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Crescent Shield - The Last of My Kind cover art

The Last of My Kind

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
LabelsCruz del Sur Music
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The Last of My Kind Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-03-30)
1. Above Mere Mortals (4:13)
Honor the dead that have fallen
Don't let true spirits die
Unearth forgotten elders
Again the warriors rise
Bring forth the swords and armor
Our fists will touch the sky
Over the faceless masses
On black steel wings we fly

Rising, flying, above mere mortals
Heed the call of metal warriors - ride high
We rise higher than mere mortals
Hear the cry of metal warriors - they fly

Atop the highest mountains
Across the barren land
A voice that sings like thunder
A song that rides the wind
Lay siege to pawns of order
A war that never ends
Stand fast we claim our victory
We are fueled by the deepest rage

repeat chorus

So much of the world unconquered
Will taste the true blood made of steel
Defending the faith, our mission
We will die before we ever fail
Our true regime, pure metal, one and for all
The spirit unstained, forever will we be!


Our sound unfading, ruling the sky
Our seed we planted, is growing still

Though heard our voices never listened (Our faith unquestioned)
Loyal like blue oceans tide
So rise our mighty flag (Our need never quelled)
And look on....FOREVER!

repeat chorus
2. Slaves to the Metal Horde (4:11)
Comes a day like before
To a day that's never seen
Fix your eyes on it's majesty
In time you'll be sworn
Feel the power inside
And let yourself smile
One is the all, who will be chanting

Sail far away from the slaves of hastened silence
Call out the name of the slaves
Will know will never die
Fight till the end, for we know it never betrays
The metal will never die as long as we are alive!

Mesmerizing, there will be no return
Enterprising, we are slaves to the metal horde
Onward we fight to our destiny's end
We are the reign that shall flow to the sea
Ever strong, ever hail, never fall, never fail
You will listen to the metal hordes!

We shall break all the bones
That the quiet keeps whole
With our hands held up high
Our chains we now receive...

To be slaves, to kill the hastened silence
We are the name to the slaves
Who will all soon be born
Rise and control the truest form of power
Let the metal flow into your blood
From blood you will draw life

Hear our calling
From hell you will return
From the fallen
Your a slave to the metal horde
Conformed and confused is the rest of the world
As a slave you will find yourself free
Never lost, never wrong, is the soul of the song
You will listen to the metal....


We will control the truest form of power
Call out the name, who the slaves
Will know will never die
Rise to the sound
Which will never fall to silence
The metal is always alive in your blood
From blood you will find life!

Hear our calling
There will be no return
Ever marching is the slaves to the metal horde
Onward we fight to our destiny's end
We are the reign that shall flow to the sea
Ever strong, ever hail, never fall, never fail
You will listen to the metal...

Conformed and confused is the rest of the world
(Hear our calling)
As a slave you will find yourself free
Never lost, never wrong, is the soul of the song
(Ever marching)
You will listen to the metal horde!
3. Rise of the Red Crescent Moon (4:53)
A swollen tired sun will soon die
The stars will form above and below me
My moon it closely follows it's light
A razor thin reflection will humor
And crack the

Smile of the red crescent moon
Solace on the crimson horizon
Pride of the red crescent moon
Rule within the sky of forever

The city and high clouds remain blind
My eyes can be the only witness
Glisten to the atmospheres curse
And follow the fate of the light who creates you

Time of the red crescent moon
The night governor has fallen
Night of the red crescent moon
Slips into the sea of the fallen


Smile to me
Sing to me
And fill my soul with the beauty's end of day
You fade away
To reveal your name
And when you rise again,
You'll feel my faithful presence standing there

I will be there
For your moonlit night
You'll see me standing there
Under your borrowed light
Eyes so clear
Understand mysteries you bring forth on to me
Light on to night
Ever wonder you give to the life that you live
All dressed in the sun's delight
Of the tide you control is the rhythm we know
When the night is cast away
To the beauty's end of day......
4. Burn with Life (3:35)
Believe in what your heart will say
Changing from day to day
Blood red star
The fire lost inside
Hot lungs will breathe the pride
Open wide

