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Crystal Eyes - Confessions of the Maker cover art

Confessions of the Maker

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal, Melodic Metal
LabelsHeavy Fidelity
Album rating :  81.2 / 100
Votes :  6
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Confessions of the Maker Lyrics

Submitted by level People (2011-09-12)
1. The Charioteer (4:30)
From the plains of power
whine the last stormy winds
For the guardian of Midgard
a final journey begins

Pre Chorus
By Odin's side
with the aesir gods behind,
a distant voice enters his mind

Lord of the sky, you're running out of time
The serpent will poison your sublime
Thunder and lightning may have dyed your blood
but you can't escape the twilight of the gods

With the hammer you have crushed
all who stood in your way
But strength and deity
won't help you on the final day

Pre Chorus
As chaos reigns
and the Valkyries sing,
a warning is sent only for him

Solo Dahl, Nyberg

Charioteer - You're a warrior without peer
Charioteer - But your grandeur will end right here
Charioteer - Charioteer - You're a warrior without peer
Charioteer - Charioteer - But your grandeur will end right here
2. Confessions Of The Maker (5:50)
When you think you're alone
the eyes of the world will read your mind for me
I'm the author of life
The maker of love and hate, tragedy and fate

Pre Chorus
I'm the chain, you're the slave
I'll be there from the cradle to the grave

All wars were mine, created for joy
I'm guilty of every crime
When you cry in tears I smile in delight
I am the answer to what you fear
and all that you see
My pleasure is your destiny

When you stand in the rain,
abandoned and naked, I can not deny
my desire to plague
Well, my rules are mean, but fair and valid everywhere

Pre Chorus
I'm the wolf, you're the lamb
In my world you are forever damned

Solo Dahl

Once you're born you'll find yourself
placed behind the scenes of the theatre of pain
Dazed and hollow you will dwell
until it is your turn to take part in the play of God

3. Northern Rage (4:48)
Restless and fierce we're approaching this unspoiled new ground
Eager to kill, feast and rape in this new land we've found

Pre Chorus
The moon is high, but no one knows
what's landed by the bay
In your town soon blood will flow
Just before the dawn of day

Warriors from the land of the midnight sun
Wield your axes for live shall none
For your gold and the slaughter
we have sailed far on stormy waters
Many coasts have been conquered and laid to rest
on our great never-ending quest
There is nothing to stop the northern rage
In this dark and violent age

At midnight we reach our target and the plundering begins
We slay every one of you as we enjoy our sins

Pre Chorus
The massacre echoes in the night,
filled with grief and pain
When the last home burn in the morning light,
nothing here remains


Longing for glory
We're the masters of the sea
Anger's our story
Gold and blood are all we need
Encouraged by the Gods
our journey shall go on forever

Solo Dahl, Nyberg
4. The Fools' Ballet (3:44)
Welcome to earth,
a circus where the clowns are in control
Welcome to life,
a state of hysteria programmed in your soul

Pre Chorus
Don't talk, don't think,
don't feel, stay out of the way
Just be glad and grateful
for your soon ending days

We are all the chosen ones
dressed up for God's masquerade
Without a stage and audience
we dance the fools' ballet

There's justice for all
behind the beautiful but false facade
Here women and men,
young and old are playing the great mortals' charade

Pre Chorus
Solo Dahl

Almighty father, thank you for all
the fun and excitement on your great ball
No matter what you have planned for us
we’ll perform until we fall

5. The Terror (7:13)
So you want to hear a tale, you say?
A true story from my younger days?
I'll try to recall, so now listen well
as I tell you about this demon from Hell

Far to the north, into the barren Wastes we went, my companions and I
To a place where the lost stronghold of king Tharngrim was said to lie
After many a peril we found it, but a shadow hung over the place
We were told of a prophecy. A demon returning one of these days

Pre Chorus
Shortly the keep was beset by a tide of Chaos, and we were pushed back
to the innermost hall, where we prepared a last stand for the final attack

Though we had fought hard and well our hopes were dead and gone,
for we all knew that the worst was yet to come
So there we stood in silence and stark fear, awaiting our fate
Then the silence ended as a tremendous force shattered the last gate

Ablaze in the darkness of the smashed gate was a pair of eyes. Like burning coal
It was violence incarnate, terrifying beyond comprehension to behold
Then it spoke with a roaring voice, and eyes shining brightly with insane bloodthirst
"I've come back, just as I promised. Well, little dwarfs, who wants to die first?"

