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The Doomstar Requiem – a Klok Opera Lyrics

dethklok - The Doomstar Requiem – a Klok Opera cover art

The Doomstar Requiem – a Klok Opera

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Rock Opera
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > D > Dethklok Lyrics (82) > The Doomstar Requiem – a Klok Opera Lyrics (20)
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1. The Birth / Fata Sidus Oritur / One of Us Must Die (3:21)
[The Birth]


[Fata Sidus Oritur]


Fata Sidus Oritur
Fata Sidus Oritur
Fata Sidus Oritur
Fata Sidus Oritur

Dethklok has disbanded
One of them was taken
We look to the skies to watch a new star awaken...

Oh, the Doomstar has brought all the dethly light
And the star will turn to blood on this prophet's night
And the Prophecy has warned us that one of us must die...
Before this is all over... one of us must die!



[One of Us Must Die]

There was a time when the five of them were just a band, but that was yesterday!
So, [?] of this church and all these prophecies, but then they took him away!
The times have changed
The air's begun to taste of metal
The whales they chant
A constant warning
They keep singing
And repeating

One of Us Must Die!
One of Us Must DIE!


Bow before the Doomstar, Klok keeps ticking further!

Life on Earth will be eclipsed
The looming Metalocalypse!

One of you must die!
One of you must die!

Dethklok, they must be rejoined
Evil, it must be destroyed
No more apathetic stories
They can't learn to be heroic
Light and soul, that will be our salvation...
2. Magnus and the Assassin (2:22)
Welcome to your resting place!
Please enjoy your stay!
I'll be your ambassador
Of sorrow and decay!

[L: Assassin][R: Magnus]
It takes patience; we are alike!
You have the strength, but the cunning's all mine!
I am the brains, you are the power!
The legacy of Dethklok will be devoured!

I'm not a terrible person!
I'm just a man filled with pain!
Cast out by the Klok to live in obscurity!
I will pay them back the same way!
I'm no murderer, I'm just a man!
I'm the judge and jury, and your case is in my hands!
You should be on my side, so should she!

When Dethklok is imprisoned, the world will thank me!

[Magnus] (Toki) [Assassin]
Whoa! (Whoa!)
You are my bait!
(You're scarin's me!)
They will come for you!
They'll be trapped!


Whoa! (Whoa!)
I've been so patient!
My reward is owed!
(You're scarin's me!)
(Please don't hurts us)
(We ain't dones nothing wrong, my friend!)

My apologies! (Whoa!)
You're just like me
A victim of the band!

I see it all to clearly!
(Whoa! You're scarin's me!)
They will live just like me
In obscurity!
3. Partying Around the World (2:27)
I feel this feeling and I think I'm unhappy
Since whats-his-face and whats-her-name have been missing
The mood around here's been crappy
But as bad as it gets, our duty is knowing
That we have a job to keep this party GOING!

[Nathan, Pickles, Skwisgaar and Murderface]
Snortin' coke!
Sniffin' glue!
Smokin' pots!
It's what we do!
Drinkin' beer!
Drinkin' wine!
And champagnes!
So divine!

Partying around the world!
Partying around the world!
Partying around the world!

Crystals meth!

My name is Skwisgaar, let's go to a Swiss bar
Drink some brewskies, hang out with some floozies
Then we'll gets slurpees, maybe gets herpes
Keeps the partys goings! Keeps the partys goings!

Oh, no, no, we don't miss people
Oh, we can hardly tell that they're gone!

If you think bad thoughts, push 'em away!

With certains peoples missing and the rumors goings round,
Our records sell better every days!
And the--

Abigail, I knew when I met you
You would have that look in your eye
You're sucking on an apple pie in the sky
Uh, you're also gonna suck my dick

Oh yeah, well--

Keep the party going!

[Pickles and Nathan]
Keep the party going!
Keep the party going!
Keep the party going!
Keep the party going!
Keep the party going!
Keep the party going!
Keep the party going!

