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Ayreon - Into the Electric Castle: A Space Opera cover art



Into the Electric Castle: A Space Opera

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresProgressive Metal, Rock Opera
LabelsTransmission Records
Album rating :  93.4 / 100
Votes :  9
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Into the Electric Castle: A Space Opera Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-05-30)
Disc 1  
1. Welcome to the New Dimension (3:06)
Welcome! You have entered the cranial vistas of psychogenesis. This is the place of no-time and
no-space. Do not be afraid for I am merely the vocal manifestation of your eternal dreams. I am
as water, as air - like breath itself. Do not be afraid.
Look around, but linger not. Where I lead you will follow. Mark these words well. Ignite my
anger with your delay and punishments will come your way.
You are eight souls of the flesh, chosen from different eras ancient and modern. The trivia of
your mortal lives is unimportant to me... Indeed, some may die...
You have a task: to release yourselves from this Web of Wisdom, this knotted Maze of Delirium,
you must enter the nuclear portals of the Electric Castle!
2. Isis and Osiris (Let the Journey Begin - The Hall of Isis & Osiris - Strange Constellations - Reprise) (11:11)

what heathen place is this that I've arrived in
is now the time I pay for all my sins
I can't believe that this is God's creation
this realm was fashioned by the Deil's ane hand

[indian (chorus)]
no it has been foretold, in our legends of old
wake the spirit within, let the journey begin

this quest you speak of is for redemption
how can we travel when our souls are lost
you think we find ourselves at gates of new salvation
when I can only sense the end is here

[indian (chorus)]

we're at the gates of Avalon, the island of spirits,
we're at the gates of Avalon, in search of the grail


there's no way out, slaves for eternity
down in the underworld, the jaws of Orcus
I call on Jupiter, the ruler of the gods
show us the way, from damnation to salvation

[egyptian (chorus)]
the fields of Yaaru lie waiting for us all
rejoice! the judges have ruled
we have been chosen to enter the great hall
of Isis and Osiris

no you're wrong, we're trapped here in darkness
among departed souls, and mislaid spirits
I call on Mars, the ancient god of war
grant me the power, to free me from this evil

[egyptian (chorus)]


can you see the stars? can you recognize the constellations?
if I could only see the hills that we're supposed to climb
even the sunlight.....it doesn't
warm.....doesn't wam
how are we gonna find our way?
if we can't recognize the stars, if we can't recognize the constellations
where do we go?


the quest you speak of, it isn't bound for glory
no grail exists within this heathen land
you think we find ourselves at gates of new salvation
when I can only sense...the end is near
3. Amazing Flight (Amazing Flight in Space - Stardance - Flying Colours) (10:15)
There is danger ahead.
But do not be afraid.
For I am with you like breath itself.
Darkness will lead to light - colour will bleed into the night.
Beautiful colours, the like of which you
have never seen. Let the dream of confusion lead you into the virgin light!
Be gone!
Be all-seeing, be brave...
Be gone!


I'm lookin' 'round bewildered
is this some dark and evil jest?
what brought me to this cursed keep
perchance some crazy quest
god forbid I am no coward!
pitted against monster, man or ghost,
I'd wield my blade with crimson gusto
for I'm the proud barbarian host!

[hippie (chorus:)]
hey dude, you're so uncool
but hey, that's allright
like there's no need to get uptight
my eyes reflect the stars
and a smile lights up my face
we're on an amazing flight in space

I shook city, walls and towers
wreaking havoc in the streets
burned palaces of cow'rdly kings
not a one stood up to me
bear bloody banners in blazing skies!
brandish battle-axe and broadsword!
let drums of glory sound like thunder!
hail!! barbaric warlord!!

[hippie (chorus)]

I load my black stallion
With grim determination
I found a kingdom
Where I chose to settle down
Righteous men would hang me
But I've given hell to pay
Cause nothing is as dangerous
As a barbarian warlord




4. Time Beyond Time (6:05)
from the cities underseas
to the skyways in the east
from the stations on the moon
to the planet of neptune
I'm a sophisticated man
and you would say I'd understand
is it a virtual design?
are we launched into a time beyond time
space beyond space
we are lost here in this cyberworld
is there no way out?

