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Cardiant - Midday Moon cover art

Midday Moon

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal
LabelsUnderground Symphony
Album rating :  89 / 100
Votes :  6
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Midday Moon Lyrics

Submitted by level Wait (2011-08-03)
1. Royal Stranger (3:49)
I'm astray, so far away
In crowds I'm still alone
And I will be gone
Before the day grows long

Where ever I've spent my time
Where I have been I always know
I will never belong

I wear masks in my life
One to laugh and one to cry
'cause people would never understand the real me anyway

I'm the royal stranger
Who no one ever knows

Again I must walk away
I cannot let them see
There's no need to have them worry over me

I look back, I'm always outside
As for change I don't see why
'cause people would never understand the real me anyway

I'm the royal stranger
Who no one ever knows
Always walk alone

What my mask has to hide
Is the story of my life
It?s you who are free
The stranger here is me
2. Falconeye (4:16)
There is no tailwind on this flight to nowhere
Ten thousand miles behind and yet to soar
With my falconeye,
You made it worth of carrying on

Somewhere that road became a cul-de-sac
At that time I realized my dreams weren´t there
With my falconeye,
To the last I tried to turn alright

Take the sight to the night,
I will never dream again
Whisper changes my lifetime

With my falconeye,With your falconeye
With my falconeye I have seen my rope
end to the wrong aim

If I just could accept my loss at this game
For now I´m foreign with no will to live
With my falconeye,
You made it worth of carry on

Take the sight to the night,
I will never dream again
Whisper´s truly in my heart
Make this thought to come true
We are burning the bridge behind
Can´t go on or reappear

With my falconeye, With your falconeye
With your falcon eye,
you made it worth of carry on
3. In Anger (5:00)
Why I thought I had it all
and why I wanted more
Could it be just there for while,
the while I need for myself

Never dared to seal my door
Never dared to look behind
Once again I was
As fool as I can be

Anger takes my mind at will
The will I never could lead
Feel this anxious rise
Got no chance to be myself

Maybe somewhere I´ll find
the place where I can just be
Let me allow this dawn
Before we´ll follow that star

I´m making my command
on this hazy unknown ground

(The) Pain and the anger is gone
I know my life is worth of this run
I won´t again put myself to burn my
Candle at both ends
Once we will break our time
And that shine in your eyes will be my guide
Looking into the stars
made me blindly believe
in the truth of the lighting star

It may be hard to tell in advance
For now we assume and wait the forgotten chance
4. Midday Moon (4:00)
Dismissive feeling surrounds
He feels the gaining force
Flying with wings of change
The future is so strange
Nothing that he can do

He sees the photograph
photo of early days
Rising magic touch
begging "Come with us"
Now he feels no fear

He´s diving through
and memories seem to be going insane
strange take hold of his will and finally he gives up

To the past once again we fly
and the only limit is the sky
Rising sun dissipate
Midday Moon will rise
Once again to the sky
and it´s gaining the ground and cry
but it´s soon, deadlight mood
Midday Moon

He takes the another shot
He wants to fly again
The midday moon is rising soon
and leaving the sun behind

He´s hooked on living
Hard living on the edge
Caring not for his health
The moon is only light
5. Light 'n' Smoke (4:03)
The deed can be done if you listen to me, yeah.
Feel the power of the errant soul
I have seen many years passing by
and I cannot find.

We´re searching for light and dust in the smoke, yeah.
Soon this standing will turn around
Could it be something else
what the guideline tells?
I don´t know the law.
We will carry on till the death do us part
and light in the smoke.