My turn!

My name is Pickles, I like Don Rickles
Hanging out with Kony, playing with a pony
Shooting wolves with Palin, never ever failin'
Snorting coke off tits, I'm the one that plays the hits

Oh my God!

Where's Toki?
Where's Toki?
Where's Toki?


My name is Nathan, the doobies are a-blazin'
Pissing in an old cave, jacking off on Bozo's grave
Crapping in a lunch bag, give it to an old hag
Keep the party going, ya know what I mean?

Partying around the world!
Partying around the world!
Partying around the world!
Partying around!
Partying around the world!
Partying around the world!
Partying around the world!
Partying around!

Oh, no, no, we don't miss people!
Oh, we hardly notice that they're gone!

Where's Toki?
4. Tracking / Ishnifus and the Challenge (3:39)
We're searching
We're trying

So much time has passed since Toki was taken
They've left no trace of him, of this I'm not mistaken
This man, his abductor with the silver face
A freakish, deadly demon; a bastard, a disgrace
Born and left alone, never knew his mother
Who was killed during birth, but left him a brother
Together, they were trained to kill those who crossed his path
His brother died in Mordhaus and now he blames the band, so

We have our best men on it
What else are we supposed to do?
We're trained to ex-filtrate him
They are so good, what can we do?
We have our best men on it
What else are we supposed to do?
We're trained to ex-filtrate him
We know we must save his life

We must track him
We must find him
We must rescue him
We are running out of time [x2]
Toki; if we don't hurry up, he just might die!

Word from the field, information for thee
That we've hired the best man to find the entity
He is the best tracker that is known around
And has exceptional equipment, both sight and sound

He was raised by wolves, he can kill with his teeth
He can blend into shadows, he can hide in a tree
If he cannot find Toki, then nobody can

I'm telling you sire, this is our man!

That's good. Where is he?

He's dead

Oh. Throw him in the garbage

Don't throw him away, there's more we can do
The dead can sometimes talk and offer us a clue

Sire, there's a drive hid within this dead man's torso
We can play this video on the main computer console

I see what you're doing, and you're trying to kill me!
But I won't let that happen, 'cause I still got Toki!
If you send another man, we will kill her and he!
I'll be waiting here for Dethklok in the depths of humanity!

We have our best men on it
What else are we supposed to do?
We're trained to ex-filtrate him
They are so good, what can we do?
We have our best men on it
What else are we supposed to do?
We're trained to ex-filtrate him
We know we must save his life

Toki; If we don't hurry up, he just might die!

We must call of the search
They have the upper hand
I've failed at my work
And I've failed this band

You mustn't worry, my friend
For you see, there's an answer
I know what we have to do

Alright, let's hear it

Gentlemen, I must speak to you
On behalf of the Church of the Black Klok
My words will never be as weighty
As they are right now, this is a challenge for you

I already don't like the sound of this

Many years from now, you'll know this
Moment was the one that proved your spirit
You must go in alone and save your brother

You mean coworker

I mean brother

You means rhythms-guitarist

I mean brother

Not brother, band-mate

I mean brother

Guy, stop saying 'brother'. You're grossing us out, thank you

You must be heroes

I await your decision
5. How Can I Be a Hero? (2:29)
What is a hero?
Who am I?
I'm a simple multi-platinum rockstar
Living a simple multi-platinum life
I don't know 'bout that crazy world
Just driving this A-list mile
I'm just a filthy rich economic power
And all that I need, I buy

Oh, how can I be a hero
When I'm just a krillionare?
There ain't no groupie blowjob
That can help me to prepare
How can I be a hero
When I'm just a man that is larger than life?
I'm just a tiny little minuscule superstar trying to get by

Maybe if we threw this life away
We could learn to live a different way

Oh, I'll go back to school and get myself a degree
In something fucking useless like psychology

I could gets myself a wifes and leads a different lifes
And hides out in the bathroom and jack offs every nights

Start driving a hybrid, brag that I'm saving the planet

Quotes SNL's at works all days and acts like it's adlibs

But if that's the life of a regular jackoff
I'll probably just kill myself


How can I be a hero
When my dick is big as a shoe?
There ain't no all-access passes
That will help me to break through
So many items on my backstage rider
But there ain't no bravery
I'm just the 7th top financial power, but I'm little ol' me

How can I be a hero
When I get everything for free?

