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Coram Lethe - The Gates of Oblivion cover art

The Gates of Oblivion

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Black Metal
LabelsRising Realm
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
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The Gates of Oblivion Lyrics

Submitted by level 록스타 (2017-05-20)
1. The Angels Fell (02:48)
Fiery the angels fell...
deep thunder roared around their shores...
with the fires of Orc"...
(Roy Batty, Blade Runner)
2. Shouts of Cowards (04:49)
I'm waiting through the darkness to discern the terror
it will be the moment when you'll pay for everything
run, run away, stupid bastard,
prepare yourself to live, my show of death...

I'll be light...witness of the event
I'll be fire...which spread live, while from my mouth:
"...Look, look at the flames, this is my hell...
...hear the shouts of the cowards...
they've lived as heroes, they will die as sinners..."

Breathe the dense air of a last premonition
this will be the moment you understand your errors
asking forgiveness among screams and desperation
now it is too late already the lights are on

They are burning, wrapped in my creation!
Burn, burn with me...

You can call me mad, this may seem insane...
All I want is my pain to vanish into the flames,
or don't say anything, you've only a few
seconds to reflect in only one last breath!
3. Dying Water Walk With Us (06:14)
The beast is coming, nothing can stop it
it devours and destroys, tracing death
has travelled through time always with us
invisible and deadly, is a part of us...
A sinister premonition, as in a mirror,
you look into your eyes but your eyes don't look back...
The last wave of grey silence
killing shadows on cross of blood
while my body's walking (screaming)
dying water walk with us...
It's like a roar, a divine collision,
the earth breaks open, breath vanishes
the worst of nightmares the skin that burns,
fleeing angels as from themselves...
Through persecution of the being
until symbiosis with light
the conscience of earth-children is troubled
but from their hands only pain...
The human flame isn't lit for long
but sun is dry for whoever possesses
The weeping mother, the infinity is spent
just a desert, a new dwelling place.
The beast is alive, is hungry for slaves,
raging murder, crushes onto us
or maybe it is us in constant descent
it's our journey, its aim, nothing!

"Affoga la furia nelle acque lungo il cammino della decadenza trasformando in omicida il volto del tuo ego accettando la mano di una pallida morte...."
4. Episode (06:06)
Just an episode...

The name of a divine breath, the throbbing lack of warmth
Which vein could contain my flows of hatred?

I've hunted until now, an imaginary prey
I've searched perseverance for interior shock

It’s the warmth of a word, the rain of identity lost
How can I feed my feeble existence?

The borders of an episode
Are means of a collective madness
Running in time I can’t define them
The borders of an episode
Suffocate me like prey

All that time wraps with endless energy
Subjective duration of an instant, life

And it is feeling the importance of a light dream
That I have swallowed the threshold of evil, a detachment
5. Instinct (06:08)
I have heard the cries of the dead
I have killed them!
Now they are here, in front of me
There is the smell of delirium

I feel the purple wind that burns my face
I am the guilty one!
They are here, in front of me
I hear my blows on the cold stone

They are not conscious, I am they, I am in them,
I feel it... oh, I feel it

I was wrong, I am the question, not they - It is I

Most of the time I let go
Lacking words to hold onto

My thoughts remain so misty
They draw vague and evil shapes, and than subside
At once I forget them... Instinct

They seek me and they find me, they enter my dreams
I have killed them!
Now they are here, in front of me
They reclaim their existence

They make my nightmares real
I am the guilty one!
They are here, in front of me
With a breath I discover their names

The cadavers hound me, once again, once again
It is I who killed them
6. I, Oblivion (07:50)
Step in our footprints don't think about the mist
Close your eyes and follow our voices
Let your soul be your guide
Don't be afraid, everything now is distant
We'll be your guide to enter the kingdom of the dead

In the silence - my shout dies in my chest
Death and fear - are my only companions
I am suffocated - by so much desolation
Anger and pain - all I want is to forget

This earthly life, growing hypocrisy
Lacerating wounds, the rest is gone

I can't escape this prison made of holograms.
Maybe the end?
Crossing the boundaries of oblivion, drinking your nectar,
Still an ending?

Seethes the blood of the souls, waiting your call

Turning my gaze beyond the moon
To immortalize ONE... LAST... FRAME
... follow our voices...
I'll be river, I, Oblivion

In the terror - unconscious explodes
Cold and sickness - my only friends
I am disappearing - in resignation
Bodies and cries - all I want is to forget

Value of the material, the fall of being
An empire of appearance, the rest is gone

Souls of the damned are wandering on your banks
Beguiled by your flow, Lethe
And faces are confused, like knowledge with darkness
7. Hands of Lies (05:53)
In almost tangible sadness I prepare to taste reality
Words are like flint, so heavy with mean hypocrisy
I can't accept all this, this paltry stupidity
Ignorance and egoism, the coldness of the spirit

I'm still suffering for he who can't explain
All the terror that his purity has inhaled
Run away child, without looking back
From this drug made of colors

Blindness running at my side
Hands of lies
I feel ONE... LAST... BREATH
It's the truth that succumbs
To the hands of lies

And I see, in the absence of an opinion, the death of values
An ineptitude which takes its form from falseness
Spat out with pride
Personal reflections grow, tracing the words of others
all this just for ourselves, playing both sides, if needed.

Is what my conscience spews out
8. Pain Therapy for a Praying Mantis (05:05)
What rips the flesh and lacerates the heart?
Drains the veins of blood and all humanity?
Gives new life to the livid blue flesh?

Winter comes and outside everything turns to stone

Inside a machine of scissors, scalpels, needles and eyes,
Redefines the borders of emptiness
But let me know that this could be an improvement

Fuck the flesh with a scream of steel
Until the beast inside is licking my
Green thin sharpened hands
Praying mantis - we are only pain

What makes the senses sleep so much.
To enjoy only the architecture of a victory?
Or it’s only the senses of opportunity,
To make blind, deaf and dumb?
So as not to see the blood
And not to hear the shot
When finally you pull the trigger
And in the mire there is an angel?

Whatever rips again, re-fills us with days?
With words unsaid and actions undone?
Re-fills us again with sense and with blood?

Summer comes and and burns that which is arid
The stone shouts incandescent and the skin withers

Outside the machine of scissors, scalpels, needles and eyes,
Redefines the borders of emptiness
But let me believe that this could be an improvement, again
9. Ruling Emptiness (06:45)
The maniacal self-conviction of the multitude
Is carrying me to moral isolation
Praise be to indifference
Which now remains the only way out

Thousands of bodies
Called on parade
Unaware of having given
The personal reality

Let the call become yourself
Inside a ruling emptiness
Which beats the bass-drum

The ideal is utopia
This regret is real

There’s a voice in my sleep...
Like a cry of a silent dream...

In this way colours and shapes irritate
Making everything flow into a wearing surrender

It is like an implosion of fear
With the mask of tranquility

Now everything is still
And moving among parent statues
Is more and more difficult
10. Sleet (02:44)
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