Breathe fire, light your eyes
Ingest the flames that cold dreams will soon burn bright
One with fire, burn with life
Never again will the eyes of the dark days see

One life, one chance to live again
And never die my friend, unending
From cold depths of the sea
Feeling the energy
Of pure lightning

Touch fire, from the sky
And soon the power will flow and inspire
One with fire, burn with life
The water's name is fear

Don't close your eyes
Don't shun possibilities
Fools never try
Unless it leads to quitting
Never satisfied
All days have an ending

An outsider hides
Left in the world alone
Cuts all the ties
Will not let his life unfold
He will drink the cold, hard, water FEAR!


Warm, and dry out your veins
Kindle the flames
From ashes we grow stronger
Feel the fuel unload
The spark now explodes
We're ready now to all ignite

Breathe fire, burn the night
Long live the flames that eternally blaze bright
One with fire, burn with life
Pass on the torch that bears the power of our cries
Touch fire, light the sky
We'll always BURN FOREVER!
One with fire, burn with life
never again will the eyes of the dark days see
5. The Last of My Kind (7:20)
I'm the last of my kind, the last one left to die
In somber towers I reside, a mass of climbing spires
Upon a cruel and glairing plain, am I cursed again
Another day sinks with the sun, the end is coming soon

I the blood to fill wasted veins of the dead
They rise again
I challenge the laws, my subjects I now shall command
Not quite alive....bring forth life!

Day after day, to pierce through the fabric of time I toil away
Night after night, and there stands a life from the past in my machine
Lives insane!

The empty ways, raging screams from towers tall
The city fears specters who pantomime love.

My wasted dreams, time it grows old, I lay down and die
A dying sea, it's lonely and cold, I lay down and die


I let loose my force and reach to the core of the earth for a place to rest
For millions of years I slept while the world it evolved, now I rise

A blank expanse of dried up (red sun melted) dead seas
Eternal sleep, return to dust of the world

My wasted dreams, time it grows old, I lay down and die
A dying sea, it's lonely and cold, I lay down and die
No words to say, I crumble and fall, a tear I won't cry
My final day, my ears hear the call, I lay down and die

repeat chorus

My final days, time now to lay down and die
No words to say, my time to lay down and die

The last of my kind, I lay down and die
6. North for the Winter (3:43)
I who hath wings, to fly to many places
can clearly hear migration's call
Yet I turn away, betray the sky's arrows
My choice that will let instinct fall
Fall to the cold

Cold, from they go to seek warmer pleasures
They heed autumn's warning
To south they have fled
I long for the way, yet I turn around
And on icy cold wings I head north for the

Dark is the snow under chilling gray moonlight
Wind strips the down from my wings
Lonely and scared, as a new hunger finds me
This may be the last time I sleep

Hope I can dream

Dream of a place my friends have all entered
Warm and alive, to there I could fly
Yet here I will stay, and still I do wonder
My choosing, not calling is north for the winter

I could turn around, leave this vast prison
empty the days I have, will be no more

I stay! Oh why do I stay?
Away! Please take me away!
Home is my winter
The day they find me is the day I won't see!

Last are the days that I will remember
Cold and alone, time knows when I'll die
Same is the sun that pales on this winter,
Also shines brightly on lands of the warm

Far from my home
7. The Path Once Chosen (3:25)
Sailing the violent seas, churning waves
Drifting aimlessly, like a child on an endless ocean
Still my path is set for me , I'll push away
Downwind south sail into tranquil waters

Sail on- the course is set for me
Sail on- on ocean's arms
Sail on- by the wake of sorrowed tears
The path is set again for me

The path that is before me isn't burned in the ground
And the footsteps that are left behind
are the victims of the wind and rain

