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Canaan - A Calling to Weakness cover art



A Calling to Weakness

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDark Ambient Gothic Metal
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  2
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A Calling to Weakness Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-06-01)
1. To Those Who Cried (3:47)
2. Prayer For Nothing (5:49)
Thousand are the words
As I close my eyes
and drown in my little
prayer for nothing

Like dust dissolving in a water
too deep, too cold, too dark
I paint a pale imitation of happiness

With the weak brushes of
passing desires
I portray the thousand pale signs
and the thousand bright years
wasted after the illusion
of a NO MEANING life

While everything disappears
like a child begging for mercy
I close my eyes and save
a last prayer for nothing

Waiting for an end that
never comes
3. Warm Dust (1:07)
4. Everything You Say (5:45)
Everything you say is a lie
Everything you do is a lie
But the biggest lie of all
is the love you feel for me

All the lies you say
Shine like diamonds in the sand
All the lies we say
are the bricks of the walls
surrounding us

Everything you do is deception
Everything you say is deception
But the biggest deception of all
is your love in disguise

Everything we feel is a lie
Everything we feel is a lie

Everything you do is betrayal
Everything you say smells of betrayal
But the biggest betrayal of all
Is the love I feel for you
5. Scars (3:21)
6. Un Ultimo Patetico Addio (5:30)
Ho tutto il tempo a mio favore sai
e tanta fede nel mio cuore sai

Ed armi che non possono fallire mai
in questi occhi una luce la cui forza uccide
e poi....

Con queste armi che non falliranno mai
prometto sofferenze e cicatrici
e poi....

colori e dolori svaniranno poi
corromper? tue ferite sai

ho tutto il tempo a mio favore e ormai
il tempo dell'addio ?iunto sai...

un giorno all'amore tu non crederai
perch?alla mia parte ?i?assato sai

Neppure il tradimento pi?everai
perch?e armi in mano mia ancora sai

Al mio fianco c'?'amore
chiudi gli occhi per favore
soffrirai il dolore mio
in un ultimo patetico addio

Al mio fianco c'?olore
chiudi gli occhi per favore
patirai il silenzio mio
in questo nostro patetico addio
7. The Forever Passion (5:09)
We have fallen again
Preys of this consuming turmoil
Victims of our own desires
Time loads the remains
Of our pulverized egos

We are
We are the children
We are the children of nothing

Join us to the wrong side
of this atrocious illusion
Where the passing of time
mutates the colours
of a much too silent horizon

We are
We are the children
We are the children of nothing

We have fallen again
slaves to a biological rhythm
that's far from being ours

Dance with us
Live with us a life of regret
as cold as a winter day

We are
We are the children
We are the children of nothing

We are echos in an empty room
The forever passion of decay
8. Falling Again (3:15)
9. Grey (5:44)
Let the light regenerate
its power to heal is in the silver
and the light
Light to the seventh

Let the darkness degenerate
its power to hurt is in the gold
and the dark
darkness to the ninth

Let the grey submerge
its power to forgot is in the fire
and the grey
grey to the fifth

Let the red heal
its power to regenerate is in the
liquid and the red
red to the eleventh

Let this life wipe you away
wipe your image away
bring your memory back
to the white immaculate sands
of a self-destructing eve

Grey to the end
Grey to this sweet end
10. The Fires In Me (3:05)
11. Essere Nulla (4:07)
Improvvisamente, nel silenzio
mi accorsi di esser stato niente.
Forse per noia o per educazione
lasciai pensieri e parole
su fogli sparsi chiss?ove.

La paura accompagn?miei desideri
A un cielo immobile
privo di oggi
privo di ieri.

Questa vita giace inerme
in colui che in essa vede
la pretesa di un traguardo
ingannevole e bugiardo

Guardami adesso che sono il niente
ho sepolto il mio sorriso
e le mie lacrime alla gente
abbandonato ad ogni istante

Chi vuol morire lentamente ?
12. Submission (1:46)
13. Mercury (6:39)
Drink this mercury
from my open hands
for I'm the breathing shadow
that keeps us alive

This grey sky turned to black
so many times honey.....

So stay with me tonight
hold my hands tonight
For I'm the smiling ghost
that binds our hearts together

Don't leave me tonight
For I have mercury that burns
Hold these hands of mine
Kiss these lips of mine
For I'm the mirror
that never lies

Stay with me tonight
Die with me tonight
The sky will turn to black
for the very last time tonight
14. Chrome Red Overdose (5:27)
in a chrome overdose
Shaking hands in
ever growing ache

a writing on the wall
lights are trembling
shields are crumbling

in a plastic overdose
coloured in grey
perfumes all around

Passing away
in this chrome red overdose
sensorial overload
Absurd pulses of pain
carving holes in the head

Silver, silver overdose
buried, buried deep beneath
this last forgotten, forbidden
venom dose
15. The Ghosts Of Betrayal (2:10)
16. Frequency Omega (5:11)
Silence all around me
is like a key to neutralize
the deadly frequencies inside
There is only silence around me
and it makes me feel like
I am still far from home

Silence all around me
Unrequested codes to break
Rejected paths to overcome
the frequency Omega

This world is not my home
I call, I long for help

Drifting in motionless air
drowning in this ocean of bliss
Silence greets me like
the last faithful friend of mine

There's only silence around here
I am home now
A million miles away
from sanity
17. A Last Lullaby (3:23)
Unter Yidele's vigele
Shteyt a klor vayse tzigele
Dos tzigele is geforn handlen
Dos vet zayn dayn baruf,
Rozhinkes mit mandlen
Shlof zhe Yidele, shlof
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