I don't understand your words
they strike as hard as steel
I'm sworn to the sacred quest on the isle of Avalon
to retrieve the magic chalice
which holds the power to heal
only the pure of heart are received into the realm

just look around you now and tell me what you see
a world full of treachery
skies of silver and seas of gold
the past is young and the future old
we're closed in by iron gates
beyond them Elysium waits
far away on the edge of the world in a time beyond time
space beyond space
we are lost here in the underworld
is there no way out?

from the birthcry of our race
to the mysteries of space
I'm an educated man
and you would say I'd understand

[repeat all]
5. The Decision Tree (We're Alive) (6:24)
Ah, my friends! So light of foot. So swift. You have come this far. And now - here beneath the
ancient, omniscient boughs of the Decision Tree - one of you must depart this world of flesh.
Only seven may continue. Only you can decide...

let it be known I won't be the one to die here
honour and glory are heaped upon my name
let it be clear I'm not the one who cries here
what about the tall one, the one who's lost to shame

I've followed princes, I've raised their bloody banners
I've killed and wounded on the side of right
I've reaped the harvest, scattered fields with ashes
I've buried children, sowed the seeds of hate

[all (chorus:)]
we're alive
we'll survive
we will strike for
our freedom
we're alive
we'll survive
we'll arrive in our

I've followed princes
I've followed kings
I will take their lead no
I will not lie
in shallow graves
(I'm nobody's slave)

let it be known, by Thor the god of lightning
I have been chosen to do battle at his side
let it be clear I was born to go down fighting
what about the craven, the one who's lost his pride

don't speak to me of homour, pride and glory
I've tasted blood, seen your type before
you talk of battle but all you tell are stories
you'd see me buried in a shallow grave

[all (chorus), highlander]
6. Tunnel of Light (4:05)
Be joyful, my friends! You will now enter the Tunnel of Light. Let brilliance suffuse your
souls! Make your choice. Your path is incandescend.

don't offer me the light, when I only know the darkness
thats where I want to hide
there's a chill in my bones, that I recognise from another life
that's why I'm heading home

[egyptian] ra - heliopolis, ka - anenti
[roman] into Elysium!
[knight] the isle of Avalon!
[egyptian] in the tunnel of light

don't tempt my heart with hope, in the shadows of broken promises
I guard my dreams
in the bend of a swollen river, in the roots of weeping willows I choose to lie

[egyptian] ra - heliopolis, ka - anenti
[roman] into Elysium!
[knight] the isle of Avalon!
[indian] the legend has begun!
[futureman] our one and only sun!
[egyptian] in the tunnel of light

[egyptian] ra - heliopolis
[highlander] I rest my broken heart, where the willows weep
[egyptian] ka - anenti
[roman] into Elysium
[knight] the isle of Avalon!
[indian] the legend has begun
[egyptian] in the tunnel of light

I will lay me down
I will rest my head
I will close my eyes
7. Across The Rainbow Bridge (6:19)
And now this Rainbow Bridge: an iridescent span of tears - so fragile and yet so strong. Will
it support your mortal shells? Or will you fall into the fiery brine below?

I hark back to olden days
to her and her magic ways
two souls in harmony
in an endless sea
the cruel wings of destiny
carried you away from me
and left a heart unstilled
that never will be filled

[roman (chorus:)]
beyond these stygian skies our fortress lies
across the rainbow bridge
we'll span the sea of tears and conquer all our fears (inside)
forsake this mourning field and drop your shield
across the rainbow bridge
run to the other side where all our dreams abide

I'd sacrifice my very life
to have you at my side
like a dream I see your face
through the misty haze
we were one amid the stars
and time never healed my scars
deep inside the sadness burns
I must return!