Walk on- The trial is still unseen
Walk on- To history
Walk on- Knowing now what is my guide
And the path's enough for me

repeat 1st chorus

I'll always know the way
From traveled days
To the unknown

I'll always find my way
From day to day
Here I'll stay


repeat chorus 1 and 2
8. The Great Devoid (6:51)
The masses are following something that they can not see...but believe
Such faith is respected for I also once did believe...but no more

Scream you'll hear no answers
Incantations give no cause
Pray to only nothing
No one will hear your asking thoughts
You futilely share

For ten thousand years there was something
man felt so devine... invented

Slaves will build the temples
The priests will find a rule
Kneel in front of something
Created to fill the great void
That's always been there

What causes my living, dieing
How does my mind feel laughing, crying

I do not know the answers of questions to deep
Why must we find the answers that we'll never see


Look into space and it's pure blackness that you will find...not darkness
Look at the sky and you'll know it's the sun that makes light...not angels

Earth's core is made of fire
The clouds look heavenly
Hell is not below us
No one will find eternity
When our time is here

I must keep learning, feeling
Nothing will stop my yearning, loving

I understand the need to explain the unknown
I can feel the truth inside that brings me to this great divide
I will believe if science will provide the proof
Logic is all I deploy while resting in the great devoid

Holy wars we will fight
Who is watching?
Baptize, repent your penance
To their god untold


I must keep finding, seeking
Nothing will stop my final ending

I only feel the power from my inner mind
I now know the truth I'll hide that keeps you on the other side
Always believe, I'll never try to poison you
Logic is all I deploy while resting in the great devoid

The great devoid.....
9. Unfinished Ashes (4:03)
10. Await the Champion (3:17)
Chosen, equal, last two shadows
Challenge, both heed the call
Strength and knowledge, calm and patient
Arena, both watched by all

I've been here waiting for all time
To find my adversary
Will this be the last day that I'll see
Or the first to live forever
We will...

FEEL the force and might
Uncertain eyes await the champion
One will rise above...one will fall
HAIL! the victor's right
Gather round to crown the champion
KNEEL! the winners name
Will stand tall

Weapons chosen, clash with steel force
Wounded, both blood does fall
Careful, cunning, skill so well taught
Stalemate, both will not draw

I feel the power of my enemy
At last my adversary
This will be the last day that he sees
So I will live forever
They will...

repeat chorus

Such new found glory
I'll fight to feel alive
The reaper also awaits
Even he does not know who will die


Raise the fallen body from the ground
Remember his name with honor
Not lost but not won in the end
Respect I'll feel forever
Now we...

KNOW the force and might
Certain eyes await the champion
One did rise above...one did fall
HAIL! the victor's mine
Gather round to crown the champion
KNEEL! for my own name
Will stand tall
11. The Passing (4:34)
intro chant:

Come forth the barely learned
My child filled with fear
Your time has come for passing
For fair rules not found here

Blessed the tears of fallen
The rain of sorrows past
Destroyed by kin of papal
Your truth will rise too fast

acoustic verse:

Fair fallen, have no fear
Hold back thy tears of pure
What you see, what you hear
Understand is nevermore

Lost child, lost kindred
Pay no heed to" Inferi"
Soon will be your crossing
Years ago is when you died

PAIN you feel is not discomfort
To tortured you could have had
My eyes of tearful solace
Dried from the time when time began

Hold you will to the earthly pleasures
And friends of long gone past
Look one more time from the life you came
For it will be your last

One moment, one memory
Turns to dust before your eyes
Take my hand, one with me
For this is the last time you shall be
So alone

Where is it you all come from
Eternally I'll never know
Yet still I grant thee passing
Concede from your life and I'll let you go

Death is your last memory
Transition to a sphere of life
Maybe one day we'll meet
Again if life has made you feel
Too alone


Now let go
Pass and see
Now rest in peace

One kindness, Your memory
And a trace of life you left behind
Many more, souls I'll see
I'll remain until the end of time
All alone

(repeat intro chant)

One moment one memory
Forever alone in an unearthly plane
( A child's guide too unseen)
My kindness, your memory
Forever lost inside your eyes...

Still unknown...
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