I've screweds more girls than Wilt Chamberlains
I can proves it with my STD's

How can I be a hero
When we're the world's largest metal band?

I'll never be a hero
'Cause I'm better than everyone, but I'm just a man

I'm afraid the answer is no
6. The Fans Are Chatting (2:24)
Though Dethklok hasn’t performed in a very long while.
A big show is coming up which will be just in time
because people around the world have been very concerned
about the lack of Toki Wartooth in the press world.
He hasn’t been seen in public, where could he be?
The band released a statement:

He’s fine don’t worry about Toki.

Well he’s okay and we’ll see when they play.
That’s the Dethklok minute. Have a great day.

He’s been out of the public eye.
We’re worried we’ll be denied.
One fifth of our favorite band.
We’re the power. We’re the fans.
We want answers. Where’s Toki? Where’s Toki?
We want answers. Where is the man?

We’re going online we’re gonna get to the bottom of this.
Going online gunna get to the bottom of this.

I heard a rumor from my roommate Matt
that he can’t play guitar because he got too fat.

I heard Toki’s at a rehab place
because he did so many drugs that
he melted his face.

I heard he’s getting plastic surgery done.
They’re putting in horns and cleaving his tongue.

I heard he’s gone cause his hair went away.
They’re putting in transplants now he’s totally gay.

[FANS 1]
You’re gay!

[FANS 2]
You’re gay!

[FANS 1]
You’re gay!

[FANS 2]
You’re gay!

You are all wrong you don’t know the whole story.
Toki’s been kidnapped with the girl by some men.
Oh Dethklok could save them but they can’t be bothered.
These cowards may never see their Toki again!
Dethklok doesn’t care about their best friends.
They could be responsible for their death!

It’s good to be here tonight!
Lemme hear ya!


And on rhythm guitar Mr Toki Wartooth!!

[Hologram of Toki is glitching and fans see there is no Toki]


We want Toki back! [8x]

Oh my god they’re leaving the show.

We don’t want our fans to go!

I think I know what I must do...
People of the world I want you to know.
Toki! We’re coming to save you!
7. Abigail's Lullaby (1:42)
Don’t be scared my little friend.
I am here with you.
Things have gotten so bad.
But I am here with you.
We’ll most likely die.
They’ll pull off our skin.
They’ll poke out our eyes.
They’ll play in our blood.
Be cannibalized.

They’ll bath us in acid.
They’ll chew through our brains.
They’ll chop up our guts and cut up our veins.
But close your eyes. Drift away.
Dream into your happy place.
Remember the finest moments in your life.
It’s your power and your strength.
Your happy place.
Go there now. Now. Go. Go there now.
8. Some Time Ago... (3:41)
Magnus has been kicked out of the band.
I think the four of us understand
that we gotta make a record.
Gotta make it great.
It’s our very first one. It must annihilate.
Since we fired the man we are short one artist.
We need to fill the void. We need a guitarist.
But he’s gotta fit right. Gotta be the right vibe.
He’s gotta fucking rock because we are Dethklok.

I disagrees for you sees we don’t needs nobody else.
Dis shoulds be a ones guitar bands.
Yes indeeds. Ain’ts nobodys goods as me.
Can match my speed. And conquers me.

Look at all these hopeful auditioners.
Oh they came from so far away.
But if you show them you are the best then
YES you may have your way.
If you hack all them into pieces with your mighty shredding axe.
then we will forever from this moment on be a four piece
and you will be the only guitarist of DETHKLOK.


