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Demise - Torture Garden cover art



Torture Garden

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsEmpire Records
Album rating :  -
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Torture Garden Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-12-03)
1. Torture Garden (4:25)
In thy garden of torture and pain..
I wait in silence
For thee my God
Only for you
I reveal my sorrow
For us, there is no tomorrow..

The earth in ashes
And through my tears
I see nothig...

For it is
To you I descend my arms
Open from you
I can depend on eternal suffering
World without end
Everlasting pain
To me you have gave

The earth in ashes
And through my tears
I see nothing...

In thy garden of torture and pain
I wait, no longer in silence
For you, I am what you are
Unholy one too
For you Are I

The dark moon rises night after night
2. Oath Of Chaos (4:06)
Somewhere in the deepest space
Oath of chaos was appear
I said ti us in a digital way
Cancelled all synthetic rules
Showed us a different way
To go...

Chaos... Chaos...

We worship this oath
And become so strong
We feel the force
The force from the space

Different point of view
means misunderstood
It's hard to go out of this circle
The truth is so hard to understand
But we can't stop it
The show must go on

We think about escape
Escape into digital world
Then into chaos
We can create
Our own world and rules

Chaos... Chaos.

Clear like a tear
Now I can stop to cry
3. Revelation (5:26)
Through lies
The revelation is coming
Ancient orders crossing their ways
Celebrating the truth which I create
Delve in secrets of their sick thoughts.

Waiting for glory...
I create the universe

They worship and are bowing to me
I need human things
And they will do it for me.
Blinders and no ears
Beings with no soul

Revelation like a divine touch
Wonderful material for orders to make
Unconscious of their deeds and convictions
Escaping the fear

Waiting for glory
I create the universe

They worship and are bowing to me
I need human things
And they will do it for me.
Blinders and no ears

The Revelation is coming
Night became day and continue into infinity.
4. Termination Of Souls (4:07)
I see the ruins languishing in loneliness
You won't be killed by a blazing thunder
But you'll die under your own weight
And earth won't acceot

The suicidal human tomb
But will spit on its bones

Greato hour. An hour of creation
And no prohet will pluck up his courage
To call us in grief and fear

Implant the power of inspiration
In the new shapes
Make use of your strength
Thus your own thoughts
And be aware that hard days are coming
I give the weak a look of contempt...

The suicidal human tomb
But will spit on its bones...
5. Unjust (3:41)
This is the day
The day when the went away
Will it come again?

His hands lie silent
The old wooden guitar
Sits in a corner but not too far

While at his rest from the unjust ordeal
In they came for his things
Did they steal

The anger
The rage
The tears of a friend
Won't bring back
The tings of lifetime

Now a few years have passed
Since this unjust ordeal
Back stronger than ever
Is this real?

He takes the stage
One more time
The crowed is hushed up he climbed
With guitar in his hand and smile on his face...

Once more he is embraced...
6. Ravaged (5:33)
Humans will and have
Ravaged the earth
Now and forever
Looking for rebirth
Man knows no limits
What have they done?!

Only the creatures will suffer
On this dark day
To us they say
It will be too soon
When it all goes away...

The fields of joy have all been destroyed
The greed of man has killed them indeed.

No more is the dove
Or the fish in the stream
Oil and ashes
Cover everything...

When man think
They can take away life
From the forests
That keep us at night
And the wind thath lets us breathe
And take flight

It all could have beedn changed in a second
If they listened to the prohets of old
Who warned us what would happen...
7. Evil Deeds (3:31)
Love pain love
Penetraiting feelings in the devils eye
Look around through human beings
Describe your feelings and spit it out
Straight on their faces

Hate me, nad want me to kill
Love me, and want me to kiss

Ignore me, and piss on my face
Trust me, and give me your hand

Once again I participate
In this masquerade
Sweetly smiles, gentle gestures
Apparently love, apparently friendship

Hate me, nad want me to kill
Love me, and want me to kiss

Hidden feelings create a sick
Infect all contemporary world
Provoke a war, provoke a death
We loosing control...
Cheerful group of friends
Rotten stinking, and sick like a hell...
8. Grieve No Longer (3:46)
The Masses gather for another look
At the one who lays in the crypt
His eyes are closed
His arms are crossed

Never again...
Never again...
To walk this earth...
To walk this earth...

His worth was known
To all mankind
Things he did
And all to soon
He met with death
Before the rising of the moon...

Grieve no longer
He would have said
To all the people around his grave
I'll be waiting for all of you
On the other side from you I cannot hide.
9. Abandoned (4:43)
To see the truth is to see the lies
False hope from the blasphemous one
Who invades of minds
Who invades of minds.

The original sin that has plagued us all
Throughout time
We know this well
We paid the price for your sin
Oh holy one you say
That yours is the only way
But hell on earth has it been today

Sorrow and pain throughout the years
My conviction of justice is my reward
For you abandoned me
When I failed

I have risen above it all
To take my place upon the wall
Beside the ones
Before me, I will not fail

To seek the truth of truths
And I will not fail
To gain riches and fame, I do not care
Tell everyone, everyone
10. Remains Of Yesterday (4:50)
Remains of yesterday
Looking through times which pass
I'm trying to reach my memory
As deep as I can
I hear and see fly fairest remembrances
Independent wriring inside of me

Deep in me - only my thoughts
Deep in me - just my desires

The reality lost its meaning
I just know the secrets of my sins
Everything I did and what I stopped to do

Deep in me - only my thoughts
Deep in me - just my desires

Events went one after another
They're following me, step by step
And I try to escape but every next trail
Mission abandoned

Remains of yesterday
Tomorrow will not be the same
I see through times
I can not stop

Deep in me - only my thoughts
Deep in me - just my desires
11. Deadly Embrace (3:37)
In the darkness, above us there are sleepers
I saw your arm
Stretched towards the strong
Bloody hand, which on earth
Has put your heavy sword

His arm, bent in a deadly embrace
I see it here before my eyes
The hand had been cut off

The brightness is reaching to the horizon
And beow Precipice is opening her eyes
Like a pyramid upside down

His arm, bent in a deadly embrace
I see it here before my eyes
The hand had been cut off

In these lights
Like ghosts or shadows
Are hunters, moving about hastily
The nights gone away
Her silence as well
I am drawing aside
The silver starry veil.
12. Ecstacy And Rapture (4:45)
In the garden of ecstasy
By sensual touch
Like a snake
I embrace your tender points
I know all your hidden dreams
But perform is a crime

Two faces of desires
Two faces of beings

I can lose my life and destroy myths
On the edge of values
I see the meanings
Intention inside of me
Destroy my fate

I'm following my dreams
It's just loneliness
Fear screaming through my body
Temptation became a target
And with my love my soul's gone

I serve you, and I don't care of nothing else
I comply in you and don't think of nothing else

Rays coming into my world
I'm burning inside like a firebird
I'm looking in evils eye and see myself
The power of your expression
Your sensitive touch is more important
Than everything, also me.
Now the universe is not the same
13. Never Ending Pain (3:21)
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