enemy
Hanibal, He was a carthage's hero

Perhaps you remember a roman consul?
When he was captured he asked to be sent to Rome
with a pledge that I will be back
And he returned Rome in spite of friend and family's favor
He came to Carthage and to died
Now people may have forgotten him in favor of faith to be died

Remember, remember a roman consul
Remember, keeping a promise with death
Remember, remember a roman consul
Remember, he is a true hero
7. Songs Of Liberty (5:44)
I can't find anything that I need. All I need is liberty
Liberty thinks of men as being real. It's a sincere belief
We can't find anything that I need. All we need is liberty
Liberty thinks of men as being real. It's a sincere belief
Let's think only of tomorrow
Let's realize our dream for mankind to be one

Because of a song which comes from as known place
I rubbed my eyes and then I looked outside thru the window
The great concrete wall always weighed upon our minds
It has fallen down with anger, desire.
A lot of people collected from all parts of the earth lay bricks of love
for humanity, oh! hand in hand, the opposite of the one before
They're singing a song of peace. They're singing a song of delight
They're embracing, laughing and crying.
Beyond the wall lifless souls shed their tears
They're moved to tears. The frosted land is thawing.
Really, our heart's desire breathe into the woman of liberty
Some people said that capitalism win but it's nottrue, it's not over in here
We try to find the meaning of real freedom
After the wall of suppression all around us falls down
A triumph of will to go forward to God that makes people true reality
From now on we forget the memory of a nightmare
8. Power Of Anger (5:09)
무너진 가슴팍이 시리게 아픔을 느낄 때
세상이 잠들어 거친 어둠을 두려워 할 때에
나의 이 땀과 나의 이 피로 힘의 날 끝 세워
섞은 살점 떨쳐내어 생의 끝을 준비해

외로이 외로이 쓰러져 가야 할 수밖에 없는 나의 인생을
누군가에게 얘기하고 싶어
그러나 내겐 다행히 나의 숨소리조차 들어줄 사람 없어
어쩌면 당신 마저도
때로 누군가 그리워하는 나 자신에 놀라 강하게 강하게
끝까지 좇아가며 쏟아버린 나의 정신과 나의 육체를 위해
이제 가녀린 손끝의 솔 내음도 오솔길 너머로 날아 가버려
9. The Confession Of A Condemned Criminal (6:08)
When a small window set into the far side's wall puts on a bright smile
Another day's light fills this little space of mine then also I can afford to make a smile
My left leg is becoming numb. It seems to be rotting
When the birds sing I can forget the pain of my leg and this solitude

"Sometimes I have thought that perhaps my life will go on forever
Fortunately it's very mild today. The small sky is very deep blue
It seems that this chilly room takes me in its arms warmly
Just like a mother's breast. Thank you sun for your touch"

Did I commit a crime? Did I really kill him?
what an incredible! I can't understand. Did I really kill him?
No! no! never! I never did. Make your decision again.
Obviously I am innocent. Respectable judge, Did you consider his environment?
Is it a crime to be born into a poor family?
At the same time that so many people are meeting death, so many babies are also born
Who did kill him? Who does punish a person for his crime?
What's the good? What's the evil? Who is to say?

Some are chosen while others are not. At least that choice is to be in our society
Did you feel too thirsty for hunger? Does our society need you as a judge?
Do you have a qualification to be one? The balance of the woman of justice cracked.

Who does punish him? In the name of God, the criterion of good where does it come?
It's time for the men of vice to go. It is only natural
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