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Cromok - Forever in Time cover art



Forever in Time

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal
LabelsEMI Records
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Forever in Time Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2012-04-26)
1. Memories (5:48)
I'm not angry with life
I'm just bewildered
Chains of uncertainty
Are holding me down

Where am I to go
Who am I to blame
What am I to do
God, am I insane?
I never thought that my smile
Will put me deep into debt

I never thought that my innocence
Would stray me away from reality
I never thought that my live
Would resolved to emptiness
I never thought that in order to live
I have to bear so much pain

The sorrow of life has taught me
To accept many new beginnings

To smile even thought it hurts
To reach out even if there's no one there
To aim high and never say die
Cause there's always sun at the of the night


Memories...tortured by my own
Memories...Trapped in my own

If your eyes are full to the brim
The teardrops are sure to fall down
For whom the eyes may starve tomorrow
Where it get lost, the tears, that I had
Kept hidden in my...(chorus)
2. Colour Of Truth (3:26)
Turn the world around
Seek the shape of life
Look at yourself in a different frame
You know it won't be the same

The one with all the pride
The one with all the might
The one who knows what's wrong or right
But still can't see the light

O mirror tell me what I see
Is it true don't lie to me

Colour of truth
What difference does it make
Colour of truth
Nobody is perfect

A dot of evil in a saint's heart
A glimpse of an angel in a criminal's eye

Colour of truth
Don't have to be afraid
Colour of truth
It's the shadow of your fate

Good or bad, better or worse
Smooth or scar, you are what you are
3. Seedling (4:08)
Sleep well dear children
For tomorrow you won't remember me
I was your history
What you used to be
Can you recall the time you cry
When darkness, cold, fear and hunger
Scared you to death

You wish it wasn't true
Wake up, the children are calling you
"Have mercy on us, we're helpless without you
don't let us die, don't ask us why"

I'm telling you to
Wake up wrinkled faces of your creator
"Have mercy on us words don't come easy
we live in fear from your anger"

The blood of sin runs through you
Candle of life burns on for you

Sleep well and never wakes up
The wheel has turned
Your children controlling you
You live in fear from your anger
4. I Don't Belong Here (6:00)
5. Obsessed (4:49)

We’re been blinded by creation that rule our life

Oblivious to us but it’s there

Looks can be deceiving

Whisper can be deafening calls

Pleasure and pain

Power and passion, greed and lust, they all stand tall

Dominant in the heart, fatality to the soul

Life is full of promises

Few are kept many are thrown away

Imprisoned in a cage of lust

Betray your own will

Captured by the frozen whirlpool of fantasy

Caught in the swamp of dreams

Trapped in a misty sea

Starving to death

Flame of obsession like a burning torch

It burns your misery

See if you recognize the voice that speaks to you

Soft silence whisper screaming to your ear

Demanding a better change, a better fate

A better future for your life

See if you recognize the light that shine in you

Colourful rainbow shine on us to see

Success could be happiness, could be fatal

Depend on what it may be

Obsessed, final challenge of your life

The game that you play, do it your own way

Obssesed, final challenge of your life

The path you have chosen, point of no return
6. Misery (5:06)
To live in this cruel world

Is to see what you don’t want to see

To know what life meant

Sacrifice your need

Years of torturing ourselves

Chasing our own destiny

Taken away without sympathy

Leave us to rot in poverty

In every corner and dark street

You’ll see their eyes are laughing at you

Fear won’t lose it grips

There’s nothing you can do

Nobody cares to stop them

Nobody cares what happens to me

No hears my endless scream

Save me from my misery

There are so many paths to choose

So many ways to live

So many ways to end a dream

We still remain

Your cruelty won’t change

Our laughter and cries are still the same

You have your own story

You have a few mouths to feed

Feeding them with your own sin

Satisfy their need

If it happens to you my friend

Tell me how you’d feel

You met someone without honesty

Someone else is laughing endlessly
7. The Other (6:08)
Try to decide
Solve a puzzle without a clue
Can save yourself or split your head in two
Right and wrong would never be the same

For them
Your mind teach you to speak the truth
Listen to
The others who tell stories and fairy tales
Telling lies can save your skin from ugly words
The truth that you should tell to everyone
But you
Ashamed of the truth that you have done
Humiliation, is your enemy
The other
Can kill them with a single blow
Of fantasy
The more you tell the higher you will be
But if you tell the higher you will be
But if you fall smash yourself into
Tiny pieces

You cheat and lie
He'll celebrate his own glory
He'll live in guilt
Tortured by his own conciousness

How far can you go
How many stories can you tell him
Taught to be selfish
Think for himself

You speak the truth
He'll rest in peace without a sin
Miserable life
Crucified by ruthless people

You know his weakness
To face the world with a guilty face
No respect for him
Isolated by his own shadow

Tell me where I've been
Tell me cause I'm lost
Tell me what I've seen
Tell me cause I'm blind

I can teach you lies
I can make a promise
I slip away from guilt
But you can't escape from sin

I can speak the truth
I can teach you innocence
You can run away from guilt
But you can't escape the world

We have given many guidelines
You can make your move
We have sacrifice the time
The time belongs to you

Further challenge and question
Don't have to worry now
One of us will be here
One of us will show you how

Your time is up my friend
We're listening to you
You can change your decision
Our decision has no rules

The world will be on their knees
Your fiction they will hear
Your body won't stand on your feet
When everything is clear

I'm jeckyll, I'm hyde
We live inside you, you can't hide
We're in your mind, we're in your heart
You can hear us, till the day you die
8. Another You (4:33)
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