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At The Throne Of Judgment - The Arcanum Order cover art

The Arcanum Order

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Deathcore
LabelsRise Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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The Arcanum Order Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-06-03)
1. Cacophonous
2. Sentinel
As stories may be told, this dawning in a time of the old, “Once upon a time there was a man as glorious as the gold; the essence of the childe being raised in the air.” Borrowed powers made this man flourish amongst his peers. His seared words of sorcery they could not cohere, but in there sleep he whispered, “ Conquest relinquishes fear”. Waking up at morning light, a vile instinct took plight. Craving battle they began to march. (Chorus) “Atrocious Quest, Crusade on the West; Obiter Dictum I will say, watch your neck or else they will slay. Is this life they portray? Time may pass until that day, but hark the signs that they forbear”. The Bearer of Dawn - imparted the suffering vows of men -upon the cities -and throughout the lands. -A sentinel was bred, the sentinel bled -all for an eternal sunrise that was led saintly man. Conquest made they will raid with no mercy to the ones who go untouched by dawns light. As stories may be told, in this beginning is in a time of the old, “ Once upon a time there was a man as glorious as the gold; the essence of the childe.” (Chorus) “” Conquest made, they will raid with no mercy to the one’s that go untouched by the dawns light, and for this blood is insight. Craving battle they began to march in their sleep, oddly resembling the holy enigma, they were his flock of sheep. As stories may be told in this time of old they were then gathered… they slaughtered and severed.
3. Mariner's Cutlass
Like Jason and The Argonauts, It is treasure and plunder that we sought, in the end it was our destiny as failures to rot in the sea. Sea faring into the gale we prepare to sail forever more on the galley forged by my hands, we are deplored. The Four winds taunting and the guiding lights amidst embarking on a voyage enshrouded in forbidding mists, clenching our wrists, clenching our fists. (Chorus) “From the North we hear the calling yet the Cardinal that once flew, is dashed a strew with it’s crimson feathers descending upon the beguiled crew”. “We are a few ... Damned, is it me or is it you?” Hear my plea maidens of the deep, Ministers of Sedition; I’ll demonstrate this decree, I will throw his body into the seas (Feasting on his royal flesh with no heed to his “designation”), we are searching for a prosperous destination. Destitution is plaguing our realm, but by the mast we are bound. (Chorus) “” Standing, here, before Neptune’s bounteous abode, nautical beings rise from the sea screaming mutiny “ Why do I clench this ivory hilt? This was the vision I once dreamed to build” Ravishing the commander with thy blade it was I who was saved.
4. Horus Rises
Rise. A sentence given, to the afflicted living, it’s where the darkness allows me to overthrow any King of the kind, (Chorus) and for this I sought the choir to sing aligned. My wrath becomes mine and the signs we summon (the enigmatic music still plays). Sit in the blistering throne, and take it in. This has gone way past the ideals of sin, as I perform reprisal making it an eternal war. Betrayed. Blood is running down my arms; the same arms I used to vanquish her dreams (vanquishing dreams is just and comforting). "I am not ready to kill to save myself from regret," I claimed until I was betrayed. (Chorus) “”Down the sacred chambers the embers roar. Regret pours into the inner cavity of my core, and I soar. I take flight. From below I see the blazing throne; from below I hear the tortured soul. The Curse of the Millennia awaits me. Why can't I breathe? It's pounding on my confines. A mallet placed in a roaring god's hands (pummeling the ground, and pummeling my face). Seismic waves obliterate my skull blasting my soul with a wretched sound. No longer found by this ill fate, a mark embraced by the Hordes, I'm birthed into this world. I've come to murder my Lord (I can almost taste...).
5. Discarnate By Design
For every casket contrived, there was a life prepared for its abode. But now the ground holds the living, how shall this work? In the ground, beneath the soil her feral will to live exceeds her. As she realizes in this appalling pastime she was nothing but a pawn. A simple murmur amidst the dawn- the dawn of being, a time for believing. Oh how the night reminds me of my shadowed thoughts. My malicious plot unveiling to me what redemption I had previously lost. A ghost she becomes without a home. She is bodiless and doomed. Remember me? Twisted lady, I hope you regret everything insincere. As a hammer, try to cohere. Your indifference is my motive to make you suffer. I hope you enjoy this velvet cover. You'll die just like all the others.
6. Four Winds
7. Celestial Scourge
Truest is thy word that has fallen from the cosmic. My open arms seem welcome this. Understanding it seems beyond my mortal logic, cascading comets that has spawned from Saros. (Chorus) "Infernal spheres of chaos plummeting towards the surface. Where my mind can only comprehend - The impervious delusions of the heralding ascension" with honest traditions...and intent to assail the masses. Mavens of illusory sorcery, deserving a fate dealt by the victims, gorge their appetite for destruction - "Hideous fiends that resemble the defiled devour all sense of purpose; consuming carcasses like vutures after sacrifice in the city of Carthage." Perched on high, piercing the skies, the ravenous parson scream blasphemous lies. Forewarning their prey, of their dissension of the day that was claimed divine.(Chorus) "Heed my order o' scavengers of the wounded, replulsive wretches be worthy of my final verdict. Thy scepter rules with sadistic amusement to those who claim righteous favor, the taste of flesh...let us savor".
8. Martyrdom; Ruin Of Gaia
Behold! The future is here, and look as all the earthly lands are laid to waist.

