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Cromok - Mean, Meaner, Meanest cover art



Mean, Meaner, Meanest

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal
LabelsEMI Records
Album rating :  -
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Mean, Meaner, Meanest Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2012-04-26)
1. Suffer (4:30)
2. Journey (5:48)
The plight of the wanderer
Telling tales of endless sorrow
Life's been a shattered mirror
Trapped by the hands of time
Such longing that crippled my soul
The search of glory never dies in me

Wise man with guiding hands
Whose eyes shine in darkness
Please take me to where I belong
"Listen to my phrase of wisdom,
open your eyes to the vision of life,
your image of purity shows."

"Bow to the master,"
wise man says, "to see the light."

The wheel of life will be turned
Life hasn't been kind to me
Blinded by pleasure

Still travelling in misty sea
Pillaging through the trails of death
Will I ever end this Journey???????
3. Eclipse (4:53)
4. Seedling (4:06)
Sleep well dear children

Cause tomorrow you won’t remember me

I was your history, what you used to be

Can you recall the time you cry

When darkness, cold, fear and hunger

Scared you to death

You wish it wasn’t true

Wake up, the children are calling you

Have mercy on us, we’re helpless without you

Don’t let us die, don’t ask us why

I’m telling you to wake up

Wrinkled faces of your creator

Have mercy on us, words don’t come easy

We live in fear from your anger

The blood of sin runs through you

Candle of life burns on for you

Sleep well and never wakes up

The wheel has turned

Your children controlling you

You live in fear from your anger
5. Final Ticking (4:28)
Hour, the final hour

Feel the coldest sweat

The time is near

Trembling in fear

The days have pass behind

The future lies in front

Of you

What’ll you do?

Will it work out for you?

Nothing you can do

Hopelessly rotting flesh

Burn down to ash

Down the who will go down

For those who don’t prepare

Horror squeezing your brain

Nothing will remain

The eyes of suffering of near

Capturing your glimpse

No one can be a liar

Not in front of him

Final ticking

Don’t dare to think

Final ticking

An hour is a blink
6. The Other (6:07)
Try to decide

Solve a puzzle without a clue

Imagination can save yourself or split your head in two

Right and wrong would never be the same

For them

Your mind teach you to speak the truth

Listen to the others who tell stories and fairytales

Telling lies can save your skin from

Ugly words

The truth that you should tell to every one

But you ashamed of the truth that you have done

Humiliation is your enemy

The other

Can kill them with a single blow

Of fantasy, the more you tell the higher you will be

But if you fall smash yourself into tiny pieces

You cheat and lie

He’ll celebrate his own glory

He’ll live in guilt

Tortured by his own conciseness

How far can you go

How many stories can you tell him

Taught to be selfish

Think for himself

You speak the truth

He’ll rest in peace without a sin

Miserable life

Crucified by ruthless people

You know his weakness

To face the world with a guilty face

No respect for him

Isolated by his own shadow

Tell me where I’ve been (tell me)

Tell me cause I’m lost

Tell me what I’ve seen (tell me)

Tell me cause I’m blind

I can teach you lies

I can make a promise

I slip away from guilt

But you can’t escape from sin

I can speak the truth

I can teach you innocence

You can run away from guilt

But you can’t escape the world

We have given many guidelines

You can make your move

We have sacrifice the time

The time belongs to you

Further challenge and question

Don’t have to worry now

One of us will be here

One of us will show you how

Your time is up my friend

We’re listening to you

You can change your decision

Our decision has no rules

The world will be on their knees

Your fiction they will hear

Your body won’t stand on your feet

When everything is clear

I’m Jeckyll, I’m Hyde

We live inside you, you can’t hide

We’re in your mind, we’re in your heart

You can hear us till the day you die
7. Somewhere Anywhere (5:19)
Behold the truth of madness

For the earth I walked is free

I’ve paid my dues of empty

I’m nowhere to be seen

It’s a simple act of justice

There’s nothing more that I need

I know it’s a disease

The guilt I never plead
8. Obsessed (4:48)

We’re been blinded by creation that rule our life

Oblivious to us but it’s there

Looks can be deceiving

Whisper can be deafening calls

Pleasure and pain

Power and passion, greed and lust, they all stand tall

Dominant in the heart, fatality to the soul

Life is full of promises

Few are kept many are thrown away

Imprisoned in a cage of lust

Betray your own will

Captured by the frozen whirlpool of fantasy

Caught in the swamp of dreams

Trapped in a misty sea

Starving to death

Flame of obsession like a burning torch

It burns your misery

See if you recognize the voice that speaks to you

Soft silence whisper screaming to your ear

Demanding a better change, a better fate

A better future for your life

See if you recognize the light that shine in you

Colourful rainbow shine on us to see

Success could be happiness, could be fatal

Depend on what it may be

Obsessed, final challenge of your life

The game that you play, do it your own way

Obssesed, final challenge of your life

The path you have chosen, point of no return
9. Maram Perapu Kepunden Paran Sekeper (1:00)



Wall of lies

Hoards of ruthless guardians

Lead us the road to infinity

Hate us you just wait and see

Our time will come
10. Memories (5:46)
I’m not angry with life

I’m just bewildered

Chains of uncertainty

Are holding me down

Where am I to go

Who am I to blame

What am I to do

God, am I insane?

I never thought that my smile

Will put me deep into dept

I never thought that my innocence

Would stray me away from reality

I never thought that my life

Would resolved to emptiness

I never thought that in order to live

I have to bear so much pain

The sorrow of life has taught me

To accept many new beginnings

To smile even though it hurts

To reach out even if there’s no one there

To aim high and never say die

Cause there’s always sun at the end of the night


Tortured by my own memories


Trapped in my own memories

If your eyes are full to the brim

The teardrops are sure to fall down

For whom the eyes may starve tomorrow

Who knows, where it get lost

The tears that I had kept hidden in my…
11. Stranger (5:05)
Who am I, no one knows

Deep inside rigid skin

Suspicion, desire

Inner strength in my hand

Immortal, survivor

Healing pain, faithful friend

Believer, betrayer

Beware the final play

I’m a stranger?

You’re asking me

I’m a stranger?

That’s what I see

What you do, what you say

Witness’s eyes are there
They’re watching, they know

They’ll tell you where you’d go

Just one touch far apart

The stranger side by side

You a liar, tell no truth

I’m here, I’ve sworn the oath

The trust we had in you

The life that you’ve been through

It ways beyond thought

Unpredictable plot

Destroy the shape of me

Guilty as plead

How far you may fall

Find your own end

Trouble me disturb me

Annoy me, what I care

It’s your choice your desire

It’s what you want, please yourself

Unending happiness

Guarantee for one of us

Ignore me forget me

Dismiss me trust yourself
12. Misty (5:51)
Searching for an answer
Wandering through different place
Is there anything left for the heart so true?
Flying with broken wings
Plunging into certain death
The sight of you saves me from the fall

I reach out to touch you
Spread my wingds towards your heart
Fly until I reach, reach my destination
Will I ever win?
Your voice answer to my doubts
Failure does not exist, EXIST, exist in my life

You, hope lies in your spark
Like candles in the dark
Guide me with your heart
You, caught me by suprise
Blink of your eyes
Light the colour in the sky

Happy ever after
Million hands grab me away from you
Million reasons nothing, NOTHING!
I ever knew, will it ever matter?

Fantasy turns to shattered dreams
I don't know why they stop me, hate me
What have i done?
Sadness in my eyes
Even demons cry

I wait for you
There's nothing I can do
Even back to where I start
Broken wings with broken heart
13. Nightmare (4:22)
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