[roman (chorus)]

scarlet crimson rosy red
I must be dead
or stoned out of my head
orange yellow tangerine
the acid queen
in a psychedelic scene
ochre chestnut chocolate brown
I'm upside down
on a cosmic eiderdown

ivory milky chalky white, the stars ignite, I vanish in the light - that burns so bright

Step forward. Beyond lies your goal: the Electric Castle! The past is gone! Do you wish to
lapse in limbo forever? No! Be resolute.. There are trials ahead - and rewards for those who
strive: the Surreal Search endures...

[roman & knight]
run run the past is gone, it cannot be undone
run run the future is here, our fate is drawing near

[roman (chorus)]
Disc 2  
1. The Garden of Emotions (In the Garden of Emotions - Voices in the Sky - The Aggression Factor) (9:41)
Behold: the Star Towers of the Electric Castle! See how it embraces the sky! How insignificant
the mere mortal, dwrfed by the majesty of its electric edifice! But first, my seven searchers -
you must meander through the verdant vines of the Garden of Emotions. Succomb to its allure.
Breathe deep the intoxicating aroma of endless, entwined emotions...


it's kinda groovy
in this world of fantasy
where no one else can go
within these boundaries
I'm shielded from reality
without a care or woe

Amon-ra, have you come to seal my fate?
in the garden of emotions
free my ka, how much longer must I wait?
in the garden of emotions

I roam the universe
in cosmic meditation
to find my inner me
I'm getting high on love
and spiritual vibrations
to set bad karma free

Amon-ra, have you come to seal my fate?
in the garden of emotions
free my ka, how much longer must I wait?
in the garden of emotions


take up arms and follow
hey, who are you to take the lead?
I will keep you all from harm
so what kind of god do you think you are?
a warrior is what I am
no I'm the wolf and you are but a lamb
if you doubt my force you'll live no more
you will end your war upon my sword

"and voices in the sky
shall cause the soul to die"

we'll break away by my command
no we'll crush our foe and quell this land
you cannot kill what's already dead
whoever rivals me will lose his head
you'll endenger all our precious lives
well I don't care, I will survive
I'm the only one who can set us free
go and chase your ghosts and leave me be

"and voices in the sky
shall cause the soul to die"


fury and fear

it must be feeding on our negative emotions

chivalrous and bold
pitiless and cold

destiny's near

we're at the mercy of some vile computerscheme

valiant and true
treacherous and cruel

spirits appear

we'll have to try to hide our antagonistic notions

chivalrous and bold
pitiless and cold

the legend is here

if we ever want to end this future dream

valiant and true
treacherous and cruel

fury and fear

we have to free our minds from anger and aggression

chivalrous and bold
pitiless and cold

destiny's near

it's the only way to defy this cold machine

valiant and true
treacherous and cruel

spirits appear

if we're to stand up to to this emotional oppression

chivalrous and bold
pitiless and cold

the legend is here

we had better stand together as a team

valiant and true
treacherous and cruel

Amon-ra, have you come to seal my fate?
in the garden of emotions
2. Valley of the Queens (2:25)
my journey's over
I'm standing on the edge
and close my eyes
to this world of lies

my will is broken
it's the end of all my dreams
my soul yearns
for the valley of the queens

my rose has withered
it will never bloom again
the soil is dry
time has come to die

my faith has left me
they've stolen all my dreams
oh lay me down
in the valley of the queens

my search has ended
my name is carved in stone
on the temple wall
beyond Osiris hall

no holy sunrays
will light my tomb of dreams
I won't return
from the valley of............the queens
3. The Castle Hall (5:49)
At last! you enter the Electric Castle! Here in this vast hall where even shadows fear the
light - here you must confront your past. If you have killed, beware of the Gathering of Spirits
for they do fish for men. Here, the disembodied Astral World becomes flesh once more. I pity the
men of swords.
For here blood runs cold...

cries from the grave resound in my ears
they hail from beyond my darkest fears
faces of the past are etched in my brain
the women I raped, the men I've slain

shades of the dead are sliding on the wall
demons dance in the castle hall

I call upon the sword, the mighty Excalibur
grant me the skill to fulfill my quest

