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Angra - Freedom Call cover art



Freedom Call

GenresPower Metal, Progressive Metal
LabelsRising Sun Productions
Album rating :  76.9 / 100
Votes :  16
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Freedom Call Lyrics

Submitted by level Eagles (2016-10-11)
1. Freedom Call (5:06)
Slavery kings run free again
From their wounds a giant stands
Four hundred years of glory
Animals who speak and cry
Destiny of craving sights
Inside the dance of white domain

Wheels turning round will feed the ground
And women carry by their children with no life
To future days belong the past

But change the times
Now millions cry out
From away it comes...

Freedom call
Freedom overall to last forever

No disgrace
No more separate race
We'll keep together 'till the end
2. Queen of the Night (re-recorded) (4:43)
Awaken the crystal bell of sorrow
Caught ourselves pretending our frustations
Were gone
Once again, instead of facing the day
We ran away; closed our eyes
To keep learning on feelings we had

We were close
Misty memories of a past come by
And I'll write my pray
On your face of hidden secrets
Never shared, freezing soul

Dreams last forever
To the empress of the dark
Lay down on eternity
Your music in the air
Great delight in the symphony
Our dance will never end

The Queen of the Night
The master of wisdom
Pretending desires
With the grace of thunder

The Queen of the Night
The feast of illusion
Pretending desires
With the grace of thunder
3. Reaching Horizons (re-recorded) (5:11)
Rainy clouds covered up the sunny sky
Now I know I'll sleep alone tonight
Tears and prayers will be taken by the rain
Fear and loneliness in my dreams

And I know I'll never be the same
Living this tragedy insane
All I wanna be is to be free with you, with me
I don't blame the fate but it's still hard to face
The truth

It was all just like paradise
Just like we wanted it to be
Far beyond the reason rest our lives
Eternity denies the guilt of reality senselessness

Fly high reaching skies
Two eagles flying to be free
Moments of madness will be left behind
The same horizons but in different lands
4. Stand Away (orchestral version) (4:38)
Stand away the dreaded burning life
Will leave its mark for those with no desire
Stand in front of the whole creation
Face the people starved like worms
Still I'm begging for comprehension
From the ones who rule us all
Is this field the dying embers soul
All around we mourn

Oh, here they come again
(Now they're coming more agressive tearing down our only chances)
The stars can't find the purple sky
(Loneliness will find its reason treasured seeds for every season)
Long for the day be back someday
And the church
(Church is selling consolation, killing Jesus for salvation)
Don't let us die
(Taking all in desperation, leave me now to rest in peace)
Let me rest in peace

Away, a while
Our smile taken from
The hearts of brokens souls

Stand away from the fire
Destined by the fate
Let those sinners pay how they steel
For on the judgement day
How they yield
5. Painkiller (Judas Priest cover) (6:06)
Faster than a bullet
Terrifying scream
Enraged and full of anger
He is half man and half machine

Rides the metal monster
Breathing smoke and fire
Closing in with vengeance soaring high

He is the painkiller
This is the painkiller

Planets devastated
Mankind's on its knees
A saviour comes from out the skies
In answer to their pleas

Through boiling clouds if thunder
Blasting bolts of steel
Evils going under deadly wheels

He is the painkiller
This is the painkiller

Faster then a lazer bullet
Louder than an atom bomb
Chromium plated boiling metal
Brighter than a thousand suns
Flying high on rapture
Stronger free and brave
Nevermore encaptured
They've been brought back from the grave

With mankind resurrected
Forever to survive
Returns from Armageddom to the skies
6. Deep Blue (edited version) (3:57)
Three cliffs there stand
High above where high winds howl
Surrounding silence
Three birds climb, then turn to fall

Waiting for someday when the ocean and sky
Will cover up the land in deep blue
Renaissance is over and I wonder:
- Should I always be the same once again?

Take my hand and follow
Sweeping trees, the coats of green
Time has no place tomorrow
Feel the good in endless dreams

Waiting for someday when the ocean and sky
Will cover up the land in deep blue
Renaissance is over and I wonder:
- Should I close my eyes and pray?
- Always be the same?

Waiting for someday when the ocean and sky
Will cover up the land in deep blue
Renaissance is over and I wonder:
- Should I close my eyes and pray?
- Feel like I've betrayed?
- Always be the same?
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