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Deadlock - Earth.Revolt cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal
LabelsLifeforce Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  2
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Earth.Revolt Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-04-21)
1. Demonic (Tonus Diabolus) (0:31)
2. 10,000 Generations in Blood (8:04)
these were his last words to a cursed world:
...now let that red sword of virtue stich right through my heart...my blood shall flow to the sinful grounds and may my wounds never bleed dry...
cause this is the blood sent from the heavens and it shall pave the way to solution... blood drips from your hands and you will never wash them clean...
blood always cries for blood...the blood of the innocent screams for yours... heaven now cries with tears that are flowing forth like a stream and
the blood of your victims shall drip from the skies like rain and may the sun fall into oceans of blood... death and darkness shall reign for ten thousands
of generations...your children will be drenched in blood... Because he who kills cannot love and he who loves would never kill....
there is no forgiveness and no mercy when mankind forgets its duties to creation and when my last words are spoken your families shall be cursed....
now take my life, take my blood...to fulfil your hearts of hatred... you wanted the blood from the innocent and soon the innocent will splatter the ground
with yours... and your children shall pay for the sins of their fathers...ten thousand generations in blood.... ... ... he died and his words like thounderous blows
rang and rolled over the earth... like a breath, like a wind, like a shadow, a phantom... and on the darkened sky crows will appear to bring back the light
to the believers....
this was the day the earth stood still, he left their rotten world behind, murky storm clouds began to darken the sky and in that darkness justice should rise again ...
3. The Year of the Crow (4:11)
into the sky, into the blood drenched skies...his soul flew away to rally the death-hordes up in heaven....
and wherever his soul may go his words shall bring blood and honor...
hunt down the unworthy and the traitors soon it will come the year of the crow... who will save you now, from the sins of your fathers, while the death-hordes prepare
for the final battle....hail.....to the battlesky.....hail.....the year of the crow...and while cold winds of death penetrate the enemies hordesglorious are they
who ride these winds... for they truely are the rulers of the battlefields....demonic crow will be unleashed and will spread her wings like a plague.... it`s the blood sent
from the heavens and you still make the sign of the cross, you devils... hunt down the unworthy and the traitors.... soon it will come
the year of the crow... for they truely are the rulers of the battlefields... or did they really expect to reap love, while the seed is torture
and pain.... hail, to the battleskies; hail, mankind condemned to die in the year of the crow...
4. Everlasting Pain (6:45)
may your weapons melt like wax in the fire of the burning skies. may your armies be torn apart while the storm goes berserk
now hold on to your life built on lies and exploitation
hold on to your wasted life and pray to your god
you hold on to your life and beg for salvation
still hold on to your life there is no place to hide
because we are reborn in flames and purified in our own blood
...and your pain shall be everlasting...
may your kindred watch us pronouncing sentence
now you walk the endless road from heaven to hell
with every step you take you can feel the pain
you filled thousands with sorrow and now you get it all back
...and you pain shall be everlasting....
5. Earth.Revolt (4:35)
beneath the burning skies the war rages on
but we still hold the future in our hands
beneath the burning skies the storm rages on
but our tortured hearts still beat
you`d better die with honour than to live with shame
now let the earth speak for the revolution
raise your voices: earth.revolt
beneath the burning skies the sea rages on
but we still hold the future in our hands
beneath the burning skies mankind`s drowning
but our tortured hearts still beat
beneath the burning skies people are dying
but we won`t let the earth die
beneath the burning skies now join our forces
as long as our hearts still beat
6. More Tragedies to Come (6:03)
away away from here beyond the reaches of the plague, the ravens return, demons rising...they spew death across the skies and leave the world in flames. Away away from here beyond the faces of the dead now drag me through this hell, while the crows will cry for more tragedies to come.
Away away from here beyond the bloodred battlefields i try to spread my wings and fly...
Now as the end is near, sun is set -forever gone, beautyful days will never come again.... now as your end is near. Deeper deeper fall away from paradise, in these days we spew death across the skies...
Away away from here...
7. Awakened By Sirens (5:25)
By the light of the moon dark toughts rise up…they haunt my dreams
while the wind carries their voices and screams over the land
Awakened by sirens, armed with the wrath of Gods, we ride the storm, may our rage defend creation
Under cover of darkness you raped innocent life
beneath the bleeding horizon your end`s now justified
By the light of the moon dark thoughts rise up... now we haunt your dreams while the wind carries our warcries to your empires
8. Kingdom of the Dead (5:36)
kingdom of the dead. world breaks apart. thunder spreads across the lands.
Now we`ve come here to kill you and we won`t leave until you died.
In your blood we kneel emotionless we`ll watch your end.
Now we`ve come here to kill you and we won`t leave until you died.
Soon you will be king in your kingdom of the dead...endless torture laments of fear no mourning your kingdom`s near
While the earth is crying mankind`s slowly dying we stand in the ruins of civilization
Mankind`s slowly dying we spit on your grave the kingdom of the dead.
9. May Angels Come (11:12)
Through all the pain an misery you were supposed to bring us back the smile
We lay screaming in agony for too many years now
Mankind is nothing more than an empty name, i closed my brothers` eyes tonight.
All your pretty faces hide demons insde
Take me from this hell or take the hell away from me
Like the decaying babylon your empires shall burn and now you cry for freedom
May angels come to save our souls from the lies of this world
Now angels of mercy go find your way through all the decay come and take us away
Up in the skies the storm is raging mankind is now on the gateway to extinction
Through all the pain and misery out in the ruins you seek shelter you will lie screaming in agony until we rip your heart out
An army risen from the graves to regain our place on earth
An alliance with angels of vengeance let the prophecy come true
Now when i hold you cold face to mine i can see that the sun will shine again
10. Harmonic (1:49)
Mankind made it
But in beauty it began
And in beauty a new day will arrive
We will protect ourselves with modesty
We will treat creation with respect
May our children be raised in beauty
May we all speak in beauty
Beauty before me
Beauty behind me
Beauty above me
Beauty beneath me
Beauty all around me
May it all end up in beauty
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