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Assailant - Wicked Dream cover art

Wicked Dream

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal, Progressive Metal
LabelsDockyard 1
Album rating :  -
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Wicked Dream Lyrics

Submitted by level 록스타 (2017-04-11)
1. A Day Tomorrow (4:06)
Waiting is silence for my ressurrection
We must find our way and follow through

Let go, release those foolish thoughts of yours
Find your way, who knows what lies beyond the door

A new way to live, anew road to life

Put all suffering aside and be strong
there is a day tomorrow
Ger swept away by the tide
let the shadows shelter and emrace life
and rise

You're feeling tired, alone and left to die
Life is confusion

Oh child, no one cares for you
There's no one to carry you through
I will lead the way into a new
A new tomorrow
2. Wicked Dream (4:55)
All this visions tormenting me
piercing shadows, malevolent eyes
piercing gaze, who am I, am I me?

I know I've never been here before
feeling strange, I'm struck to the core
I feel so torn

Shadows twisting in the corner of my eye
Nightmares, haunting, a vision where they die

I am the reason, the cause, the way
I am your fate
I am the way to salvaation
I am your god

In my wicked dream I cut you down
I slit your throat, I feed on hatred
I never wish to wake again
The violent screams turn into silence
as I walk in the valley of shadow and death
where I reign supreme
3. The Sin (4:26)
I can see something that can't be real
an illusion, it is not there, oh no

Filthy lies, a crying child
a holy man's confession
We follow without a word
and we'll never question?

Why do we walk the path of incoherent sin?
The times we try to laugh
we end up feeling cold within

Abused by life, abandoned, disdained
It's all in vain

The crying child
alone and so afraid
She's left behind
We must ask ourselves...
4. Fade Away (4:54)
Who do you think you are?
A sinner, a repenting whore?
Scavenging all that you come across, nothing changes

Your way of life is useless
a simple yearning breeding dark and cold
Thoughts of sacrifice, not yours, but all around

As we're watching the screen we stop thinking
This godless world, nevermore

We are loosing our faith in ourselves
Times are changing while we wait
and all will fade away

The feeling growing stronger, we are trying to justify
the way we live and the way we try to stay alive
Each day we're sinking deeper in our own self-destructive way
as nausea hits us wave after wave after wave

When we're falling asleep, eras ending
We see the signs down below

We are living a life of deception
full of hate and contradiction
Hearing nothing but dogmatic tales, sp real
Thinking it will heal
5. ...From The Hour Of Birth (4:16)
All these eyes staring back at me
No one tries to listen and face your fears

In a web of deceit, corroded lies, and all in between
As the children of the world, I feel

Raped, torn, thrown away
Shot, decieved, fucked and beheaded
straight from the hour of birth

We're torn apart, a rotting piece of flesh we are
A warning from the start
purgatorial flames will lick our souls

I am your god of malcontent
I make you bleed and gouge your eyes out
6. Catch 22 (4:43)
Here I am, confused, wondering if I am sane
Can't remember pleasure, I'm buried in pain
Innocence, long gone, lost in a turbulent past
Images racing, I'll go out in a blast

No way to get out of this mission
I'm on a short road to my perdition
Tonight my life will end in flames
I know I'm craze therefore I'm sane

I can't remember how it used to be
This day, my life is over, 'cause I have found my way
Catch 22 is my fate

Whatever I may think and whatever I might see
I am caught in this eternity
And all that I have dreamt since the day that I was born
Will be washed away by the storm

Shattering images controlling me
Morbid thoughts of a future scene
Growing rage is burning in my soul
I am gone forevermore
7. Soul Degenerate (4:34)
Through these eyes I see
The reality of mankind's ways
constructing our future graves

Whatever you might see
we rage towards the end
We're counting hours
wandering, waiting, watching

Then we fall into the sea
there's no way out through our darkness
As we stumble and fall to our knees
Where's your savior when you need him the most?
Never push away your dreams
there's a path for you to follow
You must listen and don't be afraid
Soul degenerate

Every waking moment we dream ourselves away
Hiding from the truth every single day

Whatever you might see
we rage towards the end
The blind continues to lead
screaming, crying, dying
8. Evolution Of The Wind (4:32)
I'm all alone, standing by your stone
Repenting the times lost
craving for drugs, the lust

The pressure building up inside my head
High I haunt this night, I'm dead

Piercing needles, through my veins
Something crawling beneath my skin
drowning my screams
I am the one, I am right here
and as I, you shoud kneel down
An evolution of the mind

I'm feeling torn, sitting on my bed
A thousand and one thoughts
bursting, thrashing through my head

Everything I see are judging eyes
judging me for what I am
A contradiction, cause I am a reflection of you
Born through the original sin
we fell into primordial lust
We drown, we fall, we die
9. The Cell (4:38)
Why am i here? What is this place
I feel so cold inside, tormented, my mind swept aside
Am I alive or am I dead? Is this heaven or is this hell?

I'm drowning, I'm dreaming
I'm calling but no one ever there

This can't be real, nothing but illusions
Trapped in the cell

Far away, deep inside my mind is a scene
where I died, but this can't be real
it must be a dream

What if I never wake up again?
If I am dead, this cannot be heaven
but must be hell

I am the resurrection
I am your sin, your fate
I come to bring your conviction
I'll let you drown in your hate
Who are you and where am I?
You are down here with us
waiting for your final judgement
six feet under a stone cross
10. Eternal (Acoustic) (3:20)
A fading story from an early tide
erased from minds, not to be remembered
History rewritten like so many times before
Dip the pen as we turn the page once more

Yesterday is gone, never coming back again
And in the end, all we know, we'll die

I see the end, so close but yet so far away
An eternal bond, nothing lasts forever

Passing people turns to dust all around
growing old, preparing to die
History's repeating like so many times before
Close your eyes, close the book of life once more

Yesterday is gone, never coming back again
And in the end, all we know, we'll die

I see the end, so close but yet so far away
An eternal bond, nothing lasts forever
I see the end, nothing lasts forever
In the end we'll fade away, nothing lasts forever
11. Instincts (5:51)
We hear what we can't see
we suck in air but we can't breathe
a creation of our own illusion
a reflective reality

You feel it, so do I
a stirring so deep inside
of vengeance and retribution
Stare into death's eye

You better crawl into your lonely corner
Everything, all the things you have done
ignorance is your way, but you are so wrong

The instincts of mankind
hate, fear and love you feel
You hear them screaming deep inside

Bow down, forced into submission
Just let it out, let it unfold
your contradictions, corroding the core of your soul

You think you can get away
bt there's no chance, you are the prey
You can run but you cannot hide
life is cancer, feasting inside

All around, lifeless eyes judging you
ssearching for reason and a way to get through
You are starving for absolution
your prayers remain unheard
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