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Dark Age - The Silent Republic cover art

The Silent Republic

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresExtreme Power Metal
LabelsRemedy Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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The Silent Republic Lyrics

Submitted by level chelsea485 (2016-08-23)
1. Introduction (1:14)
2. The Silent Republic (4:15)
I am just an innocent Bastard
What can you expect from me?
My energy is empty -
My batteries run low
Life leads into a hopeless situation
Leaves me with a broken motivation
I can't try harder
No one who fights more than me

I don't want to try no more
I don't really want to cry no more
This time I quit
No place for me to fit
I don't want to give no more
I don't really want to live no more
This world is sick
Welcome to the Silent Republic...

I know we share this feeling
I know the pain you hide
You're sick of your senseless being
Attracted to suicide
Agonized by the fools who don't care
We will break from the truth of despair
No one tries harder
No one who fights more than us...

We don't want to try no more
We don't really want to cry no more
This time we quit
No place for us to fit
We don't want to give no more
We don't really want to live no more
You think we're sick?
We are the silent Republic...
3. Daily Combat (3:41)
I am a stone cold rocker
With his flames in my eyes
A bloody motherfucker
Who can't take no more lies
I kill just by the way that I feel
My head is up high
Never will I kneel
I am a hater

I was born to fight in a daily combat
But I found my way to a better day
All that you give will be all that you get
This time it is too late for regret

Were you born to fight a daily combat
I have found a way to a better day
All that you that give will all that you get
This time it is too late for regret

The cause for this war
Is hard to realize
I know that you can't take it
Your silence means demise
My thrill will be your overkill
Bad luck to the world of fuck

I am a hater

You don't know how I feel inside of me
You don't know how it feels to be free
You are just a lifeless shell
So worse, even life can tell
4. Know Me Strong (4:14)
So you think you know
How it is to be like me
I guess my eyes they show
Me going on with instability
All I feel is frustration
I need a break to regenerate
These wounds are negation
I know that you are sure
That all help is too late

But there is so much more
You have to search inside
I'm just too weak right now
Too weak to unite
My powers

Can you feel it?
I will prove you wrong!

Cause if you see me weak
You should know me strong
If you think I'm weak
You should know this song
You think that I am weak?
You should know me...

Truth comes with falling
Now I know what I mean to you
My tries were calling
For your hand just to make it through
What a bitter deception
To disdain the one that could not suspect
That this hurting rejection
Is a proof for missing respect

Now that there is nothing more
I have to find inside
I feel my strength again
Ready to turn the tide
5. Suicide Crew (2:40)
Save your souls
We are a new kind of nightmare
Your falling children
Born to show that we don't care
Helpless protest with a weak intention
is our gift to achieve attention
Our loaded guns need no faked liberty
Will blow away our painful misery
Welcome the ones
That know the only way
To show this world
How to get away

We are the Suicide Crew

Save our souls
This is a god damned nightmare
Where are the ones who show
that they do care?
We kill our cries with a wrong intention
Our broken dreams need
the world's attention
Ignored and seen as useless casualties
can't be the way to better possibilities
Accept the truth
This is our destiny
We are the youth
Awaiting your reality...
6. Cut the Flesh (3:49)
My razors are trained to mark a surface
Every time I fall
it forces me to punish my skin
Remorse has proved to be a sadist
And I don't care at all
if people see the shape I am in

Day by Day
another conflict causes to cut the flesh
And if these wounds fail to show the truth
I got to cut even deeper

The scars are true art of expression
Signs of tragedy
With no doubt sick -but keeping alive
My way to let out all aggression
A different therapy
Possible with the blade of a knife

But I can't find my soul...
7. Return (4:42)
Faith falls with its sons
Beware of an new probation
The same source sets free the ones
who find bliss in their malevolent determination
Terror to achieve control
What a sinful proof for an ill natured soul
A culture has been forced to stagnate
Empty hope has spread the seeds of hate

Is this the return?

Stay, stay away from me

Stay away
I can't take this one more day
I don't want to give this one more try
A holy war needs a faithless lie

A return of an old damnation
tries to rearrange the coming of time
Close to a situation
known to the world as the mediaeval crime
This is a modern crusade
caused by the decadence of a nation
A conflict with a need to degrade
the greatness of our fragile civilisation

This is the Return

This threat is deeper
It is inside of us all
8. Last Words (5:24)
Today I have lost my inner fight -
time for me to go
Innocence aches if you are angry inside
I want you to know
that injustice broke my inner defence
and now I am here to take the consequence

Your false and cold society
are dreary minds and mean nothing to me
I can't go any further -
I have reached the point of no return

These are my last words
to a world I will leave behind
These are my last words
to the ones I cannot find

Bury my heart under a different sun
with a light that is brighter
Shining on me to show everyone
here lies no fighter
Just a dreamer born with a crystal soul
inside of a shell
I am Falling deep into a bottomless hole
Awaiting the end that only time could tell

The sources are cold reality,
careless minds that mean nothing to me
I can't go any further
I have reached the point of no return
9. Now or Never (4:39)
It is the same old path to nowhere
Built from the hands of deceit
Tenacity has failed to repair
the ruins of our hearts
That once had been complete

This is the time to carry our pride
This is the time to believe and to reunite

It's now or never
We can make this dream last forever
All we need is in us
Let it all out to be free
It's now or never
We can make our selves come together
All we are is in us
Let it all out to be free

These inner walls are insecure
Complicity calls, unmasks us fragile
We got free in us what is pure
A revelation that is not hostile

This is the time to show all our pride
This is the time to stand up and to reunite

We play dark and heavy Metal
Born to fight this abrasive battle
We are a kind of new impulse
Your engine to achieve allied results
10. We Who Suffer (5:59)
I can't deny
that my heart is searching
And with every try
I can feel my hatred burning
What makes a believer
when it takes no faith to be free
Is there a deceiver
leading us into alacrity

Where are you?

We can't find our freedom
within this agony
Even if this faith could heal
It are we who suffer again
We don't need no freedom
cause we pay for hypocrisy
Even you know in the end
We who suffer again

You should be a saviour
Once on earth to bleed for the weak
Try Modern behaviour
for a world that cannot seek
This fallen belief I know
has no prospect
We will never achieve to grow
If carry on hiding
what is deep inside of us
11. Hells Bells (AC/DC Cover - digipack bonus track) (4:42)
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