[Skwisgaar begins playing. The auditioning guitarist don’t even get a chance to play. They shoot through the roof, blow up, get sucked out of the window. Their guitars explode.]

Shred its now. Your goings down.
Takes ones more. This ams a war!
Shred its now. Your goings down.
Goings down. Yeah!

I ams a wizard I am a sorcerer and
I’ve proven to dis world that we don’t need nobody.
We ams a one guitar band. Yes indeed.

You have been bested by the master.
Bow before your glowing guitar god.

Someone keeps on knocking.
Someone’s at the door.
Let them in right now.
Appears to be one more.

Hellos. I’m sorrys.
I got lost alongs the way.
My name is Toki. I am just a boy here form Norway.
I’m so sad. I missed mys auditions appointsments today.
But I think that you shoulds gives me a chance anyhow
because I have this feeling.
Something tells me
this was meant to be.
Do you feel this electricity?
Gives me this chance.

Alrights. You seem so nice.
It’s a shames you must go downs this way.
9. The Duel (2:35)
[cuts from "Some Time Ago" to a long ass, but great, guitar solo... until Toki messes up]

Oh, you did so well...

But you blew the last part...

Oh, you were so very close...

But it all fell apart...

It is time for you to go...

But befores you leaves, you must understand...
That nobody's ever made me plays this wells...
I want you in this band!
10. I Believe (2:26)
I can’ts believes is this really happenings to me?
Just yesterdays I was a kids on the streets.
My familys, they didn’ts cares about me.
Now I’ve got my owns and I can dos anything.

[TOKI (Dethklok in background)]
Yours my brothers now.
Lives togethers now.
I has found a home.
Nevers be alone.

We just put our album out.
We just went to number one.
We just found our fanbase now.
We are making money now.
Use it to buy everything.
Dethklok getting powerful.
We are known across this world.

I believe this is my dream come true.
And I never thought I’d have a family
but that family it is you.
Now I can see happiness is for me it true.

This is such a strange new crazy life.

Everythings am better now that he ams in de band dis times.

Ive nevers been sos happys in my life.
My brother gives me the power to survives.

I believe this is my dream come true.
And I never thought I’d have a family
but that family it is you.
Now I can see happiness is for me it true.
I believe. [x10]
11. A Traitor Amongst Them (0:40)
It appears as though Dethklok is going to rescue their "bandmate"...
And if they fail, we could lose everything...

I could save them, or I could kill them, but I will do your bidding, my masters...

So much better now that he is under your control.

Yes... but you should know that we have a traitor amongst Dethklok,
and when the time is right, they will be put into action... but for now, we must watch them.
12. Training / Do it all for My Brother (3:34)
We are running out of time.
You’ve trained and you’ve been primed.
But before we send you out into the night.
Accept these gifts, these munitions.
They will aide your dark missions.
Use them with your power and your might.

Laser shooting lyric pen.
Poison dart drum stick.
Razor wire guitar strings.
Bass pick throwing star.
Hot Topic gift card...
that combined with a polymer will explode.

As the prophecy foretold the DOOMSTAR has been born.
And you all will be endowed with a power known to none.
The Deth lights are within you all waiting to be woken.
And when the five are united the evil will be broken.

I know that you doubt yourself
but you don’t have to worry because we believe in you.
Oh they already see you as a leader
and you can carry them into glory
but it’s all up to you you you.
You may not know you have the power
but it’s very clear to me.
The closer you are to your brother
the stronger you will be

Stop using that word ‘brother’
it’s weird to me.

[ad-libbed agreement]

How dare you?
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
This is blasphemous what you say.
He is your family and he is your heart.

But when you say that it feels so very gay.

You must understand that if I had my brother alive,
the strength I would have.
But you don’t you’re all selfish bastards
and you make me sick to my stomach-

Because I do it all for my brother.
Yes my heart still burns for you.
Oh I’d wheel into battle if it meant one more moment with you
but it’s too late you know that it’s true.

