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Andras - ...Of Old Wisdom cover art



...Of Old Wisdom

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsPerverted Taste
Album rating :  86 / 100
Votes :  1
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...Of Old Wisdom Lyrics

Submitted by level DevilDoll (2011-02-10)
1. Intro (1:12)
2. Of Ravens & Crows (4:04)
Three ravens in the haze of black night
Heralds of a darker force
Surrounding by clouds of fate
Announcers of ruin and death

Other side a grey and black crow
Sentence to death by hearing
The screams from a world beyond
The croak from the depths of the wood

I'm the reincarnated shadow
Of the man I used to be
Riding through me former homeland
In endeavour to set my spirit free
3. Swords Of Divine Hate (4:29)
The sky was clear and calm the night

No clouds hide the stars and no wind roams the trees
When a black stripe appear
High in the sky, terrifying and in casket like style
Splitting into two, with hands and spike uncounted and wild
Two riders appear and behind them the armed forces follow

We're the armies of the world, from hell and heaven gates
Fighting for the control over human race
Fighting for your souls
We're marching this endless path since the beginning of time

We are the figures making our moves on the chessboard of life

Painless, ready for the final attack, our blades are strong and sharp
Blood red, the sky turning into a mass grave, no mercy, no prisoners

We're the armies of the world, from hell and heaven gates
Fighting for the control over human race
With swords of divine hate and spikes of hellish rage
Playing our game in this timeless cage
4. In The Mines (0:35)
5. The Pillory (4:34)
They came from a dark horizon
In the year of the holy war
Bearing swords of blood lust
Unbelieving fools!

Die on the pillory!

We are no mighty warriors
But we fight with sacred words
Our lord cover this hills

Die on the pillory!

You can't hope we forsake this castle
Built on strong beliefs
My cross and cup are witness

Die on the pillory!

Faster and faster you fight
But till now I stand
Soon will be my hour
In union with god

Die on the pillory!

Already the bridge is taken
You beasts will fear my cross
In flames your flesh will burn

Die on the pillory!

Betray of my saviour
I retreat to last edge
My cross as last friend

Die on the pillory!

Never give up faith
Never sway
With my cross I die
In one last fly

Flying in deepest gorge
As times stands still
Flying on divine wings
My final wish
6. Warrior's Hill (7:40)
Where are the Warriors
Rested by my trunk
To sharpen their blades
Why didn't they stay on this dark land filled by fray
I see them come and go
Listen to all of you
Who felt my breath of death
Why didn't they stay and becoming a part of it

On stormy, bare hill I found my grave
In the darkest jour, my only voices are rattling chains
Brothers in arms, finalize for what I die
No enemy of us should claim this pass to our land !

So mighty our woods
So powerful the trees
Growing on our soil
Why don't we stay on this dark land filled by fray
I die for defending
My homeland and my roots
It's our greatest gift
Why don't we stay and becoming a part of it

My branches are long
My roots are strong
Standing here for a while to guard our land
Not knowing fear of the pungent wind
Raise your weapons high
Glowing in the sky
To defend the claim, our fathers laid
To protect the miracle of our hills
Raise your weapons high
Glowing in the sky!
7. Twilight (1:20)
8. Passing The Portal (6:45)
Oh, they are coming
In silence they seem passing
The portal to our ancestors

No look behind in sorrow
In honour they are leaving
Knowing, I will follow

So silent are their movements
With pale faces of void
But well-known touch of closeness

Paralyzed by the appearance I stand
Even the smell of death is real
No scream wakes me up from this nightmare

No more quest of time, hour zero
The court is open, certain the sentence

Tonight my destiny will rise from the shadows
Of my doubts
Dead faces point my way
I will follow as they say
Passing the Portal

Follow the child with the cross
Follow the priest and the funeral march

Look in the eyes of your past
Tasting the smell of decay
9. Haamit (6:39)
Long ago, the purity of your blood - so clear and unharmed
Renewed my hope for your weak and diseased kind
It's not the death nor the journey that I've came
That makes my hand feels stone cold
Oh no - it's the pain of my past I carry for lives

Want you hear me now, my warning voice
I am the chosen one
To fill your mind with truth and brighten your heart
I am the chosen one

Now that I'm gone, my breath will never return to your halls of despair
To fail again seems to be my destiny and the curse of mortals
10. Chosen One (5:47)
Wie der felsige Abgrund einer tiefen Schlucht
Wie der höchste Dorn des Berges, unsre Haamit thront

Wie die dunklen Wasser, tief und unberührt
gleichen unsre Herzen unsrer Haamit hier

Im Nebel des Waldes, auf stürmischer Höh
im Innern des Berges ruht der Stolz und die Kraft wie seit je

Asu Stein deine Seele
Aus Erz dein Geblüt
das Wohl unsrer Ahnen - Haamitland
11. Grave Digger (4:57)
1614 - The ground was spoilt
By death bodies
In union they died as they lived
The pestilential fog has spread
His wings of downfall
The wheel of death began to spin

No recreation without transitoriness
No resurrection without the chains of death
In times of despair when all the efforts fade
The strength of blood will rise up from the graves

Here I stand on the graveyard, overcrowded but restless
You can't imagine the smell
Nor regard the forces of the liquid
Dropping from the skull

Drop by drop falls into the sea of sorrow
No saving shore in sight
Welcome to my hell

In the name of the horned
I take this lives to built your throne of bones
And shall I burn in the flames of hell
My powder will find a way to the chosen

Beer and milk from the breats, yeast and blood
Countless waves of grief
Filling up the cup of pain
My altar of retaliation

Drop by drop falls into the sea of sorrow
No saving shore in sight
As I die in flames my curse will live and torment
When drop falling from the skull
Welcome to my hell
12. Ore Mountains (1:51)
13. The Beloved (7:03)
In this black hole my live will end
With rats as witness, forgotten whore
Never knowing my unborn eyes
The father is far now, he maybe died

Forsake by human, forsake by god
Your birth was painful and your live was short
My final vision reveal my curse
Through deeds I walk till my release

Father I'm back now
From glorious battle
My star shall rise now
But where is my beloved

Last miles my horse flies
Through well known grey hills
In front my castle
But where is my beloved

I came in joyful hope
But now I see dark flags
O tell my father who has reached the arms of death

O son this tragedy is endless
We don't know what we raise
Your loved had end her live
And our seems lost too

Damned are these words
I never want to hear
Damned are you too
And all I'm seeing here
Your soul shall dwell forever
Between these cursed walls
Hearing every day the last beats of her heart
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