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Antiquus - Ramayana cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresProgressive Metal
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Ramayana Lyrics

Submitted by level Scotty Vortekz (2017-04-11)
1. Empire Rising (4:27)
Empire Rising
Music: Dormer/Priban
Lyrics: White/Bak

Digital illusions,
Ghosts within the engines,
Religion of solution,
And the Sun is beginning to rise...

Awake I enter dreaming,
Windows ever widening,
Truth has lost it's meaning,
And the Sun sheds its light
on the Empire...

As far as the mind leads,
Across seven seas,
Empire Rising...

...black and white...terrorized...
...to take days... new Iraq...
...night-club fire... turning back...

...and I want to go back where I came from...

As far as the mind leads,
Beyond seven seas,
As far as you believe,
Beyond what the eye sees,
There's an Empire Rising...

Digital illusions,
Ghosts within the engines,
Religion of solution,
And the Sun never sets
on this Empire...
2. Changeling (5:24)
the Changeling
Music: Dormer
Lyrics: White

They do not join that way,
Inside the shallow hollows,
On the shores of Ganymede...
I sell my final hope,
For a poison seed,
a corrupt and dying breed..

Turning round,
the season will begin,
Turning round...
A cycle begins...

Never speak when you arrive,
it's hard for me to cope,
when the Moon is waning...
Inside these lonely halls,
Time is gone,
my tainted lifeblood draining...

Turning round,
the season will begin,
Turning round...
A cycle begins...

She walked upon the lonely strand, that evening,
Waiting for her lover in briny chill,
He won't return to meet the infant child,
He never will return - he never will...

Oceans send me away,
the wind blows from my home
I sail forever and a day,
waiting for the One...

Who told this passing tale, inside the shadow?
The Hollow Men recite against my will.
A secret long untold shall still remain,
The Moon sleeping upon the distant hill.
3. Tanlin Bridge (5:30)
Tanlin Bridge
Music: Dormer
Lyrics: White

There is a boy on Tanlin Bridge, his aging father is behind,
See the boy is free of guilt, but shadows haunt the old man's mind.
They stop, and watch the other side, where the grass is sere and burned,
He says, "Behold the east, and heed a sorry lesson learned."

A pious monk once dwelled within, the tower on the western shore.
He watched a feud 'twixt east and west, with interest and something more.
The Tanlin Bridge was built before, these lands held folk within their vales,
built of trees of eastern wood, and paved with western slate and shale.

Who split the paving slate and shale, and hewed the beams of oaken trunk,
Twas never known by west or east, though some said it was the monk.

He cries, "So help me God!"
He runs as far as the night is from the day,
Your past follows just like a shade,
You can never break away...

Ashes to ashes, we all fall down,
The old man has set us aflame...

Soon the men came into the vale, and gates were built upon each ridge,
Locking the east out from the west - and blocking the way across the Tanlin Bridge.
And when the lords from either side, watched their children fight and die,
a change occurred within their hearts, and they began to wonder - why?

He cries, "So help me God!"
He runs with oil and raging flame,
His hatred is a gleaming blade,
Purging them all in God's good name...
4. Battle of Eylau (11:13)
The Battle of Eylau
Music: Unger/Dormer
Lyrics: White

Twenty-thousand dead and dying on the field,
and He comes onward.
He is the tide of war, the thunder, Napolean -
France shall never yield!

Was it ambition, and vanity, that pushed the man beyond the buffer states?
Or the dream of a Ceasar, to rule a new Empire - ensuring peace and magnanimity?

Austria fell, a breaker of treaties, and so Napolean pushed east.
To face Bennigsen - in the Russian snow, with supplies weeks behind.
And the wounded, without aid - He brokes the lines before the blow.

But we Cossacks fall before his feet, and
hail the man more mighty than the Czar,
The French stoop to aid our injured captains, and
the Emperor is merciful.
The commoner is left to bleed...
The commoner is left to bleed!

Austria fell, a breaker of treaties, and so Napolean pushed east.
To face Bennigsen - in the Russian snow, with supplies weeks behind.
And the wounded, without aid - He brokes the lines before the blow.

The Battle of Eyalu!
The Emperor who fell, to the waking of Europe...
The Battle of Eylau!
Against sovereign rulers, he never could be matched...
The Battle of Eylau!
Beaten by the people, he freed from feudal chains...
The Battle of Eylau!
5. Ramayana Part I - Ayodha (1:06)
Part I - Ayodha
Music: Vennu/White/Bak
6. Ramayana Part II - A Beautiful Stag (6:02)
Part II - A Beautiful Stag
Music: Dormer
Lyrics: White

The shadows part within the glade as he peers out,
a Stag with golden hoof and horn.
Poised and still the wind moves the trees,
Sita slowly rises from her knees.

She sees the flashing hooves of gold, she sees the horn -
She wants to touch his rising flank,
feel his corded neck, beneath her thighs,
Stare into his strangely human eyes..

