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Cannon - Burning Love cover art



Burning Love

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
LabelsPoint Music
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Burning Love Lyrics

Submitted by level Edvard (2013-01-24)
1. Guardian Pipes (0:45)
2. Guardian Of The Night (3:07)
To be caution for strong men
Wait for sensation goes wrong
Take a back seat of darkness
Feel the hazard and begin to run
I am the guardian of the night
From sunset 'till the morning arise
I save your lives and have to fight
Until the end of the night
Night Guardian
Modern times made me needless
thought to retire that's my way
but present actions overruled all
much needed so I have to stay
3. Burning Love (3:42)
Our love is Rock 'n' Roll, this is our heart and soul
Hey, hey, hey — we love heavy rock
From AC/DC to Manowar, it's a special love affair
Hey, hey, hey, hey — rock is alive
Burning Love
We keep the rhythm
Can't get enough
It's like nothing before
Burning Love
Rock that means living
Can't get enough
Rock 'n' Roll totally
Judas Priest, Metallica, no distance is here to far
Hey, hey, hey — we love heavy rock
Raise your fist, scream and shout, it couldn't ever he to
Hey, hey, hey, hey — rock is alive
So many styles and many bands, rock music will never end
Hey, hey, hey — we love heavy rock
Young and old it doesn't matter. Rock 'n' Roll will live forever
Hey, hey, hey, hey — rock is alive
4. Hold Me, Love Me (4:27)
You make me running, like foxes on the run
You make me fighting, like warriors in the fight
You drive me crazy, you make me to go insane
You have just trap me hard to believe but it's real
She will he dangerous for every man
If you don't love dangerous, run if you can
Hold me, Love me
I will give you everything my baby
Hold me, Love me
Please step back this is my advantage
Hold me, Love me
You can take everything you 'rant to
Hold me, Love me
Please do not throw me away
My heart is knocking, a waist of butterflies
My brain is empty, a new horn baby like
My blood is boiling and I burn with jealousy
You have just trap me hard to believe but it's real
5. Heads Up With The Devil (3:28)
This is the night of judgement
Now shuffle up and deal
The Buy-In cost My soul
I represent the mankind
And you the demons of hell
It's a battle for ever
Your play is so loose
And I know your tells
You bet, and I know it's a bluff
You raise, and I still have the nuts
Your next move is All In
But you can not win
Heads Up, Heads Up with the devil
What a fight
Cold blood
I'm still on my way
Heads Up, Heads Up with the devil
It's my night
Cold blood
What a fight
Heads Up
that's my life (with the devil)
Accept you lost the first round
And I demand my souls
For the heaven not for hell
Come on let's deal the hole cards
It's an upswing just for me
I still hit my ace on the river
6. Goodbye (4:16)
You was born on the wrong side of town
Seems no chance to walk your way
But you found your lane with guided lines
You were lucky, loved the day
Goodbye forever
For now and ever
Goodbye forever
For now and ever
To late we met us and we try to escape
My new chance with love you gave
But the cruel fate - returned too fast
Now I'm standing on your grave
7. Life (3:31)
Did you ever have a growing feeling
Life runs out of control — direction change impact
Did you ever got an anticipation
You know the next thing that will come —
Déjá vu, signs of future
Nobody says lifetime is easy
Prediction impractical
The life goes up and the life goes down
We can not change it but live it
The life goes up and the life goes down
We can't change it only waiting for
Did you ever have to be uncertain
things going wrong, difficult to steer — incredible
Did you ever wish to change compartments
Adjust the ride into safe trip — happiness rising
8. Cold Morning (3:49)
I guess the morning has come, but sun don't shine
for me
always cloudy and grey coloured my mind
News like everyday — disaster everywhere
Who's gone a take me up and change my life today
Who will take the grey and bring the light
Who will give me a chance to break the ice
It's a cold morning
Have to hide the whole day
It's a cold morning
Always sad, wet and grey
It's a cold morning
This day is born to die
It's a cold morning
I feel - I have to cry
Soulful in life, dark thoughts in my mind
People around me but I'm feeling alone
Pain everyday - I'm petrified to fail
Suicide solution - I try to take the chance
9. Bachrock (1:09)
10. Holy Devil (3:41)
You know the priest is alive, and he is waiting for
Young, smart, shy and always pretty
You know the priest is alive, and he is longing for
Castigation and penetration
You waste your time if you pray to god
While on earth the devil is cased as saint
He awaits your fee, he wants to face your fear
You have to move your ass and you'll see
You gave the innocence
You've got the consequence
You've got shoddiness
You gave credulity
You awaited veracity
You've got shoddiness
You know the priest is alive, and he is waiting for
Chastity and nomore feeling
You know the priest is alive, and he is longing for
Sodomy as a kind of terror
Shut it away over all these years
Truth it's breaking free against the fear
Paedophilia charge double every day
Come and move your ass to break the fear
11. Dreamer (3:53)
Monday morning, wake up early
Remember things that never happen in real
Reconsider, from a second side
I will see I've been dreaming again
that it will be reality
I can make it again
You can call me a dreamer
I will follow this way
You can call me a dreamer
Calling me, calling me - dreamer
lust a stressful life, every day the same
That ain't enough for the whole time of me
Feeling better, in my fantasy
Coloured pictures replace monotony
12. Run For Your Life (3:07)
There was no warning when we lost the last stand
The resistance is broken and this is our end
It's hard to believe us but we have to leave the line
The hell spits out, the evil now, we have no more time
Run for your lives
The seal is broken, the hell is open
Run for your lives
Avoid the shadows and remain in the light
Run for your lives
The seal is broken, the hell is open
Run for your lives
Avoid the shadows and remain in the light
Devils creatures rising to rule the earth by scare
Fighting is so pointless we have to taking care
In an ambush we are waiting to attack the enemy
Surviving is the target, recover and stay free
13. A Light In The Dark (2:52)
Now is the time, the time of fear
Forces of evil you know coming near
Someone is crying and darkness around
We hear what we'll get, can imagine the sound
Do not care
A chance to move on
In the future we'll know
When we stand together, facing the truth
Changing our lives quit the abuse
Trying to rebuild a kind of the ark
Taking our chance - a light in the dark
14. One World (4:14)
The earth was shaking, more violent than before
you try to fight against it — you can not win
High came the waves
Higher than before, destroy everything
The fields and the cities disappears in the flood
No escape, no protection against
You want to run away
But you have to face it
Don't try to go astray
The only goal is to survive
One world we need
Did we understood, we have to taken care
One world we keep
This is the last time, last time to reverse
One world we need
We have to pay the prize, there is no exchange

One world we keep
There must be a change, we can't try again again
Nuclear power, is cheap energy
cheap means not good, cause death is part of it
Now the disaster
All along the line you can see
The prize is to high even though we pay
horror tune for us, no turning back
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