I’ll live for you and I’ll die for you.
And I’ll love for you and I’ll cry for you.

Do it all for my brother do it all. [6x]

Enough of this.
We’ve had as much as we can take of this brother stuff.
We will go forth and rescue our BANDMATE as discussed.
13. Before You Go (1:26)
Before you go, I need your attention...

Many years ago, when I took this contract
I swore a sacred oath, to protect this new act
Never to deceive them, or put them in harm's way
Lead them into danger, or lead them astray
The circumstances changed, now I'm in the middle
Of the darkest times, this prophetic riddle
I cannot stand by, and refuse protection
Consider this my resignation from this whole profession!

I was a good man for this job, but it's time for me to go...
I cannot lead you further, oh, in my heart this truth I know...
I bid you all farewell, consider this a vacancy...
I wish you best of luck now, you will have been the greatest work I've ever done in my entire... life!

Good day to you...
Good day...
14. The Answer is in Your Past (1:17)
Offdensen’s gone and we’re on our own.

Nice way to starts our journey with no protections.

Gotta find where Toki’s at.

I’m telling you all the answer’s in your past.
Does this sound to you like it’s a clue?
Magnus talking about the depths of humanity.
Does this sound to you like it’s a clue?
Magnus talking about the depths of humanity.

Oh no we don’t know whoa oh.
Oh no we don’t know whoa oh.

Wait a minute.
Magnus said they'd be waiting in the depths of humanity.
Now this may be a moment of total insanity
But you say the answer is in our past
and the time I heard those words last
was Toki's first gig a crappy warm up venue
a death metal bar with a garbage can menu
I believe, and pardon my profanity
That a clue is inside a bar called the-


The depths of humanity.
15. The Depths of Humanity (2:42)
Please heed my warning
before you enter here.
This is a den of resentment and jealousy
inside is all that you fear.
Stay close and keep your eyes open.
The ghosts of your past you will meet.
The failures of life they congregate here.
If they bring you down you will be beat.

Uh fuck you.

Oh my god, our old manager.

Oh my god, those old groupies.

Ohs my Gods, my old guitars teachers

A douchebag nightmare!

You were supposed to help me cause I helped you.
Where is my reward?


I taught you all the scales and vibrato.
You toss me overboard.


I slept with you all and fed you like kings
and you treat me like a whore.

Look at you now.
You’re all such big shots.
I hope you brought your cash.

Cause you owe us all for your success
and we’re gonna take it back.

[SKWISGAAR (Dethklok in background)]
We needs to find where’s Toki’s hidden.
Let’s finds a clue and thens we’ll leave this land forbidden.

This is bumming me out
this is bumming me out
this is bumming me out
this is bumming me out.

Mr Murderface,
you’re the only one we welcome here.
You’re not like the rest of them.
You’re better than the best of them
and I’m your biggest fan I hope that’s clear.



Planet Piss is my favorite band.
I consider you a king of this land.
I hope you let me take your hand
and offer you a beer because
I think you know that deep down
you belong with us down here.

So nice to be appreciated.

[SKWISGAAR (Bar people in background)]
We needs to finds a clue.
I’ll look if you do too.
There’s something on the wall.
I think I know where he is.

[BAR PEOPLE (background)]
You should be ashamed of yourselves
you should be ashamed [8x]

Just grabs him now.

[Nathan grabs Murderface kicking and screaming]

Let’s get out!

That’s the worst thing I’ve ever known.

Angry broke people who think that they’re owed.

Hold ons everybodys I’ve got something you should know.
I found this flyers on the walls inside.
I believes I knows where Toki ams imprisoned.
Our old practice space about a miles away
where Toki had his first auditions.
16. Givin' Back to You (2:45)
Oh, what’s that sound?

It’s the sound of angry musicians congregating.
We’ll have to fight out way through.

Looks like we’re not out yet.
These musicians ain’t our friends.
Obscure and broke they hate us for never helping them out.