Sita's lightly fallen feet stir no leaves,
upon the swall of verdant green.
But he heard - the Stag bounds away,
the woman is longing for him to stay...

Summer afternoons move to Fall...
Was I ever young at all?
The memories of a life - now past,
Do not seem to last...


And as the sad, sweet wind blows through the thicket,
Sita cries out to her lover, "Bring me the stag with the golden horns!"
And so does Prince Rama set out, stringing the magic bow, Saranga -

in search of the Stag...
7. Ramayana Part III - The Hunt (4:08)
Part III - the Hunt
Music: Unger/Dormer
Lyrics: White

Rama moves between the dusky trees,
scenting nothing on the breeze,
bow in hand - and arrow knocked upon Saranga's string
He hunts the stag with golden horn,
late into the waking morn.
To please his lover - he'll have the beast alive on his return...

Lakshman is to stand guard at the glade,
where sleeping Sita's bed is made,
He hears a shout -
It is his brother, calling for help...

Lakshman, Lakshman!
Rama is in need of aid!
Lakshman, Lakshman!
Fly out from the guarded glade!
Save your brother - if you love him...
Do you love him?

The forest shakes as in a gale,
Sita wakes within the glade,
Lakshman is gone,
she is alone and grows afraid.
Then the wind tears through the trees,
the frightened woman starts to rise,
the Stag is there,
staring at her with malignant eyes...


Sita knows the demon -
in the body of the Stag,
it clutches to her like a mate.
She can't break his grasp,
Ravana will take her - for his Queen!
8. Ramayana Part IV - Hanuman (4:11)
Part IV - Hanuman
Music: Dormer/White
Lyrics: White

High in the trees,
in the lands called Kush,
where the balmy winds,
smell of spice and persimmon.
There fight the tribes of the simian folk,
over leagues of wood,
and the black, rich land.

Down from the clouds,
falls a glistering shape,
from among the trees,
swings a leaping Hanuman.
There at his feet
lays a beautiful jewel,
he will take it home,
he will tell his king...

Into these jungles went Rama,
searching for his mate.
He is desperate for help,
he is calling her name... Sita
9. Ramayana Part I V - Sri Lanka (5:52)
Part V - Sri Lanka
Music: Dormer
Lyrics: White

Inside these fragrant garden walls,
a silver river wends along.
Water blossoms nod and sway,
their perfume is so strong -
that fading Sita tries,
to resist their whispered song...

I am called Rhakshasa!

Her tears fall in the hoary dust,
as whispered shadows fade and swoon,
illusion slips from Sita's eyes,
casting silver pearls from the Moon,

On the island of Sri Lanka.

Frost stars gleam in the skies of ink,
the groves are stark and chill.
Sita moves and sways entranced to think,
bending to Ravana's will.

She loses clasp and plaited ties,
her garment shivers, fading still.

Then in the gathering clouds up above,
she sees a form springing down.
Hanuman leaping through
the arms of the storm,
Sita removeth her crown.
She says, "Take this now to Rama -
and escape through yonder trees.
Return with my beloved, and
bring this demon to his knees!
Down to his knees!"

Then in the madness of her art,
the demon has no power...
What feeds upon his mighty heart,
drives him raging into the tower.

No shield or armour of the gods,
will lend surcease to the Crimson Flower
10. Ramayana Part VI - He Who Makes the Universe Scream (10:56)
Part VI -
He Who Makes the Universe Scream!
Music: Unger/Dormer
Lyrics: White/Bak

Behold the plains of Lanka!
Here stands the army of ape and man.
They crossed the surging ocean,
on a bridge of hurled stone.
The demons hold the highlands,
among the island cliffs and caves,
but Death is waiting, too -
over dread Ravana's throne...

And there - my foul children,
the army of the demon waits...
See it spreading out - across the fields,
like a plague upon this hallowed land...

I am He - I am He that knows you...
I am He - I am He that calls you...

I hold the force of nature...
And I drink the darkness -
from between the stars!
The turning of the season -
is the closing of my hands!

I am He - I am He that knows you...
I am He - I am He that calls you...

Arise! Arise my simian warriors!
They rise again to fight,
the dead that walk the battlefield.
With blood upon their armour,
they take up fallen sword and shield.

And mighty, black Ravana,
still strong, untouched - within his tower,
screams his unmatched challenge,
and laughs amid the smoke and strife.
No blade can mark or wound him,
his flesh will not avail the sword.
By sacred law of Krishna, he bears
the charm of a now deathless life...

I am He - you cannot hurt me!
I am He - I live forever!

And it was, in that moment
that Rama did take up Saranga
and let fly Vishnu's judgement -
with one last arrow...

"What is this? What is this?
Can a man strike down a god?
I bleed... I'm bleeding!
Is this the gift of dharma?
His arrow hath slain me!
The Universe - is lost..."
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