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Chroming Rose - Louis XIV cover art

Louis XIV

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal, Melodic Metal
LabelsEMI Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Louis XIV Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-06-02)
1. Power And Glory (5:22)
so many times, we were searching for the way
to the land, where we can live one day
we went ahead, through the wind and rain
no longer will our hearts be filled with pain
now we are here to open up the gate
now we are here, for you it's not too late
with power and glory, we are coming home
with power and glory, escape from slavery
time has come to look inside our hearts
the gate is open now, so we can start
take you across like the man from bethlehem
and with the sign of victory we will follow him
evil is strong and everywhere
so children of love must take care
it comes with black angels
and tempts you to sin
be careful tonight,
the devil fights hard to win!
with power and glory, we are coming home
with power and glory, we are not alone
with power and glory, escape from slavery
2. Pharaoh (4:39)
no fucking rounds can hit him
no, no chain made can hold him
don't make that one mistake
turn your back your life he'll take
no, no standing army can turn him
the politicians don't understand him
he burns with fire, shines with hate
down on their knees to accept their fate
he is the pharao
the man who's shaping our destiny
madness - noone may stop - try
he lives to kill
he is the pharao
who knows what he has in store
just one more nasty surprise
we must prepare to strike back
he's just like a loaded gun
in the hand of a child
there is no time to run
he senses your presence close
he, he smells your fear nearby
you feel your anger slowly build
let's say good bye old man
have a nice try
3. 1000 Miles (4:27)
b-b-b-babe, you were treating me like a thief
your hold on me, i couldn't leave
i was chained by your smile
i couldn't resist running that extra mile
no chance to run away
i felt my heart slowly begin to decay
you were abusing my innocence
your glance insured, i had no chance
your touch shattered all resistance
i stumbled around like in a trance
i decided to go, although my will was low
she pleaded on her knees to get me to stay
i hated her for my plight
so i took the knife, my problem ended that night
i'll never forget that sight
from now on i'll be in flight
now i am far away
i know i may never return
in my own fantasy
my heart will always burn
ten thousand miles away - escaping from your spell
the trace you leave is like a desease
ten thousand miles away - escaping from your spell
i will ever remember, remember well!
4. Right To Me (4:03)
in dreams i'm running over mountains, over fields
nothing is unreacheable, you can't believe how that feels
but then dreams are not reality, just my thought are still with me
the rest of the body doesn't move, my god, am i alive?
no words, no screams can describe what i mean
no pain, now why, just give me the right to die
i hope i'll find a confidant, someone that may help me
just two seconds of your time, my friend, at last you've set me free
5. Louis XIV (6:27)
the history of france has a time when a man
called louis xiv was crowned child king
he ordered all the dukes and counts to his home
so he controlled their lives and made them docile and tame
he was a clever monarch, ruled with an iron fist
everyone who didn't agree, was written on his black list
louis xiv, finesse and force
he reigned over his nation, insuring his sovereignty
louis xiv, finesse and force
indeed there was the other side to louis xiv
he build splendid gardens to impress all his friends
for the aristocracy all gifts to him send
he showered his court with parties and fun
the reasons are many, he's the king of the sun
two generations later the king has succumbed
he lost all control, the country had gone numb
the realm was in an uproar, so something had to snap
the rich just got richer and the poor got the crap
the sinking of the empire wasn't to be changed
in the bloody vacuum it all felt so strange
revolution in 1789
revolution - the king was overthrown
revolution - monarchy has gone
revolution - democracy was born
the king was beheaded in 1793
while his head was rolling the nation danced so free...
now think about this song
and then transfer it into our time
there still are many louises
dictators who live so fine
and in the end
majority has got it right
it's a warning to all louises
living now in our time
it's revolution's jubilee
the birthday of democracy
all politicians should beware
that something here is happening
6. Gods Of Noise (6:31)
come on, hey listen, this is the song for you
forget your daily shit, may all your dreams come true
fast guitars, dangerous girls, we'll have a party tonight
all that we want while playing here is to get you really tight
maxi wattage, light speed changes, give us what we need
come closer to the stage, our friends, we give you what you need
explosions! announcing our arrival!
we came down to pray for you, we are the gods of noise
we came down to pray for you, we are the gods of noise
listen to the words, our song is loud and clear
go out and spread this message, everyone has to hear
we stand for our music, that's spreading like a flame
in any situation we'll always take your blame
and when your good friends leave you, no another to be found
the gods of noise appear and lift you off the ground
even when the show is over, remember us, we will return!
7. You And I (4:36)
long ago, was it really just a woman's sin
we still don't know, did we have help to stand upright
perhaps we someone's higher expectations
evolving up from tiny snails
maybe a little gene manipulation - we don't know
[3d time - 'now we know']
faster - science is our master
applied research, breakthrough coming
prototype model on the floor
against the control group you were tested
your scores were always lower than mine before
you and i still might try
to find our past - so closely together tied
thrid generation product - hybrids incomplete
you're perfection - i can't compete
history shows, with lessons learned we still cannot win
the seed we've sown, it's come back to seal our fate
why don't they do their own procreation
it's worked well for many years
wasting our money on their simulation - when will they know
we must respect improvements on the past
science must also be tamed
make it work for us, not we for it
8. Angel (4:17)
9. Shoot The Fox (6:05)
10. Jodle Dodle (0:36)
[almost instrumental, they just say: jodle dodle]
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