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Chainsaw Cunt Lyrics

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Chainsaw Cunt

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBrutal Death Metal, Grindcore
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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1. Dissecting the Entrails (2:11)
Slit Your Stomach 
Reaching in to the womb 
Extract entrails 
Slowly removing the skin 
Violently convulsing 
Watching me take your life 
Away Dissecting 
The entrails
Dissecting the 
Disemboweling you with my knife 
Screaming for mercy but you’ll receive none 
(Dissecting the Entrails) 
Impaling your intestines watching your blood run 
The last thing you’ll see is me 
Duct Tape, Gag and Tied To the Table 
Fight for Your Life, but you’re not able 
Eradicating with no homage 
Death calls as you fall unconscious 
Dissecting the entrails
2. Disgorging the Afterbirth (1:35)
Feeding frenzy 
Impulse gauging 
Vile substance 
I’m consuming 
Ripping tearing 
Threw her 
In sides 
Trying to retrieve the after…….Birth
Feeding frenzy 
Impulse gauging 
Vile substance 
I’m consuming 
Sensational urges inside of me 
I can’t resist 
The essence of your life will embellish mine 
Pulling out the afterbirth eat of the placenta 
It is key to life, I can’t keep it down 
From in my throat 
NO I must consume, chew it viciously, vile puss is secreting 
Filling me with life 
Consume the after birth
3. Assumption of the Virgin (3:34)
You’re not the first
You’re not the last
No Name
Like, The Rest In The Past
So Innocent
So Pure
So sweet
Now Dead To Me
Elegance has fallen from grace, with a light that’s cast out
Strip from your charities, your purities taken right out.
Consume by my will I must kill.
Take from you, prestige innocence away
Spread your legs wide open
Bust threw your hymen
Seepage of serenity
Pound out your virginity
Begging me for mercy (Shut The Fuck Up)
Grind my dick threw your anatomy
Sensational urges tell me
Mangle up your cunt viciously
Eradicate your snatch completely
4. Grotesquely Butchered (1:34)
Horror stains my sanity 
Ascend into sovereignty 
Annihilate those weaker than me 
Survive if I let them be 
Loyal to a false nation 
Kill with no hesitation 
Storming the opposition 
Impaled those resist 
Grotesquely Butchered on the frontlines 
Justify to crucify a nation 
All for the loyalty (Innocent war fatalities) 
Produced by depravity (the war is still gone but I’m still he) 
A soldier left with no mission 
Vile impudence has pledge me 
I Can’t Stop Killing the Weak Beings
In disgust you’re cleanse a must 
Reflection of the horror to be 
Images that stain my sanity 
Emboweled by my hate for thee 
Don’t be a hero die a coward 
Violently tearing your anatomy I endeavor 
Don’t be a hero die a coward 
The war is still gone but (I’m Still He)
5. Chainsaw Cunt (2:13)
Sticking the chainsaw in her cunt 
Pounding her pussy grinding her guts
Molesting her body with my saw 
Leaving your body dead and marled
(Stick the chainsaw in her cunt)
Try to run but you I’ll find
Your sweet vagina is on my mind
Scream for god as I corner you
I can’t wait to get deep in you
Stick the chainsaw deep within 
Ripping and tearing your vagina skin
Our foreplay is with a knife 
Come on baby I know you’ll like 
Pull my chord to start my saw
Keep on screaming no one hears your call
Upon insertion you scream in pain 
My sexual pleasure gained
Try to fight but deep down I know you like 
Now your bent spread open wide
Grinding your cunt from behind
My saw submerged in your snatch
Pounding so hard I broke your back
Scream in pain but I know its pleasure
I’m the biggest piece you measured
Even though you’re dead I keep thrusting
From your vaginal skin my saw is rusting
6. Raped with a Crucifix (3:11)
You lead a life of celibacy 
For your love a deity 
Your hymen kept in tact just for me 
I can’t wait to hear you scream 
Raped with a crucifix 
Your services help to spread his lie 
So I’ll help to spread your legs 
The lies ravage my brain like I’ll ravage your cunt 
This pain I’m inflicting is a must 
Stripped from the cloth and tied to the bed 
This crucifix hangs above our heads 
Tear down the cross with hate and disgust 
In your vagina I must thrust 
Scream gods name as I ram it in 
Ripping and tearing through your hymen 
A statue of Christ crucified 
Cuts through your cunt for the first and last time 
You sure lost your faith real fast 
As I pull your entails out of your ass 
Now you scream in pain, in my pants I just came 
Now you know first hand of sin 
With the crucifix deep with in 
Now you scream to the sky why God why
7. Molesting the Decayed (3:46)
Why do dead girls call out to me
My sexual urges I need to feed
Having sex with dead girls, I dare
I know it’s not right, but I, don’t care
Sift threw thousands of dead rotting sluts
To find one who’ll male me nut
More beautiful when they’re dead
Pushing threw the maggots with my dick head
I love it when their flesh rots
Coagulated blood covers my cock
It feels so good with my dick in
Aroused only by rotting skin 
Rigamortis has set in
Pussy is hard as my dick I know 
Its sick but for some reason I must lick
Fighting with the maggots over the treat
Now chewing on her cold sweet vaginal meat
From there pussy in trail I will fist out
So many girls that I lost count
Violently raping every oralfiss
Your rotting pussy I’m sure I will miss
8. A Jar Full of Vaginas (5:10)
Sick in the head, this I know
My sanity no longer holds
Screaming as you’re tied to the bed 
Futile to resist you're soon be dead 
Yea baby I like a little fight 
Pound out your teeth so you can’t bit
My dick in your mouth tears in your eyes
My cum and your blood seeps out the sides
I’m not finished with you, though you think I am 
I am not learning without trophy in hand
So many other women I have collected
Your pussy I carefully dissect
Your ever oral vases my dick will infect 
Run my scalpel over pussy 
Mouth is watering
Your Nice and juicy 
I love it when your eyes get wide
My knife plunged deep inside 
Hold your vagina in my hand and
Fuck it while you’re alive
Ejaculating to the tears you cry.
9. All Is Not Lost (2:54)
10. Anal Seepage (3:58)
You bitch don’t disrespect me
Your about to see another side of me 
Wrapped in Saran wrap hanging from ceiling 
From your anus my semen is spilling
I have already warned you one too many times
(Fucking bitch your gonna die)
Real fucking tired of you disrespecting me
(Don’t try to beg and plead)
As if I’m not knowing- I’m not stupid
You think I’m not knowing- Your fucking stupid
Punch you in the mouth, knock out your teeth, (wrap you to death I beat)
Wrap you in saran wrap
While your still alive don’t worry (your not gonna die)
Your not laughing now bitch
No disrespecting now bitch
Now I’ll bend you over and take the only thing your good for
My dick is tearing your ass, you fucking whore
Violently raping you in your asshole- Anal Seepage
Muffled screams driving me, anal hemorrhaging- Anal Seepage
Pulling out your intestines with my cock hard as a rock- Pink Sock
Left helpless and twitching
From the violent heavy ass pounding
Your ass dripping my cum
Brutally bent you make sure I get my point across
In your ass my fist got lost your salad gets toss
Now its time to start the killing
I don’t care forget the feelings
Stabbing the bitch again and again
Sodomizing my wife with the knife
Stabbing the bitch again and again
Disrespecting me lost her life
Your about to see another side of me
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