I call upon my king and the knights of the table round
grant me the courage to stand to this test

I call upon the seer, Merlin the sorcerer
grant me the magic to end my pain

I call upon the spirit that lives in a noble heart
grant me the passion that's within my veins

shades of the dead are sliding on the wall
demons dance in the castle hall

[repeat hall]
4. Tower of Hope (4:54)
From the wind-torn ramparts of the Tower of Hope we survey a thousand futures. Release your
dreams from this electric pinnacle. You must have hope...

we're climbing up the stairs
and hope is flowing through our veins

there's magic everywhere
we've been released of all our chains

we're taking in the view oceans of blue,
fields of green

I fear this can't be true
we're still inside this dream machine

[hippie] I only felt what I wanted to feel
[futureman] I only saw what I wanted to see
[hippie] I'm at the end of my rope
[both] lost in the tower of hope

I see a brand new age
where peace and harmony prevail

but we're still in this cage
destined to die here if we fail

[chorus & repeat second verse]

[hippie] I only felt what I wanted to feel
[futureman] I only saw what I wanted to see
[hippie] I only went where I wanted to go
[futureman] I only knew what I wanted to know
[both] and we became who we wanted to be
[hippie] I only felt what I wanted to feel
[futureman] I only saw what I wanted to see
[hippie] I'm at the end of my rope
[both] lost in the tower of hope
5. Cosmic Fusion (Soar on the Breeze - Death's Grunt - The Passing of an Eagle) (7:27)

I soar on the breeze
I soar on the breeze
into the sun

I soar on the breeze
I soar on the breeze
into the sun

I'm drawn towards the sun
and then we will be one
my soul will melt into the universe

[futureman] It's all a lie
[roman] you will just die
[futureman] so don't give in
[roman] for we can win


I am the breeze
the bringer of rest and ease
I am the wind
the forgiver of those who've sinned
I am the storm
I blow the devil's horn
I am the fire
the source of lust and desire
I am the sun
the joining has begun
I am your fate
the guardian at the gate
I am death and I claim your final breath!


6. The Mirror Maze (Inside the Mirror Maze - Through the Mirror) (6:34)
It is time to reflect upon your "ego-self". Nowhere to hide when the walls echo the you that we
all see. Ah, the smiles dissolve! The pulse begins to race; the face a flush of fear so plainly
painted. The Mirror World - the Mirror Maze: Confrontation...


mirror mirror I can see a lonely child, he kinda looks like me
staring out into infinity
his father lies, his mother cries, his spirit flies up in the skies
wandering off to another galaxy

secret fears we all try to hide
lie dormant deep inside us
defy the ghosts of long forgotten days
here inside the mirror maze

mirror mirror I can see an angry boy, oh well I guess he's me
rising up to the society
he's aware that no one cares and life's unfair so he growa his hair
and takes a trip into eternity

secret fears we all try to hide
lie dormant deep inside us
defy the ghosts of long forgotten days
here inside the mirror maze


[roman] I see a man, who's unable to withstand his fears inside
[knight] inside we're all but frightened men
but we have to fight until the end is here
[roman] hear what I say: I am doomed,
I have to pay, I can't go on
[knight] go on and persevere
for we have to make it out of here alive
[roman] a life is but a dream,
for in the mirror I have seen what lies within
[knight] within this armour cold and bright
lies a noble heart with the will to fight the pain
[roman] the pain cannot be healed,
I'm surrounded by this shield I cannot break
[knight] break through the mirror now
follow me, I will show you how

[roman] we've reached the other side,
I have overcome my pride and made it through
[knight] we threw aside our darkest fears
and stepped across these new frontiers of time
[roman] time can only tell what awaits us in this hell full of deceit
[knight] deceit, guile and treachery
will they ever set us free again?