The face carved in the bark of the twisted tree, where it has fallen to its knees. It’s an epiphany. The eyes of the wise majesty open to see the axe in its body. (Chorus) “Falling forth towards the earth, feeling filth and feeling dirt decimating Gaia’s reign, in disdain unified we all came with sharpened blades. Mater Matris loathes in ruthless pain, as her gashing wound is ripped again and again. Defiled by the Hume she lays in languish as she is graced upon by the outrageous”. Into the body, with force to feed the machine, oh how thou hast mocked me. Behold! The future is here, and look as all the earthly lands are laid to waist. We are now faced with this treacherous race. Fueling destruction with such haste. “I am your life, yet you cut me down like a farce breed, slaughtered like the steed you once sacrificed with no heed to the casualties. It will someday breed again. (Chorus) “”. Plagues run ramped rotting our bodies until the melting flesh reaches the stem, and it will someday breed again.
9. Tomb Of The Thracians
"There is no silence: it is treasured most above the world and in space, it is an arcane ghost
Recognize it's gorgeous face, untouched by those who have befallen to the hands of hatred
Welcome to the tombs of the Thracians
Barbaric accords and struggle aboard
"Oh blasphemy!"
We cry and it's a blunder undoing this world
Standing higher than the mountains surrounding our decaying gates we stay true to our cause like the few and honorable would have done to us in this world
Walking down the city's streets we collaborate with words of revolution and not without the words to
The strength to talk in gold
Cherish what's ours to come
Fight for this struggle won
And breath for a united one
As we change the world
Cherishing the lost assort to the faces that I loathe
Cherish what's ours to come
Fight for the struggle won as we change this world without one gun
10. Delphic Star
Call me the Oracle
I name myself thee and for this I breathe in you shame
Call me oracular
I see your fate from behind the drapery
Arsonist I may aspire to become
But in my eyes its only justice that is done
I will light your bedside aflame with all of my hate sleeping soundly you will never now it's too late
Into the flames
Into the storms of hate that sear my body when I unroll your worn scrolls
I will not regret this decision, but my burdened feelings shackle my intent
Arsonist I may aspire to become
But in my eyes its only justice that is done
The appetite of the demon inside of me needs to feed its screaming wretchedly
Into the flames
Into the storms of hate that sear my body when I unroll your worn scrolls
The tomb inside of my conscience longs for your presence
Move the stone
I need your soul
Tarnish the pages with Apollo's hand
Making her suffer at his command
Tarnish her name with his fire
My cryptic desire, and his godly power
The tomb inside of my vault longs for your fall
Move the massive stone
I need your soul
11. The Captive
At the spire
I am looking down at a vesper without a merciless fire
The flames azure like waters fashion, waters passion
With you I fall asunder, with you I'm falling under
You take a statues form
No movement made in the morn
Standing still hope is bludgeoned with disaster...
Brought down by the ropes of fate, the marble face shatters
Blasted in the face, no more soulless gaze
Stripped emotions
The face of bone
Give my thy hammer forged by stone and let me pulverize the skull
Crushing the face with my mace
"Dark mane please abide to this old sage for he is laden with hopes of a better place. In order to survive you must listen closely or else the old maven will curse with rage."
I am in chains
I am shackled to a place where terror reigns
I'm cursed by rage
Gallop mare, away from wrought steel forged with the elder's lore
Run stallion amongst naves with the greatest haste away from these manacles weight
Never fall for its temptress ways
Through the city
And out of its gates it is deemed a treacherous day
12. Outro
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