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Burialmound - Black Death cover art

Black Death

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
LabelsSound Riot Records
Album rating :  -
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Black Death Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-06-04)
1. Legion (Intro)
2. Black Death
Squeaking of rats
And rain pours down
To abandoned streets
Where chilly wind sweeps
Carrying the gruesome sound
Of human bones and skulls

Churchdoor hangs open
Prayers are ended
No salvation
Rotting priest suffocated
To his own blood and vomit
Laying dead on altar

Portrait of dead
Children with their parents
Putrid corpses
Beside eachother
In grotesque piles
Flesh not yet turned to dust

Deformed carcass dried
Souls sucked away
Before spreading wings
3. Devilspawn
Burial ground breaths evil
Footsteps lead to hills of tombs
Here thousand mourning spirits
Underneath hearts pounding

Feel the call of Satan

Dust filled chambers open
Altar now dried but stained
With blood once shed
Waiting for right one

Feel the call of Satan

Sacrifice the life
To serve the master
Covenant of souls tide
Waiting for this night

Feel the touch of Satan

Death release spreading
Like pestilence rising
To bring torment
Hunt the race of humans

Feel the wrath of Satan
4. Black Goat Of The Woods
Voice in starving forest
Beckons for sacrifice
Demonshaped figures
Shrieking out loud one name

Rite of invocation
To Black goat of the woods
With a thousand young

Ritual murder of helpless crucified victims
Nails driven violently through arms and legs
Cold steel cuts pouring down entrails
Stench and drenching blood tempt the beast

Perverse is your lust
Grotesque is thy ways

Black goat of the woods
With a thousand young

In circle of corpses oath is made
As we drink the madness from writhing veins
The visions cursed gave us word
Winds of pestilence rage the return
5. Dust Of Necropolis
True nature of evil...
Nearly forgotten
Once laid to rest
Yet the faithful servants
Witness the return
Where light is killed
By hand of darkness

Revealed by the moon
Realm of underworld
Beauty, the kingdom of lust
Angels raped by dead
Against the ground
Holy cunts bleed
Forming river of black blood

In chambers of blasphemy
Chalices are filled
Pulse of blazing energy
Collects all their sins
Stream descends to abyss
Feeding one beyond the gate

They await the sign of stars
Return of the Ancient ones
They are the seeds of hate
Death of humanrace
6. Funeral Night And The Immortal Evil
I wield the graveyard visions
Locked deep within
Spirits of demons
Souls of damned
In frozen mirror
That only shines at night

Bearer of blackest dark
The voice draw me below
Works of one who lurks in shadows
Became true in me

Mark of Satan
Under the skin of human
Flesh drops from the bones
Resurrection, entity of evil
Arise amongst the desecrated wooden coffins

Weaver of blackest dark
The voice draw me below
Works of one who lurks in shadows
Became true in me

Arise amongst the desecrated wooden coffins
7. Hellbounded Infernal Ones
It all begins
With moment of sinking sun
As the night falls
Strikes the chilling claws

The dreadful noise of rusty hooks
That thirst for your infected blood
Fate of torture beyond death
Your trembling flesh wears the mark

Cold stares cut like knife
Laugh, blaspheme your hollow mind
Weep and scream, no one hear
Bleed in agony, deep sores cover the skin

Hungry blades lacerate
Butchering, dropping meat chunks
Remains of corpse melt away
They own you - Hellbounded infernal ones

It never ends
Orgasmic perpetual pain
The ecstasy of death
Offer of hellbounded infernal ones
8. Elohim
Sleeping, awaiting
Under the earth
The chaos breed
Terror of the deep

Black massive roots
Like infesting tumours
Spawning madness and horror

Hooks that
Shred the flesh
Abyss consumes
The dead

Pulling underneath in corrosive pits
Where this abominate creature engorges
With insatiable lust

Radiant dark matter
Spit out the spells of utter death
Master of morbid creation
Your time is at hand

Feeded and full of this world's slime
Awake to rule, proclaim back it's own

Praise the superior
Pure black energy
Praise the almighty
Your time is at hand
9. Beast Among Us
Committed bestial murder
Cage of beast unlocked
No trace on morningmist
Except corpse against the tree

Blue coloured skin
Throat sliced open
Dead eyes gaze to woods
With fathomless terror

Do you hear it?
Scratching sound of ravenclaws
Sending shivers across your back
Overwhelming fear paralyses
As something evil moves closer

So trembling you are
Pale under shadows
And my love for moon
Is grown to passion

I can sense your fear
Driving me to rapture
Can't hide what's inside
The lust for blood of living

The beast, that lives inside of me
My wicked smile, the last thing to see

When moon shines
Your throat is cut
Flesh takes away my pain
As I feast on your entrails
10. Hunger Crawls Under Surface
Which spells opened those unholy graves
And let loose the hungry souls
Crawling through the corridors
Where they torment their victims
Stench of rotten flesh rises
From crypts of stone, below
Hanging corpses cover the walls
And screams bring forth agony forlorn

Misanthropic art bleeding
From mutilated wounds of dying humans

Ghouls, spawns of Satan
Beasts of underworld
Feel their red eyes staring you
Watching with hunger your every step
Fear is last thing you will feel
As gravefog devours

Misanthropic art bleeding
From mutilated wounds of dying humans
11. The Grim (Black Death pt. II)
Grey ashen sky
Thick air raises,
Stench of putrid

Grim face of death
Stared deeply,
Swallowed the last remains

Black birds chant dawn of dead
The destruction of weak life

Funeral pyre of souls
Mercilessly raped by shadows
Mournful spirits cry in pain
On sunless cold grave

Black birds witness dawn of dead
The holocaust of weak life

Void of humanity
Gone is warmth of day
The grim destiny
Blackdeath reigns
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