Dust, light and the smoke
Shadows are strong tonight on our side
Dust, light and the smoke
Melting no more, the scene closes
{as the show} / {on and on}
6. Raining (Part I) (2:10)
7. Already Known (3:16)
For the wind under wings
For the wings of my plane
For the plane that will carry me far away

For the night of this day
For the day of this week
For the week that will end this pain

But the light is too fast for me
And my voice is too slow to reach her lies

I think she knows
she´s wrapping herself in the wickedness but can´t let go
It so charming though it´s a sickness I already know

For the queen of the guile
For the guile in our minds
For the mind that will hide our emotional side

For the instinct of your selfpreservation
that will keep your way straight

I´m calling for northern winds
I´m calling for the rising sun
I´m calling for moons
I´m calling for stars
I´m calling for you
8. Lost In the Thunder (3:45)
A voice calls 'cry havoc,
and let slip the dogs of war'
Stay your hand no more

No reason, hope or glory
Beneath the chain of command
Dreams fade in the wind like sand

No one cares
Who you really are
Nameless, faceless, shouting out
In vain the battle cry
Lost in the thunder of the war machines roar

Not a holy nor a heathen symbol
Can save you poor soul now
Face the curtain with a bow

What do you think your worth is
When the wheel of battle rolls
Today for you it tolls

No one cares
Who you really are
Nameless, faceless, shouting out
In vain the battle cry
Lost in the thunder of the war machines roar

The promises you gave
It's time to take them back
You're lucky to even get you name
On your epitaph
9. The Hackneyed Dream (3:28)
Wait over night, and close your eyes
Seems to me, a path with no end ...
Lock up your door, go into thoughts
Find yourself wailing for the broken dream....

Sometimes I just wish I could turn time
I would make my choices in a different way
Today it´s too late my friend

Yesterday the water froze
Nothing is colder than ice
Most of my dreams
Never came.... true
That day I found out
I was dreaming of something that I lost
Still I believe in tomorrow

Other man´s nightmare
could be another man´s daily dream
Wish I could live in that realm
10. Etyde Light (3:39)
I found myself again striving beetween night and day
May be I´ll let myself drift with the wind
I don´t know where she came, In her name I´ll find it out
She holds the hagard bloom in her hair

He thought he saw the sun shine
but what he saw was the moon light
Didn´t know the order in line
Light was too bright

He thought he saw the sun shine
but what he saw was the moon light
Too much brighter,
there´s no dimmer for the light

You pray for the light,
you pray for the moon and
you don´t even see that dispute
You´re holding the key
you´re holding your mind
but you can´t say
if you don´t dare to try

I saw it in your eyes, there was something in your mind
May be I´ll give it up, may be
11. Chance to Change (6:42)
I have seen fighting to the bitter end on this field
Like they cared what the life would be without foolish pride
Sure I am looking for something to stand on
I´m making my very last run though,
and I know the price

But could we see the life that was once behind us through these eyes
In the end may be these concepts turn up again
We all want to bear away the golden prize
the pride is our oath,
Now and before, for now.

The hate and the will gives cause to compete day by day
no more is honesty in our minds
Unfair means rule this circus of misery
It´s changing my life, changing your time

If there was a chance for me to change
I would let go all that pain and regret
These are the words with flaming rhymes
Spiced with the pride, yeah

If there was a chance for me to chance
We might not think of the price of our race
These were the words that chimed once

How about? you´re loosing that all after this mindless war
We can see the evening star though life has just begun
FROM my heart constancy has almost gone
Nothing to say or hear, this wound is to last.

|{If there was a chance for me to chance I would make a move for the chance to my change
|{I want to make a change, I want to feel a change
|{Hopefully I am ready to arrange, hopefully I am ready for my change
12. To Be (3:35)
Today I saw it was more I could take
Made my mind out of line
How can I breath if this world´s full of pain
leaving me no other choice

Like a wind, like a rain, like a storm
I will gain
Answers that held my mind
Gimme day, Gimme week
And I tell what I need
More days to live

Too many times we think we sense the danger
though we can´t even see ourselves

We´re talking ´bout the future
We´re worrying ´bout the future in our lives
We´re waiting for tomorrow to come
We´re talking ´bout the future

And the sound in my head keeps telling me
what is the truth and what is not
How can I know for sure
If we think we are clever enough
To find our mindless reign
I can´t stand no more

Time after you feel that you don´t believe why it is here
To be just for you
Yeah, I knew before
13. Raining (Part II) (0:54)
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