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Ataraxie - Anhedonie cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresFuneral Doom Metal, Death Metal
LabelsWeird Truth Productions
Album rating :  82 / 100
Votes :  2
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Anhedonie Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-05-24)
1. Origin (0:33)
2. Silence Of Death (17:10)
Here we are at the beginning of your end
Unbaptized in a fresh pool of congealing blood
Soon to be freed from what one calls life

Shut your eyes and release your final breath
Petrified now are your limbs and hollow become your eyes

Abandoned in a lonely street like a garbage that someone has got rid of
Freshly wounded, this obsession of killing by yourself is growing
But the feebleness is creeping over so much that your life’s vanishing

Say goodbye to your poor and useless existence
Be prepared to meet the cursed one or the holy one

Welcome the coldness of black blood through your veins
Feel the warmth of liquid escaping from your orifices
Smell the putrid stench released by your own corpse

Empty and useless you are
The come the weeping and the meaningless tears
Please no sympathy, please no hypocrisy

Leave this corpse alone and let it rest in peace
After awhile morticians come to bring you to the mortuary
And offer a bag as a present in a luxuary hearse with beautiful leather seats

Here we are now at your final home
Surrounded by a sweet sound of death and decay
Here holy flames wait for your fresh remains
To free your soul from your mortal coil
3. Walking Through The Land Of Falsity (13:48)
Tired of roaming among lie-thirsty deceitful living creatures
Snubbing their stinking venomous acts like escaping pestilence
I can’t hold down that nausea towards these lugubrious beings
Force-fed of vain hopes and waiting patiently their ends to come

Claustrophobic but confined in my own expended carnal prison
Doomed to endure seeing them smiling, breathing, crying and living
Watching them disguise their falsity and emphasize their sociality
To finally decide to betray the faithful ones they’re supposed to appreciate

Willing to crush their bones with my own hands and leave them in misery
To make them pay their fallacious betrayals and striking disloyalty
The lacerate their flesh and make them drink their own impure blood
To finally break their necks and leave their remains to famished worms

Las de toute cette accablante puanteur et hypocrisie
Résigné à vivre dans un monde n’exaltant que làcheté et infamie
J’aimerais tant que cette réalité disparaisse dans l’effroi general
Et que tout cette pathetique humanité se noie en un onirisme lachrymal
4. Anhedonie (18:33)
Neverending shrilly shrieks echo all around the earth
Thunders burst and announce the imminenent sentence
Threatening nauseous skies overhang these decaying soils
Suddenly, sky begins to split and discharge all its waste
Over this doomed and vermin contaminated soils
Des corps inertes gisent le long de berges inondées
Et diffusent autour d’eux une odeur putride et avaciée
Les eaux s’imprègnent de cet aròme cadaverique
Qui peu à peu gagne rivières, fleuves, mers et oceans
Puis condamne et anéantit toute forme de vie persistante.

Then come the worms, cockroaches and other flesh eaters
Elebrating the end of aimless life and deserved death

And glorifying the absence of lies, guiles and hypocrisy
Euphoric ceremonial through rotten skin consumption
Unholy funeral chants about the death of mankind

Des lambeaux de chair tapissent ce paysage morne
Et anéantissent lentement mais inévitablement toute cette vie.
S’en suit la decomposition de toutes ces chaires faisandées
Qui retournent au néant le temps du soufflé d’un vent.
Puis tout signe de vie s’efface et l’anhédonie prend place.

Finally comes the congregation of purifying darkened clouds
Glutted with looming acid rain and death emanations
Ready to liquidate any form of obsolete useless existence
And clean each soiled stone and parcel of fouled ground

Then come the void, nothingness and other earth eaters
Mourning the end of aimless life and deserved death
5. Avide de Sens (24:00)
Someday you will wake up in the depth of the night
Anguished, tormented and helpless but wondering why
It’s the torturing void of your miserable existence
The silliness of your life, the uselessness of your acts
All working over your mind and filling you with fear

Someday you will realize at the end of your empty life
Resigned, strenghtless and breathless but knowing why
You have always been acting like a greedy living dead
Attracted by living places and begging for warmth and affection
To finally be cast aside, rejected and left inevitably alone
By all these unsound minded and treacherous beings

Et un matin, tu t’éveilleras mais rien n’aurá changé
Tes actes, insatiables, seront toujours d’une parfaite futilité
Que tes mots, en cent éclats tremblants, porteront comme fardeau.
Et ni les murs, ni la pluie observe de ta fenêtre, n’y répondront
Tu resteras ainsi, condamné, impuissant… prisonnier de ton existence
Et les jours, eux-mêmes, deviendront de échos… et tes cris resteront sans réponse.

Since we were born, we run towards the illusions of self creation
But I tell you, nothing will remain except the void that you once were
And the stench of your forsaken, scummy and decomposed empty bottle
Wordlessly filling In time within its self sculptured wooden funereal dwelling

So comforting yourself with Gods of high ideals will never make a change

Arcane emptiness will inescapably engulf you within its merciless arms
Six feet under you all will be laid to rest with all your sold neighbours
Feeding the earth with your poisonous flesh and ludicrous decaying suit
Proclaiming your innocence against this mortal and partial punishment

Do whatever you can for erasing years and the unkindness of time
Pray whoever you belive for saving souls and heretical minds
Profit whenever you’re able to rekindle the flames of vain hopes
Waste whichever you find to claim your mucking state of being
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