Pre Chorus
Like a blood soaked god it came, truly the terror of its name
For the blood and souls it came, for an old debt to be claimed

As the prophecy foretold the foul demon returned
And the noble king Tharngrim painfully learned
that yesterdays glory can be turned into tomorrows doom
when he faced the Terror down in the mountain's gloom

Its axe rose and fell in great bloody arcs, turning the floor into a red lake
as it ploughed through the dwarf host and left a crimson ruin in its wake

And despite the sentinels' determination to protect their king
I witnessed the prophecy come true as the king was slain by this vile thing

Well, the story has come to an end
I hope you have enjoyed the tale, my friend
But listen to me, and listen well
They do exist, these demons from Hell
So now be sure to remember, my son,
that Chaos snare the unwary one
6. Panic (3:43)
My life is a bloody mess
To my body I have no access
I know what is right, but I'm not in charge
I can't let go of the knife
that I just have raised to end your life
One more awful crime to torture my mind

Pre Chorus
Let me out. Let me out of here
I just can't take it no longer
Let me go, and leave me alone
before I go insane

Born to run, and follow the sight
of despair, chaos and fright
Desperate taking soul after soul
I'm out of control
In panic I am damned to live my life

My actions are not of my will,
but they seem to give my brain a thrill
I can not resist my heinous slaughter
I'm caught in a mad machine
Destruction and death are all I've seen
How can I escape this hellish nightmare?

Pre Chorus
Solo Dahl
7. White Wolves (4:30)
The day of our revenge is dawning with a chilling haze
Like the day we fell from grace
It was a shameful black day when our bravery failed
But today valour shall prevail

Under the rising sun the mist of the morning clears,
revealing a forest of spears
A loathsome crawling mass of filth, roaring with bloodlust
Well, this time they will be crushed

Pre Chorus
The thunder of pounding hooves below
heralds the doom of our foes
Like thunder we descend upon our prey
For our shame they will pay

Might and honour
Now we shall restore our tarnished name and pride
Might and valour
Once again the White Company of Wolves rides
into battle and war

With the sound of horns and the rumbling roll of drums
we attack the tainted scum
Shouting war cries like howling wolves we ride down the slope
Our hearts filled with fierce joy and hope

No more shall we have to feel the infamous' bitter pain,
or bow our heads in shame
By death or victory our honour shall be restored
So, in the name of our Lord

Pre Chorus
Solo Dahl, Nyberg

With fury singing in our veins
we smite our fallen leader's bane
Our hammers are smashing a gory
path to redemption and sweet glory


Into battle and war
8. The Burning Vision (5:02)
Another day to fight for my unspoken rights
How can you say it's worth the price
you pay in a cage of lies?

Another chapter in the daily book if sin
Here I'm supposed to walk along
a path which I know is wrong

Pre Chorus
You may say I aim too high,
but I know what I have to do
I can't see the reason why
the old dream should not come true

Out of the void
Against the wind of madness
Into tomorrow I sail with my hope
No time to waste
I'm heading for the future
I'll carry on till I finally reach
my burning vision

Tired of being the prey and always hearing them say
You can not raise a family
lost in a fantasy

Detested by the fools who never break a rule
But their eternal jealousy
won't change my destiny

Pre Chorus

When dreams and memories collide
I'll be leaving for the final ride
Just like the wind I'll travel across the seas
Under skies of glory I will fly, forever free
Laughing at the pain in my past

Solo Nyberg, Dahl
9. Revolution In The Shadowland (4:29)
Rain - A million tears to the ground
Wind - The unmistakable sound of war

The rebellion has begun
Our freedom must be won
To the castle of tyranny we ride

Pre Chorus
Tear down the walls
Hunt the King out of his halls
Dethrone the One and we'll be in command

What ever we'll meet,
we won't surrender nor retreat
Freedom we claim to the Shadowland

No more lies. Let the crown of the tyrant fall
It's the final battle of the Shadowland
Glory days and peace are waiting for us all
It's the revolution of the Shadowland

Fight for all the painful years
when all we felt was fear
Drawn by insurrection we will prevail

Pre Chorus
Closer we come
Now we know what's to be done
The message we have for his majesty
Die tonight!

Solo Dahl, Nyberg

Rebels of the brave
Never loose your faith
Let us end it all tonight
Hold on to your hearts and fight


10. Terminal Voyage (4:47)
A cold and endless void of glimmering bright souls I see
Drifting around our sad and mundane reality

Pre Chorus
An astral plane filled with strange harmony
Where the dead march on, through infinity
But I don't know where they go
No one's come back to tell me the truth

Have you ever wondered what's beyond
your terrestrial life and corporal bonds?
Have you ever pondered on what's out there,
when your life is over and finished here?
The greatest mystery of all

On golden rays of light. On shining silvery beams
Ethereal beings float in beautiful glittering streams

Pre Chorus
Dancing slowly towards the unknown
To a place our Maker has shown?
Well, I don't know where they go
No one's come back to tell me the truth

Solo Dahl

All these souls, like a billion fires,
illuminate the void as life expires
But like grains of sand they are blown astray
On a terminal voyage they sail away
11. Silent Angel (5:25)
Lies, empty words in the wind
A tragic melody
Unwise is the one who believe in tomorrow

Pre Chorus
The shade of a loser never fades away
until the story ends
But there is a light where I lonely stray
and the light is you my friend

Silent angel from above
Take me on your wings of love
Fly me far away from here
Show me the way to the silence

Free is the one with a name
carved in a tombstone
Tell me, am I the one to blame for my life?

Pre Chorus
The pain is eternal when I realise,
all my thoughts were true
There's neither a Heaven nor a paradise
All I can believe in is you


I see her face in the crowds,
the darkness and the clouds
I'll wait for her until
I find eternal tranquillity

Solo Dahl
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