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Codeon - Source cover art




TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsStay Heavy
Album rating :  -
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Source Lyrics

Submitted by level 록스타 (2017-04-12)
1. The Shrike (3:36)
Frozen moment
Faster than light
Standing so tall
Feel his breath on your face
Paralysed when all is lost

Fear of the shrike in our hearts in our souls
Kneel to honor the inevitable
Seek the reason when there's none
You know you have failed
There's no other way

Populance of Hyperion panics
Time tombs opening to unknown
Pilgrims on their way to their doom
World as we know is crumbling down

Given name
the lord of pain
Your creation of ours
the lord of pain
One wish for
the lord of pain
Six will perish
Pilgrims, in tree of thorns

Fear of the shrike in our hearts in our souls
Kneel to honor the inevitable
Seek the reason when there's none
You know you have failed
There's no other way

In the name of lord of pain
2. Deception (4:17)
Look up what do you see?
Poison authority
Controls your every step
Grips you until you're dead

There is nothing to see
outside of society
We will fulfill your needs
We are the hand that feeds

And you will crawl
beneath our feet

Your life is on a leash
Nothing we give is free
Working for our cause
Bowing to our laws

You will do what we say
Sacrifice every day
Straining to earn your life
Until it's time to die

My life is not in your possession
I will decide my own direction
Take this as my total rejection
I will defy your web of deception

Faceless you are enslaved
To heed our will depraved
Freedom is just a game
That we made you play

Follow our lead and see
There's nothing more you need
Nothing is what it seems
You're living in our dream
3. Betrayer In Me (4:24)
I’m a sinner in cultural way
I’m a killer emotion destroyer
Wounder of your self-esteem
That scar tissue will never heal

I have lost if you won’t fall
Bend don’t brake
That is only way to survive
But that you have to find out

Can you hear those violent tones
From strings of my nerves?
This stretch up feeling
Will crack my mind and turn it around

That humming sound
In my ears is only music that I can hear
My nerves I want to tune ‘em down
But they keep tighten up

Please let me pass away
Don’t torn me back to that reality
Wake me up wreck it up
Splash it in to shooting stars

Can you hear those voices rise?
This scream that burns behind my eyes.
I’ll forget all those lies you told me
If you help me to continue real life

Without this instrument build inside
Trying to find my way out
My mental chains
Get thinner under razor blades

Not today. not tomorrow
My calendar is too messy to follow
This way of life is fatal to my mental life

It’s so fucking hard to try to
Keep everything together
Call my name to find way
Out of this emptiness
4. Humanity Inspection (4:18)
Sympathize with the devil
Fear those with no means to overcome
We always knew the equality was a lie
Nonexisting freedom of choice
Our last straw it's been stolen,
It's been broken and buried six feet under

Build in violence
It knows no mercy
This is a wake up call
For humanity inspection

Oration for oppression
Promoter of recession
Provocative seed of destruction
No brothers, no sisters
Only lambs of serial killer nations
5. Shattermind (4:44)
Awake, but hearing things that were not said
Watching, but seeing things that are not there
Present, but still I feel like I'm not here
I can't concentrate on who I am

Today I saw the gate to nothingness
Distorted figures in my mind
The world was standing still outside of me
I knew I had to take the step

And my senses sharpen
The blood inside my veins
Flowing stronger
Feeling this divine
Incompletion growing in me
My vision's altered but still I see

Am I here or somewhere else
My mind’s running circles around me
Migraine tearing all my thoughts in two
Devoid, I can’t feel a soul in here

Today I saw the gate to nothingness
Distorted figures in my mind
The world was standing still outside of me
I knew I had to take the step

My mind is merging with the universe
Shifting my state of consciousness
I am the beginning I am the end
I am the source of all that is
6. Death Is All We Get (4:55)
I woke up from some
God forbidden corridor
Wandered for a while
And tried to find out where to go

Stained lifeless space
Marks of mindless hate
Reflection of outside world
Blood and filth covered truth

Forbid - the truth you seek
Deny - pain makes you week
Only life - burns so fast
Pain - leaves you in the dark
Through our life
Wait and see

Flesh is only god I know
We bear weaknesses it beholds
Even strongest mind
Will fall under that domain

Only corpse is left behind
Mind will travel in circle of time
In this world real us are bonded
Human machine controlled

We are food for chaos
And death is all we get
That’s payment from the
Greed boosted stupidity
Falsely served trinity
Giving ourselves to be slaves
Under wrecking world’s net

Burning bridges behind
Learning nothing from past
Own truth serves you best
When the blade pressing on your neck

Filth is growin’ up on piles
Blind for the promises we broke
Heading fast to the end
Never stop to wonder why

Death is all we get
7. Destination Decoder (4:05)
Things went down
From the start
Under a metal blade
I have to scream so
I can breathe again

Deadly sins must be forgotten
Feeling sweetly caresses my soul
And leaves it when it’s gone
When it’s gone

Wounds will wreck
My body if I can’t
Gather myself
And sweep this hate
And aggression away

I want to kill myself
Just too tired to this rage
Decode my life back to pieces
And arrange them again

Dissolve my problems
Redesign my life
Give new direction
For destination decoder
of my life
Enter my mind
They say that I have a killer’s eyes
I smile when no one’s watching
8. Envy Machinery (5:07)
After the beginning
In veil of greed
Abyss of human waste
Supporting power of today

So called power
End of it all
Leaders of men
Our own alien force

Earth’s biological clock is ticking
And it’s not giving us a birth
In beginning was chaos
So it will be before the end
Like it was then
There will be no light

Whore of bitterness
Legend of damnation
Discipline of rotting
Envy machinery

Destructor the preacher
Redeemer of all
So much knowledge
So short timeline

World has been ignited
Waiting for explosions
Winds of change
Are carrying nuclear winter
9. Sick From The Inside (4:19)
I was born from pure hatred
I was sealed away from your love
Just an abomination in your eyes
Reminder of pain and endless shame

Sickening thought, genes of abhorrence
Begun life in you, in side your womb
From your flesh, from the inside
Judged by the sins of father

Once again
The pain is here
Feel the hatred
In our flesh, in your mind
Bleeding shame
Flooding on the floor
World is sick like you
From the inside
World is sick like you
Once again
The pain is here
World is sick like you
From the inside
World is sick like you
10. Rebirth (4:51)
Pictures of myself
Pass through my vision
Flashes of past
Stream through my mind
Faces of people
I used to know
Sketches of places
I used to go

Laid in rest

I saw a new way

Opened eyes
Restored mind
Feelings once forgotten
Haunting stains
Endless pain
Reduced back to nothing
Hopes arise
Memories die
Fighting for the future
Here and now
Deep inside
Ascending through this rebirth

Flashbacks of mistakes
Of distant failures
Memories of loss
For things not done
Burden of guilt
For burning bridges
Stab wounds from trusting
Those I should've not
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