[roman] riding on the wings of time
7. Evil Devolution (6:31)
The future's doored ingress! What lies beyond? One of you - ah, survived so much! - are you man
enough to force this door upon its golden hinge? You craved the answer - but can you bear the
truth? The door --! The Future --!

our hope's dissolved
for man's evolved into another state of being
have we "progressed" beyond the need of feeling?

a cyber-brain
the last in the chain of man/machine allience
have we become the victims of our science?

evil devolution
is this an illusion
out here in space

human humiliation
this mutation
of our human race

is this the end
will we transcend the need for human pleasures?
will we abandon all our earthly treasures?

will mankind yield
on the battlefield of natural selection
to an inorganic digital perfection?

evil devolution
is this an illusion
out here in space

human humiliation
this mutation
of our human race
8. The Two Gates (6:28)
And so it's come to this.
Two Gates - two portals await.
Let your choice be guided by collective wisdom.
Ah, hath the prospect of freedom ever tasted so good?
One gate completes the circle;one step away from your own dimension, your cherished time.
One gate severs all connections: one step away from the dreamworld of everlasting ebony.
You call it Oblivion.
It is a brave soul who makes the first choice.

behold these gates, the first one plain and old
behold these gates, the second forged of gold
the gate of old spells out disgrace and shame
the one of gold cries out my noble name
I challenge death to meet me at this gate
I challenge Odin to pronounce my fate
and if I thrive I've overcome this land
but if I fail I'll die a worthy man

[roman] open the gate, we're now on our own
[all] enter the gate to your destiny
[roman] will it be fortune or fate, the truth shall be known
[all] enter the gate to your destiny

cowards whine beyond the olden gate
Valhalla shines beyond the golden gate
I walk alone so dare not follow me
but choose your own and die in agony


[barbarian (fading into oblivion)]
What evil place might this be?
Why are the heavens so black?
Eternity threatens,
Darkness crashes down upon me, ohh!!
Like a big black bat of death, it smothers my senses,
Makes me lose my sense of time,
This cannot be a dream!
I need to be wide awake, wide awake!
When Valkyries come to take me,
To my place among the warriors,
To my place at Odin's side!

we have been saved, our journey has ended
but tell us why, why this ordeal?
what was your aim, or was it just some game
have we've been humbled, or did we prevail?
we've been enslaved, our wounds have not mended
and who are you, what magicians or gods?
what was your plan, we don't understand
did we pass, or did we fail?

9. "Forever" of the Stars (2:03)
I am of the stars. I am called "forever". Eternity courses through my veins. It is cold beyond
your sun where we come from. We seed the universe with the milk of a million moons. You are that
seed. Your earth is our experiment. We vanquished the dinosaurs with the careless trajectory of
a child's lost meteorite. We peopled your planet to experience your emotions - such feelings
lost to us aeons ago. How we envied you your loves and passions, your dangerous desires.
The fires of your emotions gleamed like lost beacons in the darkened depths of the fathomless
universe. And eight of you, plucked from Time. Not randomly, you understand. Representatives of
your world's turbulent history. We have observed your tribulations from nameless nebulae.
The experiment is over. I am weary now. So tired. I too am far from home. Open the gate -
complete the circle. You won't remember - you won't recall - for I am only the air that you
breathe, after all...
10. Another Time, Another Space (5:20)
was this a dream I just had?
I have my doubts
I can't make out the truth
from the lies here inside
what kind of trip have I been on?
where did I go
I'd like to know just why
did it feel so damn real?

there's something strange going on
I don't know why
It's something I can't place
an open space, a shrouded face
as if my memory flies
have been erased
and then replaced by lies
false replies, clouded skies

[hippie & futureman (chorus)]
a secret yearning lurks inside
like a dream trying to hide
another time, another space
an empty feeling haunts my brain
a strange void I can't explain
another time, another space

I've been relieved of all my pain
I've been reborn
a mighty storm has raged
and my fears disappeared

I've found the grail here within
in a magic dream
I have seen a world
of make belief, of joy and grief!

[chorus all]

Remember forever.....
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