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Decrepid - Devoted to Death cover art

Devoted to Death

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
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Devoted to Death Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2016-03-24)
1. Devoted to Death (4:00)
Nerves twitching
The look in the eyes
Of the dead body
Becomes deeper

(first empty)
Stillness / Staring
lying on the filth
Dragging / pieces
Blood stained marks
Holding /The cleaver
all the limbs

(first two empty)
Stench of/ the pile
of human pieces
Hungering/ for more
Tearing apart the limbs
Deafening /screams
Blood pours from the gashes
The wall/ splattered
Countless bruises and cuts

(One empty)
Devoted / to Death
Pleasure / from despair

(one empty)
Pain feeds /the addiction
Slashing/ part of bodies
Hanging on /metal hooks
Watching it /bleeding dry

(Random screams)

Devoted / to Death
Pleasure / from despair
2. Sins of Sodom (2:26)
for the sins of sodom
have arose again
in the streets filled many men
not one day pass without a lie

in this city
lives no pride

your righteous soul
destroyed with fear

not 50,not 40 not even 10

stands the honour
within these men

Sins of Sodom

Marching towards

without retire
the people gather

young and old they
invade our land

"bring them to us!"
for they desecration

Sins of Sodom
3. Avoiding Humanity (3:16)
Scum of earth
Raving cancer
The worst of pests
Disgusting Beings

The shelter I take
Is to die

No choice
Molesting me
All I want
Is to die
Lying and Cheating
Compulsive tricksters
Taking advantage
Of each other
Killing for nothing
Taking everything
Animal nature
That never ends

All to die
Of human beings

Avoiding humanity
4. Goats Blood (3:47)
Altered state of mind
Reaching for a higher level
The thing that takes me there
Is the poison that keeps me going

Burning my mouth
Melting my tongue
Rotting my throat
Healing my soul
It’s on my blood
It is my blood

Prison I live in
Paradise I seek
I will fight
To keep it alive

Burning my mouth
Melting my tongue
Rotting my throat
Healing my soul

Goat’s blood
Drink it or die
Goat’s Blood

Contaminating it
Invading our soul
Taking all over
The goat’s blood

Everywhere is lost
Everything is dead
5. Purgatory (3:23)
I see you go by
weaving your lies
ruining life's

grinding my teeth
trembling with rage
watching you work

demons inside
running wild
deep inside

screaming rage
no remorse

no more control
or holding back
nothing but death
total death
violent death
painful death
pure relentless death

now you see
my crimson grin
drip by drip
onto your chin
eyes gleaming
soul screaming
violent death

soul screaming
no remorse
6. Endless Hate (3:56)
Beyond the point
Of extreme pain
Carrying on searching
For those who caused it

Covered in / Sores / and bruises
Seeking / revenge / upon those
Who defied / my ideals

Without a choice
They will suffer
Tasting bitterness

Disgraced soul
That never will
Give up hunting
The fake and traitors

Making them beg
Hopelessly for mercy
Imposing them
Their own poison

Beyond the point
Of extreme pain
Carrying on searching
For the endless hate
7. Kill or be Killed (3:46)
Shattering all Bones & Shredding Cartilage
Destroying all Organs & feasting in murder
Enhanced killing skills of an Elite Soldier
Savoring the taste of every Slaughter

Soulless Puppets of a Brain dead army
Dripping with Blood of a million men
Annihilating all while they beg for there lives

Making them suffer
Making them scream
Conquering all
Ignoring all plea's

Drilled into there minds
Mercy denied


8. Born to Die (4:52)
From Darkness
Stood the king
Ready for battle
The killing spree

There is no hope
For salvation
Only choice
Is to die
The suffering is
The beginning
Eternal pain for all
Death is a relief
That won’t be given

He was born
Out of anger
And pain
Possessing your soul
Feeding the mouth
Of desolation
And death
Born to die

Once conceived
There is no return
He was born
To die

Running through the veins
Crawling up your skin

He was born
Out of anger
And pain
Possessing your soul
Feeding the mouth
Of desolation
And death
9. Bloodlust (4:14)
Madness / manifests
to form my avatar
Minds / are raging
Unleash the beasts of war

In this war
We feel no pain
Senses blinded
By the red mist at dawn

Tearing limb from limb
Anger that’s within
Killing is my sin
Decapitate your king

Battlefields my home
Skulls rest on my throne
Taking souls in whole
Blood sword ever warm

Destroying of the weak
The smell of death we seek
Conquering of the land
We are the stronger man


For the beast within
Decapitated king
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