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Ancient Rites - The Diabolic Serenades cover art

The Diabolic Serenades

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresViking Metal, Black Metal
LabelsAfter Dark
Album rating :  -
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The Diabolic Serenades Lyrics

Submitted by level DevilDoll (2011-02-10)
1. (Intro) Infant Sacrifices to Baalberith (1:16)
2. Crucifixion Justified (Roman Supremacy) (3:55)
Liar! False prophet! You must die!
Bastard! Spit on you! Liar! Weak loser!
Spit on your cross! Christ!
How can one possibly follow your weak rules
You promised heaven
Rather descend into hell
Die Jesus Die
You only played a game on earth
Only an empty grave awaits
Die Nazarene Christ!
You're hoping for a place in heaven Could be hell
Only an empty grave awaits
No resurrection! No place for weak idols
No one is our master
We create our own rules
The Roman Empire can't tolerate the weak
No partisan activities can bring our empire down
Don't threaten us!
3. Satanic Rejoice (3:56)
Invoke the blasphemous Name
The Lord of Sodom
The God of Cain
Joy to the flesh forever
Joy to the flesh forever
My body is a temple
Wherein all Demons dwell
A Pantheon of flesh
I am
Invoke the blasphemous Name
The Lord of Sodom
The God of Cain
Joy to the flesh forever
My body is a temple
Wherein all Demons dwell
A Pantheon of flesh
I am
4. Obscurity Reigns (Fields of Flanders) (2:29)
Blasphemous rites
Churches in flames
Satanic oath
Blasphemous rites
Churches in flames
Obscurity reigns
Feast on meat
Drenched in blood
Denial of Christ
Loyal towards each other
Together in DEATH
Dwelling around in the
Fields of Flanders
At night they ride...
Touch the sky
Churches in flames
Blasphemous rites
Obscurity reigns
Morbid glory... bonded by blood
Choose to burn
In hell...
Rites of the Black Goat
Spit on the cross his blood
Obscurity reigns
5. Death Messiah (2:38)
Death Messiah
You're the one
Occult dreams
aren't your goal
Why you preach the Black Book
When handcuffs & whips are
Your game
Death Messiah
Your religion
Only an excuse
Death Messiah
Diabolic desires
Are your major concern
Death Messiah
You're the king in your
Morbid fantasies
Death Messiah
You're insane
In your sick reality
(You reign)
Die for
Die for
Die for HIM!
6. Land of Frost and Despair (4:45)
Land of frost and misery
No hope for the future
Only the darkest goal
Only the darkest dreams
Darkest desires fill my soul
Land of Frost and Misery
Blasphemous games
No place for the weak
Only the Cold
No love
Darkest desires
Burn my soul
No place for a weak God
Only Black is real
No place for sun
Dark clouds
Land of Frost
Land of Frost
Land of Frost
No place to raise the children
Winter cannot bare new life
Land of the North
Only the darkest dreams
Touch my soul in
The Land of Frost
7. Assyrian Empire (3:34)
Assyrian Empire
Empire of Doom
Masters, masters of pain & destruction
Fighting, Killing, Slaying
Decapitating their (enemies) heads
Fighting, Slaying, Raping,
No one could stand the sight
Their (skinned) enemies flesh on the city walls
A pile of skulls in front of the city gate
Flesh on the walls of the conquered weak
True Masters
Assyrian Empire
Assyrian Empire
Assyrian Empire
Pile of skulls in front of the main gate
Assyrian Life Code
Assyrian Life Code
Assyrian Life Code
8. Longing for the Ancient Kingdom (3:46)
Longing for the Ancient Kingdom
Darkness still awaits
Searching for the Ancient Wisdom
Let Fear reign once again!

Evil calling

Evil calling
Evil calling
The way of the psychopath

Spill the blood!
9. Morbid Glory (Gilles de Rais 1404-1440) (3:36)
As a hero into battle
At the side of Joan of Arc
Glorious Marshalls of France
Gilles de Rais
You were the one to insult
An important priest
Never afraid to face the enemy
However when the night longs
For Him shadows on the wall
Reflect scenes which cannot
Bare the light of day
Appreciating aesthetic art and Alchemy
But the most vile thoughts
And desires poison his mind
As a true Emperor of Lust
Raping and slaughtering little boys,
Like a romance of Death kissing
A decapitated Child's head
But his end was approaching
(So was) Execution but no fear
He showed as (once) into battle
10. Ritual Slayings (Goat Worship Pure) (3:53)
11. Evil Prevails (4:28)
Descend into Darkness
Evil prevails
Show me the way
Storm the Gates of Heaven
You're the one
Descend into Darkness
Evil prevails
Left Hand Path
Master... of... Evil
Thy Kingdom come
Spit on the cross
Denial of Mary
Mother of Whores
Kill the priest
Crush the priest
Drink his blood
Rites of the Black Book
Denial of holy souls
12. Last Rites / Echoes of Melancholy (Outro) (0:33)
13. From Beyond the Grave Part 2 (Bonus Track) (4:20)
[Bonus Track]

My body is gone
My soul is dwelling
But this won't keep me from loving you
Forever and ever more
From Beyond the Grave
Just as I promised you
When I was alive
Death won't take away
My hunger for the Flesh
Forever I visit you
From Beyond the Grave
I love you to death
From Beyond the Grave
Join me on my journey to Hell
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