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Cromok - Deafening Silence cover art



Deafening Silence

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal
LabelsEMI Records
Album rating :  -
Votes :  0
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Deafening Silence Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2012-04-26)
1. Preface (0:21)
The night was sultry ..it marked the end of another gloomy twilight,
and in the deepest of silence..
2. Enough? (4:45)
A bowl of rice in your mind
A loaf of bread you have spent
The load can last for a day
Tomorrow may not be the same

Enough time for you to live
Enough time for you need

A day as time passed by
Hours you spent on your own
A minute to think of the past
Split second you’ll never last

Enough time for you to live
Enough time for you need

Ability to see
Ability to move
Ability to think
What if never granted

Enough the magical being
Enough the supremacy

Fear the anger from above

The further you go the more you’ll regret
So much you owe can’t pay it back
Wherever you go the story was told
Above oneself the future holds

Fear the anger from above

Whatever was given will be taken back
The name was written be placed on the stack
Follow the rules the pages won’t lie
Do as I say till the day you die

The more you ask the more you’ll get
Dream of beuty forgetting their rights
Trust has been broken prepare for fights

Knowing that the distance you need to travel

On your own is not near
Controlling the difficult situation
Of the future is not clear

Twisting Turning Running Screaming

Proof you don’t have enough to spare to last you a single day

Prepare oneself to reach the destination is the ultimate success
Miraculously staying awake another day paying back your debt
3. Reminder For The Remainder (4:52)
The end of another chapter
So we are told
Preach for the remainder
No one has the answer
Be it the youngquest for the remainder

The end of a future
State of new life born
Trust the word of fortune teller

Speak of higher tones
Non forgetting souls
Six feet is your place to be

The day we have to sacrifice
A true pure soul
Denying the ultimate reality
Inspiring a major role
Achieving own goal
What have I lost
Nothing more than wasted

Time as we speak rage despite the heat
Face the new infection
Brought up in the odd
Surrounded by liars
Stand up and start to roll

Halt so we are told
Be it the young or old
Ignore they left with no more chances

Tight corners plead helpless
Vague darkness

Be prepared
There will be time to leave your soul
Be aware
There will be time you lose control

Awaken by thunder
Comfort will be undone
Sleeping you’re not supposed to be

Seek for the remains
Respect what was left
Trigger the chilling spinal chord

Beware and be prepared
Believe what you’ve seen
Begin what was supposed to end

Remind and remember
There is no one at all
To help those who drift away
4. Whisper (5:39)
A gift for those who deserve
A gift of a lifetime

Bring us up and you’ll see
We live the pride so high up

Don’t let the vision deceive you
Don’t let your cry be heard
Would you listen to me
Would you stay away from the dark

The rain starts to pour
The dream come and go you know
Hey it’s cosy inside,
It’s a jungle out there
You’ll stay away

Let me out
Feel the fresh breeze running down my face
Let me out to rule my world
5. Chapter IV (0:07)
6. Struggle (5:50)
Complication is the way of life
Educate those who don’t realise
Good knowledge must be emphasized

I’ve learned time won’t
Return, reel in

In the past tomorrow never come
Set the goal who will you become
In your dream you’ll see another one
Same as yourself hopeless useless
Breathing fast it’s still not too late
Realise don’t depend on fate
What we are we’ve already said

I’ve seen someone
Who’s luck is on his side
No fear in life
Never knows what lies behind

The teeth are waiting
Taking their first bite

Taking a single blow
Wondering where to go
Blinded by own sorrow
Regret will follow
Fearful threat to life
Ended forgotten soul
No one will know

Life is simple but don’t take it easy
Obey the certain rule
And you’ll be free
Appreciate it and do as you please
7. Who Cares What You Think (4:43)
8. Resemblance (Rival II) (6:54)
Show what’ve been displayed
Remind of something, someone you know
Things you’ve seen today
Reflected image of a mirror

Destroyed what’ve been preserved
Declare the leader of the universe
Sinner way of life
Created by you for your self

Spare us the sorrow
Spare us tomorrow
Wrong path we follow
Picture of you framed in someone else
No hope to see a better life than this
Looking back the horrifying truth
The next generation will curse you

Turn back, too late, your fate
Wish won’t come true
Regret, repent, the past
Swallowed the same words
Track down, don’t run, can’t hide
Face what frightens you
Depressed, more or less, till death
Creeping next to you

Live and cry with it
Inheritance of your destruction
Moonlight closing in
To see the shaft of light disappear
Pain be remembered
None of it will be forgotten
Revenge peacefully
Slowly attacking the brain cells

Life should not be treated
With disgrace
Life is short and left
Among oneself

Create brutality
Now you feel pain of others
Create reality
Now you suffer like no other

Printed copy of your shameless face
Identical, destroy the human race
9. Frontliner (4:12)
In the quest for justice to be preserved
On the journey where truth become lies
Oh truth become lies
Hear the wolves creeping by to invade us
Hear the roar disagreeing to our plead

Oh the wounds never heal
Oh the nightmare is real
Oh battle will end

None can guide you to where you belong
None can release you from the curse you’re upon
Speak up, wake up

Live in disgrace
The dead replaced
10. Turning Point (4:38)
Observed the real sincerity
Observed the main simplicity
How many of us
Will be back

Obliged the rules created before
Obey the rules you’ve heard before
It’s just the same
Nothing new

Day and night
Hunted every day
Black and white
Written for the prey
I am in never return
And never turning back
Ignorance, ignore my dream
You’ll die screaming

Listen, wise man has spoken
Travel through space, sun and moon
No more darkness
Create no tale

Secure the deed and destiny
The goal image of purity
Can never stand
A single chance
11. Dream On (4:27)
Never has the path been created
Never has it seem
Decide the left and right
The front and back appeal

The next step you take
Better watch your back
The next step before it rains
Prepare for attack

Get lost go insane
Pale face what a shame
Run fast going circle
Time pass no return
Catch it before
Catch it before you make a mistake

Here I watch you
Clowning your way
Here I stopped you
The fool of the day
The deepest silence is a saint
The deepest silence
Will bring back the rain
No pain no gain

Time moving very fast
You’ll miss the train
It’ll never wait for anyone
It’ll never come again
Be now or leave out
The choice is yours
Be later or be forgotten
Will be too late
12. Disturbed Mentality (5:31)
Day the darkest of all
Duel of the mortal sinners
The battle will decide
The ruler of pride

We fall into the shadow
The endless hollow
We rise and leap up

We know we’ll never last
For he controls the rules
The loser of the game
Reflected image of ashamed

The edge of a corner
The end of a border
History will forget

Deleted from the scrolls
So we are told
Committed the crime I admit

The last frame of horror
Surrounding terror
Forgiveness is not an option

Listen to the silent whisper of the unseen one
The voice that cracked my dream

The edger one
Patience runs extreme

The heartless one
Emotion flying free

The faithful one
Don’t have to please me

Soon to realise
Soon to be precise
The stain on one hand
Committer of sin

We fall into the shadow
The endless
Trapped inside the darkness
Thrown into the fire
13. Appendix (0:24)
…aah! the silence was deafening,
it resemble the turning point of a struggle.

And the dream goes on...
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