They’re holding us back.
We’re under attack.
I can fight one or two.
But not all of these dudes.
We need a plan. There’s too many of ‘em.
I can’t take em all.
We gotta think like one of em.

Looks like they got us beat.
Looks like we’ll meet defeat.
What if we gave them no reason to hate us anymore.

Gimme the pen I’m gonna write a
check so they can buy some
groceries and pay the rent.

Takes my strings you could probably use ems.

Take my sticks and play the drums

Take my pick and play the bass.

We’re gonna help you rock this place!

The only way to- get on through you
is given it back. Giving to you.
We won’t beat you. But we can help you.
It took some time to realize that we are just like you.

I can’t believe how good it feels to be
giving to you, you’re giving back to me.

Oh no, we might’ve beat em,
but these junkies, they need us to feed them.
We need some drugs.

I don’t have none.

Whats we gonna do?

Oh shit we’re fucked!

Ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku

Ku ku I’ll fend em off.
Ku ku you save yourselves.

The only way to get on through you
is given it back. Giving to you.
We won’t beat you.
But we can help you.
It took some time to realize that we are just like you.

It feels so good. It feels so good.
Yeah. Oh no no no no.
It feeeeels so good.
So good I’m giving to you.
17. En Antris et Stella Fatum Cruenti (2:47)
Abigail and Toki
They might behind these walls

It must be you that rescues them
But I can help you through this door

At times like this
I wonders
Should we bes
A one-guitar band

I still think you're crazy fools
A setup is at hand

And I think we're in for
the fight of our lives

Is it all worth it?
One of us could die

Hold them all together
While I make my way
This will be an orgy of death
Throats will meet my blade

Oh, I think this setup is a trap
Yes I'm telling you
There's no way to escape
They got us surrounded
We're unarmed and naked

No one's on their way
To come and save the day
No one's on their way
No one's on their way
No one's on their way
To come and save the day

I order you
I'll create a distraction
So you can break through
Don't look back
Whatever you do

You let them get away

I do not fear you

Then you are a fool
And you will die

What have you done?
You've murdered him
This wasn't part of
My plan

This was never
Your plan
18. The Crossroads (0:50)
My god. They killed him.

What should we do?
What should we do?

This is our chance.
We should make a run for it now.
Because if that were me inside,
none of you would come to save me anyhow.

You’re out of your mind.
Because if that were you inside,
I’d use every breath and risk my life for you.

Let’s do what we came here to do.
19. Morte Lumina (4:08)
You took my brother from me.

Well we’d rather burn in Hell then let you take ours.

My god... what is this!!???

One of them has died it’s all my fault.
I can’t believe what I’ve seen.
These men have the power of Gods.
I tried to bring them down.
I am not the hero. I’m the villain.
And I too must go down.


Men and women of the Earth
I give to you the grand rebirth
of our brother on guitar.

The blazing star. It burns so bright.
The darkened power. The DETHLY LIGHT.
Bring it on now. This is our time.
We’re the new regime together we’ll fight.
20. Blazing Star (4:30)
[Bonus Track]

the glowing clouds the diamond’s birth
the spiral cluster descends to earth
the nebulas conspire to bring
the signifier and the deth of a king
I’m a man with a tortured sight
I fear this dream will end tonight
the water beasts continue singing
we try to wake but we’re not dreaming
I’m gonna find you
I’m running out of time
I gotta play this part
this is my lot in life
with this power I am endowed
the end is coming so bring it on now

Oh the keeper wields his scythe
Oh you gotta kiss this life goodbye
there is another place beyond we’ll meet in time
and i will greet you all in the next life yeah

the blazing star it burns so bright
the darkened power the dethly light
bring it on now this is our time
we’re the new regime together we’ll fight
Bring it on now!

the blazing star it burns so bright
the darkened power the dethly light
bring it on now this is our time
we’re the new regime together we’ll fight
Bring it on now!
21. The DOOMSTAR Orchestra (23:23)
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